Today is the Best Day Ever!

Hello everyone,  here is the latest communication:  Today is exactly 2 months since she left.  Time really seems to be flying by… only 16 months to go!

“Hola todos personnas! Man, I am so blessed. Thank you so much for all the emails and love. My parents always update me a little on what people say about my emails and tell me some comments on facebook and what not. THANK YOU SO MUCH! You guys make me feel so special! Emailing is my hour of happiness! So thank you, thank you.

Before I start I just want to say I am constantly finding everyone’s El Salvadorean twin! A few examples, there’s a guy we are teaching right now and he reminds me so much of my dad. I look at him and I see my dad. That has been such a sweet and tender mercy for me. This guys always feeds us and really treats us like his daughters.

I could of sworn I saw Heather Palmer on the bus the other day! And I even yelled out, “Heather!” without thinking! Haha! Palmer family I miss you!

And then the icecream lady who I visit often is named Jazmin, so I think of Jazzy J!

We are teaching a little girl named Jennifer, which makes me miss Jennifer Baade!

And a lady in our ward reminds me exactly like my amazing student council teacher Nuge! It has been just so comforting and helps with homesickness. 

So everyday this week I have caught myself saying, “Today is the best day ever.” Who knew you could have a whole weeks worth of best days ever! I will organize this by each day:
Lunes (Monday): P-day, I mean, need I say more? On p-days our Zone gets together, we email for an hour and then we eat KFC, and then we play FUTBOL.. I am loving soccer! At first I was a little shy about like getting all into it. But then one of the Elders made a comment something like, “What’s Patterson going to do?” Little did he know, that is exactly what gets my blood boiling. He doesn’t say that anymore. Haha! Oh and fun times, so that night we were visiting one of my favorite ladies in the ward. And her dog was barking at something under the table. I put my head under the table to see… HOLA BLACK FIVE INCH SCORPION! That thing was NASTY. I was flipping out! We killed it no worries, and I lived to tell the tale, no worries. #WhatIsWithTheCreaturesInElSalvador
Martes (Tuesday): This was the best day of my life because it was the Hermana Meeting at President Hintze’s house… Aka I got to see HERMANA HIRSCHI AND NELSON! It was like Christmas morning! I was so happy! I hugged them for like ten minutes! I didn’t want to let go!  The view from the Presidents house! It was incredible! Gave me a birds eye view of beautiful El Salvador, I’ll post a picture too. And all the Hermanas got roses… I love getting flowers! Oh and we had Eggo waffles… died and gone to heaven. Because we don’t have a toaster so ya no eggo waffles for me and I have been craving! Happy day! Ahhh, it was so good to see them! And THEN Hermana O said, “Theres a Wendy’s around here if you want to go.” “If I want to go? OF COURSE.” Oh my. Died and went to heaven again! Crispy chicken sandwiches… happiness. If you love a good spanish pun, youre going to love this, “Wen Dia!” (Buen dia!) Haha, love. Oh and funny story at Wendy’s this guy was staring at me really creepishly. He was flaring his nostrils at me and winking… ya that ain’t cute broski. What the weirdo! Oh and at Wendy’s a song by Karmin came on and I thought of Cam and how he is obsessed with their raps! #mylittleitaly
Miercoles (Wednesday): So we only get to go to the Temple two times a year and Wednesday was one of the days! My oh my… it was… SO beautiful. I have never been inside such an incredible temple. All of them are incredbile, but wow. It was gorgeous! I needed a temple visit! It was so peaceful. I love the temple! It’s my favorite! 
Jueves (Thursday): We had our Zone and District meeting which is just always a good time. And this was also the night we had… the flood. Oh my. I did not know what rain was until I moved here. So our sad little janky apartment has holes and leaks and so when it rains our house floods. So I was taking an ice cold shower and I step out and see there is so much water on the bathroom floor. First thought, “Aww, man Hermana O is going to kill me! How did I get so much water on the floor!” Then I look up. Our window is waterfalling water into the house! Haha! So we taped a garbage bag and had to adjust the shower curtain so that the water would drain into the shower! We don’t have rags or a mop. So it just… it was insane. I will post a picture. I am holding a broken umbrella as well, this rain is insane! So for this day I sarcastically said, “Today is the best day ever.” Haha! Oh and also today I saw some kids playing with nerf guns. Oh how I miss my little brother Jay and how he would steal my phone, make a snapchat of him shooting me with his nerf gun as I was taking a nap, and then send it to all my friends. #WhatLittleBrosAreFor
Viernes (Friday): Immigration thumbs and milk in a bag. I look exhausted in this picture. Haha! But I am pretty sure I passed! And yes everyone here drinks things in a bag. Milk in a bag, juice in a bag, salsa in a bag, you name it. After immigration we went to MCDONALDS. Could this week get any better? Chicky nugs. And across the street was El Salvador del Mundo! Its so tiny! Pinterest pictures made it look SO huge. Dont be fooled. 
Sabado (Saturday): We had a huge activity! Lots of fun, and they were playing normal music. I got in trouble for dancing. Aca-awkward. I can’t help it. If I hear a beat, I’m gone! Today I also got to do my first Castidad lesson (Chastity). Haha, awkward! After we had explained it to her I said, “Okay, so now that we have explained this, what is the law of chastity?” “Umm… don’t drink coffee.” “Oh boy…” Haha! 
Domingo (Sunday): Church. I love church. I get to just sit and listen for three hours. I love church.
So I hit the two month marker! Do you miss me? I feel like I left yesterday! It’s insane how fast time goes by when you are having fun! 
Can I just say I LOVE sweaty bus seats. Like let me just rub my whole body on the chair. #SweatIsTheBest
