It Will Come

Here it is:

“Oh my I love emails. Emails are my heart and soul!  I love getting them and I love sending them. I love everything about them! I want to start with a HUGE thank you to everyone who has sent me anything! Even a simple “Hey I’m thinking about ya!”. It´s like a virtual hug. I print them off and have them throughout my week to help me get through tough times. So thank you thank you thank you.

So I was thinking about what I wanted to talk about today. And I felt impressed to talk this week about taking on a challenge, staying positive, and missionary work.

My amazing teacher Hermana Bair always starts our class with a Pinterest quote, could she be any greater? I get to stare at Pinterest for about ten minutes a day. Oh how I miss that just a little bit. #PerroEstaBien

So two of this week´s quote were, “Mistakes are proof that you are trying.” and “Don´t limit yourself and don´t let others convince you that you are limited in what you can do. Believe in yourself and then live so as to reach your possibilities.” – Thomas S. Monson

Ahh, love a good quote. I have found the first quote to be very vital in my life right now. I can write in Spanish, I can pretty much always understand Spanish (and I say pretty much always because well, I´ll tell that story in a minute), but I am sometimes to scared to speak it. “Mistakes are proof that you are trying.” This week I made the goal to speak as much Spanglish as possible. I have been getting better! Okay but there was one good story I´ve got to share. So I was working with an investigator and I knew she worked in the hospital. I was on splits with Hermana Hirschi that day because my companion had to do some blood levels at the hospital. So we walk into her house, talk with her, and I ask her what she did today. Oh my. In Spanish she said, “Today at the hospital I delivered a baby.” So I took out of that the word hospital so I said, “No way! Did you see Hermana Nelson?!” She was SO confused, but I wasn´t! I thought I was so clever. Later she told me in English that she was trying to explain to me she delievered a baby… Aca-awkward.

So the next quote I have also held very near and dear this week. “Don´t limit yourself and don´t let others convince you that you are limited in what you can do. Believe in yourself and then live so as to reach your possibilities.” – Thomas S. Monson. It´s tough when everyone around you seems to be mastering it, and you´re just smiling, nodding your head, and saying “Si!” to everything. Haha! But I don´t let that get me down! Embrace your weaknesses! Make them into strengths! Ether 12:27! I am loving Spanish and it is beautiful! I can´t wait to have it flow.

Okay so there are two solid quotes for you all to study and ponder this week, which ever way it applies to you. The Lord gives us the trials he knows we can handle. I have faith in you! Stay strong!

Oh wait two more. I worked with this sweet sister this week who barely spoke any English. I was struggling to talk to her, but we got through it. At the end of it all she whispered, “Hermana… Your spanish… it will come.” Now what may seem like a simple phrase to everyone else reading this… it wasn´t for me. I felt her love through such a simple phrase. She meant it and she knew I needed to hear that. Later that day I worked with another sister who didn´t speak any english. We only worked together for about ten minutes. After she wrote me an encouraging note and gave me a cute button that says, “Con Dios Todos es Posible.” (With God All is Possible). #SweetAndTenderMercies of my week. The Lord knows what I need to hear and he is placing these angels around me. I am so blessed and grateful for that.

Next I want to encourage positivity. I have always found positivity can get you through anything. I have seen how negativity has brought down some missionaries around me. Even if it´s little things like, “That was stupid. I hate this. I am never going to learn Spanish. Blah blah.” It builds up after time. My oh my. I can not stand negativity. It affects the people around you, let me tell ya! Find the good in everything! I promise you there is good in everything you just have to seriously look for it. I love positivity! #TeamPositive

Missionary work. Wow can we just give a round of applause for General Conference! WOOOO! I have never been so pumped about GC. I can´t get over it. For once I looked at General Conference as real modern day revelation. The Lord´s message. I will never again sleep through a conference or not be excited. I am so mad at myself for never taking that as seriously as I do now. I just wanted more and more. It´s hard to share only a few things I liked because I liked everything. But I want to start with Saturday´s sessions. Oh my… I was just about to grab my notebook to skim through my notes and they aren´t in my bag. Esta bien. Okay so I loved the emphasis on missionary work. Russel M. Ballard, what a man! The Lord is hastening His work! EVERYONE is a missionary. Can´t you feel it? Share the gospel with anyone and everyone! What´s the harm? Help spread the goodness! Love it. It is such a cool time to be a missionary right now, and you know what the best part is? You can be too! So catch the wave of missionary work! That´s being an example, talking about it, posting about it. Trade your fear with faith! Do it for Hermana Patterson! Don´t be ashmaed! Hallelujah! God lives! Woot! Woot! Alright, wow. Getting crazy over here. I have heard over and over, “We are one.” and I am now picking up the phrase in my scripture study. We are one in the work. Every member a missionary. Trust in the Lord. Yes. Yes. Yes.

