One Month

ImageWithout further adieu:

“Email time is happy time. Thanks to everyone who has written me! You are all incredible! I have seriously received like 25 emails each week! Words of encouragement, love, and memories. Thank you SO much. Like I said emails, my heart and soul. And my mom said that I have now had 1000 views on my blog and counting. That is incredible! What in the world! The pressure is on but I am LOVING it. Always up for a challenge. Seriously, again thank you, thank you, thank you.

Okay. Can we all acknowledge that I have been in Mexico for a month?! Is this real life? I had to take a step back and realize that I, Tori Patterson, am on a mission. Something I have waited for, looked forward too, and prepared for my whole life! And it’s all right NOW. It is unreal. I have only 17 months left! Time is going by so quickly! Yikes! Every missionary knows that the days are long and the weeks are fast. I can’t explain it, it just happens. I was talking to my girl Hermana Hirschi and she said the sweetest thing to me. She said, “Hermana P, what’s different about us is we didn’t come to the mission to gain testimony. We came sincerely and purely because we love the Lord and we want to serve Him.” So true. Can’t say that enough. Oh and might I add the MTC is seriously like a mixture of EFY, Hogwarts, and High School Musical. Like three of my favorite things.
So this week’s spiritual message is a good one. I’ve been really praying about this one and I am finally excited to share it. So this week we have really been pounded on that we teach people not lessons. You know, we ourselves as missionaries need to know the doctrine, study hard, and prepare, but also realize we are teaching PEOPLE. Not lifeless objects. They don’t want to hear a memorized lesson. That won’t do them any good! Its all about the heart! So I have been learning how to really come to know the investigator, figure out their needs, and then apply it to their lives with doctrine. We all have our own trials and problems in life.
This week I had an investigator who was really depressed. That was so hard to take on, because it’s the real thing. It makes me so sad. Well it emotional drained me talking about his sadness. I so badly wanted to take that pain away from him and put it on myself. I wanted him to realize there is so much good in this life! It was great talking to him and I was able to help him through. The lesson went good. After that discussion I thought of the song Demons by Imagine Dragons. Aka my most favorite band ever. In the song it is talking about how we all have our own problems and trials. And we don’t all know everyone’s problems. If that makes sense. Anyways, there is a line in the song that says, “I can’t escape this now, unless you show me how.” And for me I realized that as missionaries, we are help to help people escape their pains, their problems, and their guilt. Do I not have the best job ever? I love being able to help people and this probably one of the most powerful ways to do so! Mmm, I just love, love, love missionary work.
Anyways, overall I just want  to say that the Atonemnet is real. Repentance is not a punishment, it is a gift. A gift that we can use to become better in our lives. How amazing it is to have a Father in Heaven who is forgiving, loving, and understanding.
Okay well here comes all the random goodness. There was a lot this week.
Seriously, what was life without Hermana Hirschi before? I can’t wait for you all to meet her! She’s from Seattle! In our district there are four girls. So it’s pretty much like I have three companions. My comp Hermana Nelson is incredible as well and Hermana Stucki. I am so blessed to have them here with me. Each are #SweetAndTenderMercies
So the other morning my companion wanted to set my alarm for the morning. I asked before she set it, “Did you make sure it was at 6:30?” She assured me she did so and fell asleep. So the alarm goes off, as usual I get up right away, I brush my teeth, just doing me. And then it hits me. I am tired. Like exhausted. And so I look at the clock and classic. It’s like 5 in the morning. Oh my. It was hilarious! I was dying. But trust me I have no problem automatically falling back asleep. I have never treasured sleep so much! 16 hour days can wear you out sometimes!
I saw a moth this week and lets just say moths and I…. we have been enemies for as long as I can remember. No touchy. This moth though, I am not lying. Missionaries don’t lie. This moth was as big as my two hands together. I thought is was a bird coming for my face. But oh no…. it was a moth. I about passed out. It almost touched me. And I am pretty sure if it had I would’ve died on spot.
Shalee, Inna, Jazmin, Allison, Elle, Chloe, and Nicole: Hermana Hirschi knows about the youtube video Cat massage. I have someone to quote that amazing video with. #OhHappyDay #BellyRama
