And the Rain Came A-Tumbling Down

Last Email from Mexico City… next week El Salvador!
“Family and friends! Hola! Hola! Hola! I have been dying to write this week, I had some crazy things happen. Just wanted to say thank you again for the emails and love. Muchas gracias! So this week I am going to start with all my funny stuff, because I have a pretty great story.
This weeks story is a gem. I dont know how else to describe. Its golden. Okay, so on this past wonderful Friday afternoon I was eating my comida in the comidor, doing my thing, when I see that it starts to rain! And let me explain Mexico rain to my Vegas friends. Its like an instant flood! Its loco! So theres no hope for you if you’ve forgotten your umbrella. AKA no hope for me and my companion. So me and my girl Hermana Nelson needed to get to our casa pronto. We get outside of the cafeteria, I take off my shoes, and I just go. I was sprinting faster than Ive ever sprinted before. #CheetahStatus Let’s just say I should not have run… There I was booking it down the road, my companion is like a million feet behind me. So before I get into this more, let me give you the background story of what the cafteria looks like. Its a huge building and there are windows all around. So everyone in the comidor can see everything! So I have to admit when it rains, its funny watching all the people trip and what not. I was once apart of the crowd that mocked. I am no longer. Because even if I wanted to be, they would shun me after what happened on this wonderful Friday afternoon. Okay so again, there I was booking it down the road, when the next thing I know I catch air. There I was, flying downward, head first to the ground. My legs were in the air, way above my head. I land face first, on my front side, and well. I flashed the ENTIRE cafteria. My skirt was up… way up. Hahaha! In a split second, I stand up, pull my skirt down, and continue to book it to the casa. I look back and I see my companion concerned and confused. And I see an entire cafteria full of missionaries just dying of laughter. Thank you ladies and gentlemen, thank you very much. I turned around and bowed for them. #RoundOfApplause I took a picture the minute we got to the casa, enjoy.
Fun Facts for the week.
So the other day I was walking past one of the gardeners and he had one of those grass trimming machines. Anyways, I walked past him, and a rock chipped off of the ground, and it went straight for my forehead. I have a bruise there. Its like David and Goliath round two. Yikes! Now I am scared of any machinery that could or would attept to chuck rocks at my head 100 miles per hour.
I gave my very first talk in Spanish on Sunday! It was great! The way talks work at the CCM is that everyone prepares one every week and then you are called on spot during sacrament to give it! So much suspense! I went up to give the talk at the pulpit, and the pulpit was taller then me! People could only see my forehead (with a lovely bruise, I might add). So Bishop got me a stool and I continued on. Haha! #ShortPeopleProbs. I talked about teaching and learning in the church. It was great. I got into service and charity too. In Spanish the word for charity and chasity are almost indentical. And I accidently got them confused and mixed up. You can only imagine the things I said… Yikes! I now know and will always remember the difference between the two.
I was also picked to be the chorister on the spot for Sunday… I only know 4/4 guys. And I got 6/8 and 3/4. Music conducting is not the life for me my friends. Half the people weren’t even singing they were laughing at my lame attempt to spell my name in cursive. I was told once that doing that would cover you if you forgot how to conduct… Don’t do it people. I should’ve just interpretative danced or something, it would’ve worked better.
It was Hermana Nelsons birthday this week! The big 2-0! I being me, made a million colorful signs to put in the room. The struggle was that I had to wait till she fell asleep, which was awhile. Lets just say I was up till about 1 in the morning making signs and trying to figure out how to work the tape in the dark. I got through it though! And definitely worth it, love my comp!
Every Sunday night we watch a church movie. Is it sad I have to get my romantic fix from Church movies? Haha! I love in Legacy when she says to the boy she wants to marry, “Promise to make me laugh?” “Everyday.” Ahh, melts my heart.
So in Spanish I told one of my investigators that “It is cold outside.” Or at least thats what I thought. She looked at me confused. I actually said, “There is a french fry outside.”
The CCM goes through 30 nutellas a day. #ILoveNutellaAndWhiteBread
Said goodbye this week to the amazing Hermama Brooks! #VegasRepresent She’s on her way out to Florida! Buenas suerte!! Also said goodbye to Hermana Fisi! Pictures provided.
Hermana Hirschis dad blessed us with Krispy Kreme. #Merica
Went to the Mexico City Temple for the last time today, so beautiful. I will miss it.
I bought the most awkward, but greatest Mexico City Temple temple card holder. #CheckItOut #ILoveAwkward
Hermana Hirschi asked me in one of our Spanish practices, “Do you believe in Santa Claus.” I wanted to say, “Yes. Santa is real!” But I awkwardly said, “Santa Claus is truth.” #MerryChristmas
