It’s All Going To Be Okay

It came!  Happy Thursday!  Get your tissues out, this is a good one!  And we have some pictures too!


Mexico MCC dormitory


Learning Spanish


Hermana Nelson and Hermana Patterson
Did anyone notice that Tori is actually taller than her companion? And she is not wearing high heels.


Mexico City Temple (they get to go every 2 weeks)
Hermana Hirschi is the tallest one.

“The Lord is watching over me, what more can I say? I know He always has and I know He always will. So I want to start off with my story that relates to the title of this blog.

So this week has been insanely stressful, I don’t know if you guys know this but your friend Tor Tor is trying to learn Spaniish and she entered the MTC knowing “queso” because she loves Tostito’s queso dip. I never doubt my ability and I don’t doubt the blessings and promises I have received from the Lord, but obviously, every once in awhile I get overwhelmed and stressed. So I was taking my first stress managemnt class at the MTC. I learned that stress is normal. If you’re not stressed, you’re not living. We all have it. Anyways, this whole week whenever I start to worry with language or homesickness, before I can let that control my mind and heart I hear, “It’s all going to be okay.” It has been my saying all week. “It’s all going to be okay.” No doubt in my mind that is coming from God. I also feel this overwhelming peace and I am happy. #HappyNotHomesick I know that God is watching over the people I love, and he’s watching over me too.
Anyways, so get ready for this. I have had some awesome #SweetAndTenderMercies while I’ve been out, but this is the best yet. So like I said, I was stressed out. On Saturday I was having a really rough go and I just needed to hear it again, I needed that comfort that everything was going to be okay.
In the class we were watching some video clips of missionaries in the Provo MTC talking about stress. My companion had recognized someone in the video from her ward, and I thought to myself, “How weird! What are the odds, that never happens!” I look down for a split second…. A SPLIT second to take some notes. When I hear a very, VERY familiar voice. It was like he walked into the room. I couldn’t believe it, is this real life? Any guesses?
It was Shane! My oh my. So this is a shoutout to Shane.  In the video he was talking about how the MTC is like a fire hydrant exploding with water, there’s so much thrown at you. Then he said, “But I know I can do it. I see all the other missionaries can do it, so I can too. And you know (he paused) it’s all going to be okay.”
Wow. Is this real life? The Lord knew EXACTLY what I needed to hear and EXACTLY who I needed to hear it from, my best friend.
The Lord works in mysterious ways, and I promise if you pray with a sincere heart, the Lord hears you, and will answer your prayers. Maybe not exactly how we think. It may be small promptings, feelings, or maybe your best friend will pop up on the TV screen. Who knows! It will come, he hears your prayers. He wants you to succeed, and He loves you. Each and everyone of us. You are a child of God. Let the Lord in your life. I can’t express enough how much you will be blessed if you do.
But seriously, what are the odds? So thank you Shane, I needed that.
Time for some fun facts of the week…
1. Tori’s Stories – It’s been great having a lot of new people to tell my stories to. The time I delivered a puppy while babysitting, the sewing class and the stitch in the ditch skirt incident, or the time I went out into 27 degree weather in my swimsuit. I could go on, I think you get the idea.
2. Can we all take a moment of silence to appreciate the fact that Hermana Hirschi met Glozell in real life and took a picture with her? #ForeverJealous
3. #MarilynMonroeMoment oh my. So the other day I was walking to class when the wind picked up. The worst part of this story is that I was holding stacks of books so there was nothing I could really do about it. So my last resort was to just squat that instant. Wasn’t pretty.
4. Fireworks – Fireworks have really played a big part in my life weirdly enough. My graduation song was Firework by Katy Perry. I love that song. “Baby you’re a firework, c’mon show ’em what you’re worth!” I love symbolism. So for me, graduating and starting my new college life was a firework indeed. Then the night I was set apart as a missionary, the second we walked out the door of the church, professional fireworks went off near by.  Again those lyrics came to mind. I realized I am so ready to be a firework… I am ready to be the light to guide (Matthew 5:14-16). I am ready to set the spark for others so that they too can find joy and happiness in their lives. So here in Mexico City they set off fireworks… during the day. So during the day you obviously can’t see them, so it just sounds like cannons going off ALL the time. #Pirates  So the other night we were teaching an investigator. I was having a rough go that day. It kills me inside that I can’t speak the language yet. My companion already has it down, and so the lesson is taught about 90 percent her and 10 percent me. I’m good at saying “Hola!” at the beginning, and I do a solid, “Adios, nos vemos!” at the end. Haha! Anyways, during the lesson I was staring out the window. I was just praying in my head for help and comfort. I just want Spanish SO bad. So as I was looking out the window, all of a sudden a beautiful HUGE firework explodes! My face lit up. And the lyrics came to mind, “baby you’re a firework, c’mon show ’em what you’re worth!” I then just gave it a go. I’m pretty sure I totally went off course of where my companion was taking the lesson… Oh wait, yes, yes I did. But I just had to try. The lesson went well, and I felt pretty great about it.