One of our Elders this week tried to slide, but acidentally caught his shoes on something and fell down into his companions elbow. AKA 9 stiches above the eyebrow. Yikes! He’s such a positive guy though! The Hermanas and I bought him a sprite and I made a little card to go with it that said, “I hope this Spritens your day!”
So I want to clarify what I said about the hotdogs here. The hot dogs that are bright red. Those. Those you do not eat. Its just not normal, the color and the feeling in your stomach the next five minutes after eating. But the corn dogs. Now that is heaven on a stick.
Back to moths. More moths yes. So Hermana Hirschi and I were walking around the corner in our casa when she just screamed. I immediatley fell to the ground and was on my back in two seconds. It was like when Ellen scared Taylor Swift. And it turned out to be a moth. Just my luck. Its a bad habit I have that when I am scared I am like a fainting goat. I just drop. Like, that is not a good thing at all. I can only imagine what will happen in El Salvador. haha!
Everyone go follow Rachel Bair on pinterest. #AmazingLady
Enrique Iglesia’s name translates to Henry Church. #FunFact
I found a giant Mexico Peso in the trash can and just had to grab it. #americanpicker
During volleyball I defied gravity….. and then ate it. Grass stains and all. I love diving. #matrixinmyhead
So this weeks cravings have been Doritos and Tropical Smoothie. And the songs for this week have been Lean on Me, Set Fire to the Rain by Adele, and Take a Bow by Rihanna. Funny story about Lean on Me. My companion has been having a rough go so one night I put my arm around her and started belting out, “LEAN ON MEEEE, WHEN YOU’RE NOT STRONG…” You get the picture. Haha! I don’t know why I did at the moment, but then I realized she needed that. We sang it all week. 
I have become a runner! I get up around 6 and run with Hermana Hirschi. I love it! I have noticed I am more of a sprinter, because I die about twenty minutes in and Hermana H is still going strong. #MarathonRunner But I have really enjoyed it!
Funny Spanish story of the week. So this is sad and maybe something I shouldn’t admit to, but everyday I go to the tienda and buy an icecream cone. Okay maybe two times a day. Who’s counting? Anyways, one day I had chocolate on my face. That is another beautiful thing about me. I tend to not know there is food on my face and go my merry way. Anyways, so we are walking along and one of the instructors said to me in Spanish, “You have chocolate on your face.” I thought he said, “I like chocolate.” So I responded very excitedly, “Yo tambien!” (Me too!) Oh my. Haha!
Volleyball shoutout to my Spring Valley Grizzlies! Love you all and have been thinking about you, thanks again for letting me prep you up for your first game. That meant so much to me! Hope the season is going amazing! Each team! Love you all! Miss playing with you girls! #GoGrizz
This week I had to eat what I call, “The Seaweed Tamale of Death”. #CouldntBreathe #SmeltSoBad #ButIWasStarving #EstaBien
Deet > Oxygen is my motto. #MuertaMosquitoes
Well it’s about that time. Let me just say, I have truly followed the Spirit this week and have let it guide me throughout my lessons. I have been going into my lessons with just my Spanish Bible and Book of Mormon. And just letting the Spirit guide. The lessons are ten times better. And this week I really realized… I can speak Spanish. I really can. When I leave my comfort zone of notes, I force myself to use what I know. It is incredible. I am so blessed for the Lord in my life, His help, and my progression. I owe it all to Him. Thank you to everyone who emails me! I am so sorry if I don’t respond the week you send me them. I should have more email time in the field. Don’t ever think I don’t read them! I love them they are my heart and soul! You seriously all put a smile on my face. And thanks for everyone telling me my emails are the highlights of your week, you are too kind. Glad I can help. Have a great week!
Remember God loves YOU. And Hermana P.”
Here are some pictures from her trip to the Mexico City Temple.
Thanks for all your prayers on her behalf and for sending her emails!
Have a great week!
Momma P

One thought on “One Month

  1. Natalie Costa

    It is amazing to see how great you are doing and all the wonderful things you are learning and experiencing on your mission.
    I love reading your blogs!! You have always been such a wise and caring person that you could turn anyones day around.
    17 months is so long but I hope to see you when you get back! 🙂

    WWTD(What would Tori Do?)-English junior year was the best!

    Natalie Costa


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