Bienvenidos a El Salvador

Just a quick note to let you know that Tori left the CCM in Mexico City on Monday and flew to San Salvador arriving about 8:00pm local time last night. She emailed us on Monday morning to give us the flight details. She also mentioned that they spelled her name wrong on the ticket (Petterson rather than Patterson) and hoped that wouldn’t be a problem. Apparently it was okay because we got an email from her this morning to let us know that she had arrived safely.

“Oh my gosh. I made it! Its where I am supposed to be. The next time I email will be Monday I believe. But just wanted to let you know I made it safe and sound, I had INCREDIBLE experiences at the airport. I passed out two Books of Mormon! I love being a missionary and I am not scared to share! Even in espanol!
It is insanely humid here, I am so sticky. Like Spiderman sticky status. Yikes! Had an amazing sleep I only slept for about 5 hours, but it felt like 24! We stayed with the nurse and her companion.
I made a friend, his name is Yavonne. He drove us around and somehow I got this grown man to talk about Justin Bieber. It happens people. The mission president and his wife. oh my! Hashtag greatest people on earth. Wow! When we got off at the airport they had a huge sign and everything and subway. Happy day!
I want to say so much more but this email is just a simple “Hello I made it to El Salvador.” I love you both a lot. And the boys. And mi perro Juhl. I am not scared at all, just letting you know. I am completely being taken care of by the Lord. No fear. My Spanish is small, but I am making it work. I love it.
I am so blessed to be where I am and I know in my heart I can feel it, this is where I am supposed to be. And talk about the best mission. This month they had 220 baptisms! Like what in the world? The people here are so warm and friendly! Well more in the next email, I am sure it will be a long one! LOVE YOU.
Hermana Patterson or “Petterson” “

2 thoughts on “Bienvenidos a El Salvador

    1. Rebecca Olivo

      Give it six months and you will feel normal! I promise ❤ Estamos tan orgullosas de ti. Sabes que te queremos tanto y que eres un gran ejemplo para mi hijita Taylor. Dale con GANAS y hasta la próxima! BESOS Y ABRAZOS!!! ❤


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