I was thinking, does running out of pupusas count as cardio? Some ladies in the ward were freaking out about how I can eat four pupusas and how that is unlady like. Sisters! I walk at like 4 miles a day and my day starts at 6:30 and my dinner is not until 8:30… I can totally eat four pupusas!
9 inch nails… all the guys nails here are freakishly long. #ClipThoseNasties
The grocery store this week played One Less Lonely Girl by JB. #TeamJB
I am forever the smell of bleach. All my clothes have this strong chlorine bleach smell to them. Haha!
Our friend whose dreams always come true had a dream we were kidnapped… #OkayCool
I really had a test of my patience with a lady this week. She was calling me out saying I didn’t have problems because I am white and what not… Let’s just say she’s lucky my sassy self does not speak spanish. #PatienceAndLove
Some days I just stop and say, “What is going on right now?” For example. Yesterday I was carrying a bag of bananas our friend macheted off a tree, my companion was saying she was freezing (It was 78 degrees), and there was a man shooting a gun like twenty feet away from us… #Ayutuxtepeque
This week I want to share my “mission quote”, I’ve held onto this dearly when the going gets tough and I miss home. I know a lot of people going on missions or leaving soon so I hope this brings you the same amount of comfort its brought me. 
“Remember, the Lord has called you to succeed, not to fail. Sometimes it may seem terribly hard, but He wants you to grow. He will not abandon you. He inspired your call. He knows who you are. He knows what you need. He knows what He wants you to become, and this mission experience is an opportunity He has given you to discover things about yourself you never knew you had, and the capacity to love and serve which will sustain you throughout the rest of your life. Remember, you have been called and He will fit the task to your capabilities. I testify in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.” Elder Richard G. Scott
Love you ALL. Have a great Lunes!
Hermana Patterson”
P-days stands for preparation day.  It is the one day a week that the missionaries have off to do fun things, get their laundry, shopping, etc done and send/ receive emails.  The other 6 days a week are dedicated to study, teaching, and service work.
They are organized into districts and zones.  So there are in contact with the missionaries that are in neighboring areas and meet with them through the week and on P-days.  Elder Reynolds from Vegas is one of the leaders of her zone.
Are we at all disturbed about the amount of happiness that fast food brings this girl?  She has always loved fast food…. I am not sure what that says about my home cooking….
Whenever I hear a new song that she has not heard yet, I wonder what her reaction will be when she randomly hears them at stores and restaurants and stuff.  She loves her music and I know that she is going through a bit of music withdrawal.  She asked for some CD’s for Christmas…. things that are religious songs but she specifically asked for no more mormon tabernacle choir.  (That is what we loaded her ipod with before she left).  So we sent her a little Carrie Underwood, Freddy Ashby, Celtic Woman, Steven Sufjan, and Celine singing some hymns.
And the creature stories…. I think I would rather not hear them, but at the same time, it is like a train wreck and I can’t turn away.  Thankfully no picture of the scorpion this week.
Are all mothers worried about things like molds and fungi that are probably growing in a bathroom that floods like that when they have no rags or mops to clean it up?  Please go buy a mop girlfriend!  And keep using the bleach!
Something that has been on my mind the past week or two are the missionaries that are serving in the Philippines right now.  Tori has a second cousin who is serving in Cebu, Philippines, Elder Nathan Orr.  Cebu was one of the areas that the eye of the storm passed over.  We are so grateful that Nathan and every other LDS missionary serving in the Philippines miraculously survived the typhoon.  Our prayers are with the Filipino people.  To read an article about a miracle click here.  And a link to Nathan’s blog here.  Our family donates to the LDS Humanitarian Fund which is an incredibly effective way to donate money to relief efforts in areas of natural disaster and civil unrest (100% of every dollar donated benefits the people they serve). Cameron did his Eagle Scout Project to benefit the humanitarian fund.  He collected donations and then prepared personal hygiene kits which are distributed to people who are in these types of situations.  You do not have to be a member of the mormon church to donate. ( in case you were wondering 🙂 )
Have a great week!
Love, Momma P

2 thoughts on “Today is the Best Day Ever!

  1. Adair Patterson

    Hi Tori just wanted to let you know how much of an inspiration you are to me right this minute out there in the world facing situations that are so different from you regular life. I thought I would just tell you a little story about what is happening in my life right now. Well when I first got cancer back in 2002 I was in a relaxation class being told I was to climb a mountain and no mentioned the bear sitting at the bottom of the path that followed me up to the top. the Bear belongs to a story I’ll tell you about someday but i knew she was there to help me through the cancer. She is still with me but about three weeks ago we got a new cat and the minute i saw her the name Belle came into my head and so now she is Belle; well to make along story short Belle is your great great grandmother’s second name so she has come to be my guide through this new journey I’m taking. I want you to know that we all have helper that God sends to make our journey’s more interesting and give us support when we needed it the most and I’m sure You’re grandparents are with you everyday and supporting you with the strong family and Christian believes. i send all my love and i so enjoy your humour it’s what helps keep me strong. Love Aunt Adair

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