I also thought the word for language was “llengua”. But that is actually “tongue”. For SIX WEEKS I have been going around saying, “I have no Spanish tongue.” “Small Spanish tongue.” “I don’t know my Spanish tongue.” Oh my. Someone finally told me last night, do you mean “idioma”? Yes, yes. That is what I meant. Hahaha! #WhyMe
I just want to say, shout out to my amazing seminary teachers over the years. I have really been so grateful for my marked up scriptures and everything I learned. I have been reading my Spanish Book of Mormon and I am in Third Nephi already! Its great!
I also wish I had paid more attention in my English grammar classes. Yikes, Im starting to think I don’t know English! Like, hey, what is a noun again? #EstaBien
This weeks songs that have been in my head are Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus, I Want Crazy By Hunter Hayes, and the Prayer with Celine Dion and Andrea Bocelli.
Food cravings this week: grilled cheese sandwich.
So my friends time for some Spiritual goodness. I am going to be in El Salvador by the time of my next email! Is that not insane?! So I wanted to share my feelings towards leaving and express my love for my kind, wise, Heavnely Father.
This week I have realized that there is more to missionary work then the Spanish and lessons. Its also got a lot to do with Christlike attributes. My Spanish is still small, and muy mal. Haha! But, I know it will come, and everything is going to be okay.
I had a really hard hit this week, that could’ve knocked me down, but I didn’t let it. Two hard hits actually (not counting the rock to the forehead). The first was surprinsingly from one of my Spanish teachers. In all seriousness he pulled me aside and said, “Hermana Patterson, to be honest, for you… You need a miracle.” And later that day I was talking to a worker, and he said, “This is your fifth week and that is your Spanish? I had a companion like you, and he was from Canada like you, and I knew no English. You will be such a hard companion and you will struggle so much.” YIKES. I don’t know if they know this but I have a little heart inside me that is now crushed! My strategy is to laugh it off. I am not much of a crier. I just uncomfortably laugh when I am scared, nervous, sad, etc. You know, that was hard to hear. But really what do I have to worry? The Lord wants me in El Salvador. The Lord wants me to speak Spanish. The Lord wants me to succeed. The Lord knows there are people in El Salvador who need me, and I need them. The Lord knows that. I am so grateful for my trials and afflictions. I kept referring to the scripture DC 121:7-8. “Peace be unto thy soul; thine adversity and thine afflictions shall be but a small moment; And then, if thou endure it well, God shall exalt thee on high; thou shalt triumph over all thy foes.” These struggles will only be for a small moment. I can do it. The Lord knows I can. And I honestly know that I can too. I am so grateful for the oppourtunity to serve as a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I know that my Reedeemer lives. Mi amigo que nunca Falla. I know with God, todos es posible. El Salvador HERE I COME! Hurrah hurrah for Israel!
Love, Hermanita Patterson”
First off, I can not figure out how to rotate pics in word press. Secondly, Thank you for your comments on the blog and Facebook, twitter, etc. I share them with Tori every week and she is so grateful for them. She is definitely a child of the social media generation! Also, thank you for your emails, she loves getting them and feels uplifted by them. But most importantly, thank you for remembering her in your prayers. I have had several experiences this week when I felt inspired to pray for her and I believe that that is the Lord’s way of communicating with me and her that she is needing prayers and also that the prayers on her behalf are being answered.
Have a great week!
Momma P

PS I believe in miracles!

4 thoughts on “And the Rain Came A-Tumbling Down

  1. BeccaOBecca

    Ay Hermana Patterson…ya veras que el idioma vendrá a tu mente claramente. Siento que tus dones estarán creciendo día tras día. No te preocupes. El Espiritu Santo es tu guía y nunca te fallará. The queremos MUCHO Hermanita. Oramos por tí cada día y que Diós te bendiga ahora y siempre ❤

  2. Adair Patterson

    Hi Tori I love your stories I know some of them are heart breaking but you are a strong girl and you make me laugh I love it.I want to share a poem I wrote which I think you will like it’s about how we stand by each other and for me I know God stand with me. I don’t think of standing next to someone or by someone the same as I feel the word with as it gives a stronger sense of inclusion.
    Stand with me
    We climb mountains
    On paths lit by young deer fern
    View vistas full of
    Valleys, lakes, plains and rivers

    We ride in the rain
    To hidden places
    And share the moment
    Of discovery when
    The sun comes through
    And diamonds cover the landscape

    My heart is over joyed
    With all our treasures
    Stored for the time
    When you stand with me and we pass along
    These memories to those we love.

    All my love Aunt Adair


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