And I loved Sunday´s sessions too. Can every man talk of his wife like our prophet Thomas S. Monson. Wow, I want that one day. Ahhh, so so sweet. I just love him. I also enjoyed the poem he shared there was a part in it that said, “The more the storm, the more the strength…”. Fight the storm! Fight your challenges! Oh and I loved Elder McConkie´s talk too about teaching by the Spirit.

Okay. I loved them all but I don´t have ten hours to email, sorry.


Apparently they are supposed to run to the circles in case of earthquakes…. not sure how helpful that will be…. it is possible it was explained to her in spanish….

Okay there´s all the good Spiritual-Deep stuff, here comes the fun facts of the week.

So there is an Elder in my district who wrestles “gators” for fun. #PureSouthernBoy

There is an Elder in my district from Idaho and he daily mentions how much he misses cows. #IFeelYaBrother #NotReally #ButReally #ILoveCows

This week I looked up some words that may be handy to you all, who knows.

For my twitter friends, Common White Girl is Comun Blanco Niña.

For my McDonald loving friends, Chicken Nugget is Pollo Pedazo.

For my rhyming friends, the word nightmare is pesadilla, so you should go around saying “I had a pesadilla about a quesadilla.” #OkayThatWasBadIKnow

For the Grumpy Cat lovers, Gruñon gato.

For the people like me who use the words awkward and nasty a lot. Desmañado and asqueroso.

For the people who love the movie Clueless, “as if” is “como si”.

And for my Snoop Lion friends, Buscavidas Leon.

And lastly, to my beloved Wendy lovers, frosty is cubierto de escarcha.

Good times.
This weeks craving is french fries and weirdly enough I have the Hobbit Song “Over the Misty Mountains” stuck in my head. Esta bien.

Oh and I just want to throw in there you know it´s bad when people say words in English to you and you say, “Wait, how do you say that word in English?” I am forgetting my first language.

I guess it would also to fun to share the fact that volleyballs have been served directly to my head three times this week. And I am so so thinking my toe is broken slash maybe just bruised forever. Esta bien. Good thing is it doesn´t hurt. #WalkItOut
Hermana Hirschi has told me so many times, “You remind me so much of Raven Symone.” #BestPersonEver
Okay well time is up. Love you all. Seriously. Everyone reading this! Shout out to you! Thank you for your support! It means the world! Thank you for your prayers. That has to be the sweetest thing when someone tells me they are praying for me. Thank you. Especially Abby and Andrew Bennett! Love you two cuties!
Hermana Patterson
PS  I was also thinking. If anyone of you ever want to talk missionary talk, talk to me. That’s kind of my life right now! Haha! I would love to answer any questions you have. I will answer as a missionary and as your friend… amigo! Don’t be shy! I would love too. Anyways, just thought I’d throw that out there. Love you all! Have a fabulousa week!”
So I was thinking if anyone who speaks spanish could send Tori an email in spanish that would be ideal!  If she is printing and reading emails throughout the week, it would be awesome if some of them were in Spanish!
Also, I want to share something that I was impressed about this weekend when we were watching General Conference.  First of all, I was just feeling really connected to Tori because even though we are physically far apart right now, I knew that our whole family was watching the same thing at probably the same time and being spiritually feed the same way.  It was a great weekend!  One talk was given by Elder Edward Dube that impressed me.  He talked about how we need to keep looking forward with faith, rather than looking backwards.  No matter what we are doing in our lives, we just need to keep looking forward to better things to come, to keep pushing forward and learn from the past, but do not dwell in the past.
Love, Momma P

2 thoughts on “It Will Come

  1. Denise Sugden

    So good to hear of your missionary life Sister Tori! I so agree with the positivity part you wrote, looking for the positive will always guide you to a happier place! Love ya and remembering you in my prayers, Aunt Denise


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