5. Mosquitoes. Why must they exist?
6. Waffle Hour. The roommates of #3309 will understand this. Waffle hour is 24/7 for me here. For those who don’t know waffle hour is usually the time past two in the morning when everything is just hilarious, even the word waffle. I have been crying laughing all the time. I find the simplest things hilarious because I am #ForeverExhausted.
7. I have been hearing a lot of sketch stories about El Salvador, the kind of stories you don’t tell your mother. Thank goodness I can pull the Canadian card if necessary. #DuelCitizenship
8. I get the weirdest songs stuck in my head and some weird cravings all the time. Last week the songs were Thriller and 22, and I was craving eggrolls. Then this week I have had the Dora the Explorer theme song stuck in my head and I have been dying for some A&W root beer.
To close I want to say I have been thinking a lot about, “Who am I serving my mission for?” It would be selfish to say I am only serving for myself, and trust me that is not the case. I am serving for my parents. I am serving for my little bros. I am serving for my friends. I am serving for the people of El Salvador and Belize. And I am serving for The Lord. But then it got me thinking, there are other people I am serving for as well. I came across the quote that is on my cute new journal from Sister McGinn. Shoutout to Sister McGinn! It says, “Everything you are learning now is preparing you for something else.” – Marjorie Pay Hinckley. One day I am going to be a wife. And one day I am going to be a mother. And we had this awesome devotional broadcast by Richard G. Scott and he said, “Elders have the responsibility. Sisters, you made the choice.” He goes on to say, “It will enrich your lives, homes, the life you will share with your husband, and it will enrich the lives of your children as you guide them in righteousness.” He just went on to say how Sister missionaries will be prepared more then they know for motherhood. And how great the joy your husband will have because you will be an “immense help and blessing to him.” I love it. I love how a small 18 months will prepare me for an eternity. So shoutout to everyone I’m serving a mission for, even the ones not born yet.
Hope you all have an incredible week! Always remember you a child of God. We are His children and he loves each and everyone one of us. Don’t you forget it!
Hermana Patterson loves YOU! Adios, nos vemos!”
So a couple of things:  For the generation that is wondering what all the # are for, I don’t even know how to explain it.  Ask a teenager what a hashtag is for.
For those of you who are wondering who Richard G. Scott is, he is a living apostle of Jesus Christ…. just like one of the 12 apostles that lived during the time of Jesus.  This weekend you can listen to a living prophet and the living apostles speak during the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints general conference.
If you have never heard any of the Tori stories she mentioned you will have to get her to catch you up the next time you see her.  One time, she went babysitting for a family in our ward while the mom and dad went to a work Christmas party.   I texted her about a half hour into the night to see how she was doing.  She didn’t text back and I thought that was weird, but then she came home only about an hour or so after that.  The dad had pit bulls that he bred.  One of the females was ready to deliver at any time so he asked Tori to just go out into the garage every 15 minutes or so and check on her.  If she started to deliver, Tori was supposed to call them and they would come home.  So when she went out the 2nd time, it was obvious that the dog was ready to deliver.  She had one of the kids call their dad.  He talked her through what to do.  So she got into the pen with the dog and literally caught the puppy as it came out.  She had to cut the umbilical cord.  Then the dad told her to make sure the mom did not get to the puppy because she had a severe underbite and in her previous litter she had inadvertently killed a puppy when she was trying to get it out of the birth sac.  So Tori has the puppy in her hands and is using her foot to try and keep the mom’s head away from her.  This is a pit bull by the way.  And the male was outside and could hear what was going on in the garage and was throwing itself against the door to try and get in.  This was when Tori was probably 13 years old.  And you may guess she was a tiny 13 year old.  Fortunately the parents got home before the second one was delivered….  Really who does that happen to?
Glozell is a person who posts funny things on youtube that Tori thinks is fabulous.  Peace and Blessings y’all.
Why mention the sketch stories about El Salvador if her mother should not hear them?  This is making my imagination run wild and I don’t like where it is going.  #SheDidNotTakeHerCanadianPassportWithHer
Tori will be in Mexico City until the end of October and then she will fly to San Salvador.  She loves hearing from you.  She has grown up in an era where facebook comments and likes and twitter retweets are important to her.  So I bet she is going through a little social media withdrawal.  Email her if you have a minute.
Momma P

One thought on “It’s All Going To Be Okay

  1. Mary Beth "B" Klein

    Loved reading this Tori. So glad to hear things are going well and you are overcoming the challenges. Have complete faith in you and so proud of you.
    Think maybe I need to learn a new phrase. Instead of “suck it up and do it”.. “It’s All Going To Be Okay” 🙂


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