Forget the Haters

I just love this girl!
“Lunes! My favorite day of the week! How are you all doing? I hope all is well wherever you may be. Again and again, thank you for all the love and support. It means the world!

This week I want to start with all the good stuff!

Like ONE MONTH TILL NAVIDAD! I got my picture with Santa so that was great. I didn’t necessarily know how to tell him what I wanted, but it was still great.

This morning I went to grab my shirt, and out flew a giant moth! ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Moths are the worst.

Shoutout to my dad. Everyone in this country plays 80s and 90s music and because of you, I can sing along! The other day on the bus Billie Jean came on, and I just couldn’t contain it! “PEOPLE ALWAYS TOLD ME BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU DO!” It’s normal for me to get weird stares on the bus, but I’ve never experienced a whole bus full! #OhHey #MakingMemories

Mom thank you so so much for the package! That was the best thing ever! I love the polka dot shirt, you da best. And thanks for the normal tasting Doritoes. #CravingFullfilled

We had a training meeting this week so I got to see Hermana Hirschi and Nelson! #ThatsAlwaysTheBest


Pupusas are made with vegetable oil. So yes mom, I am eating my vegetables.

I had to give up the “rock on” hand sign because it looks too much like the gang sign here. #Aca-Awkward

There are some people we teach who like to hear us sing. “Sing for us please!” Hermana O and I love that awkward three minute concert every other day. 

The amazing Hermana Hardingar finished her mission this past week! Such a powerful missionary! Miss her a lot! She reminded me SO much of Joyce Tran which makes me miss Joyce a lot. #ILoveJoyce


We had a guard come up to us and say, “I like what you guys do. See, I love my church and all, but I don’t want to be a full time preacher, you feel me?” And then he snapped his finger and popped his hip. Wait what? Haha!  It was sassy. #ILoveSassy

Shoutout to the McDonald family! A lady in the ward has a son in a Guatamalan mission as well. His name is Elder Melara. She was showing me a green Christmas card she received from the mission president with pictures of all the missionaries in the area, and sure enough there was Elder McDonald! #SmallWorld

We went to visit a contact this week. “Hey! We are looking for so and so.” “She’s not here right now.” “Okay, its alright. When could we come back.” “Another year.” Haha! Now this sass is not my favorite, but it was pretty hilarious.

I have an insane fear of birds, mainly pigeons, but that does not detract from other birds. In one of the homes we teach they have a rooster. This rooster likes to “COCK-A-DOODLE-DOO!” every two minutes. Annoying to say at the least, but anyways, this past week it was getting pretty close to me. I just remember thinking, “Don’t you dare touch me, don’t you dare touch me.” Five minutes later a giant dog comes out of a bush and tries to eat the rooster! So the rooster spazzes and flew straight into me! I think I almost passed out. #NoTouchy

Speaking of dogs. When we went to visit this super cute old lady in the ward, we were sharing a thought and what not, when I look up and see that her dog is nawing on her leg! “Hermana! Are you okay? Doesn’t that hurt?” “I’m fine Hermana, don’t worry. She’s teething.” What in the what? This is where I live.

Who loves Nacho Libre? I know I do! So this was probably the highlight of my week! So our friend in the ward invited us over for toast. Yes, toast. It was just like the movie! The three of us sat in silence awkwardly cruching on toast. Could it get any better? Yes. He asked us what our favorite colors were… “Tan.”

Hermana O said to me this week, “In the whole 8 months of my mission, I haven’t eaten as many pupusas as I have, laughed as much as I have, sang as much Taylor Swift and Michael Jackson as I have, or had as many weird things happen to me as I have since I’ve been with you.” Haha! What can I say?

I pointed at this girl’s shirt and said, “Me encanta su blousa!” She grabbed my index finger and shook it for a couple of minutes. Making friends?

I gave a talk on Sunday on la obra misional (missionary work)! Tough crowd! Haha! At one point I said, “And it’s always good to smile at everyone.” I looked up. Death stares. Hashtag shiny happy people. 

One day for lunch the mustard bottle on our table exploded and it was great… Haha! It made a loud pop noise so I thought I got shot, so I flew out of my chair. Ya.

Speaking of thinking I got shot. Theres two little girls in one of the neighborhoods who caught on that I am a jumpy person. So everytime we are in that neighborhood they like to set off fireworks behind me. Hashtag Friendship.

Volcan the volcano spit out a bunch of ash yesterday! Coolest slash scariest thing ever. But no one else seemed to care. It was a beautiful blue sky with black speckles!


So my thought for the week is this quote by Patrick Stump, “When you have a bad day, a really bad day, try and treat the world better than it treated you.” This week was rough I can’t lie, but I made it! I guess for me it takes out all of my energy to keep smiling. Keep smiling even though people say the rudest things about me, give me dirty looks, laugh at me, and it takes a lot of energy out of me on days where it just seems like nobody is home and we walk in the hot sun from 2 to 8. It’s amazing how much weight I’ve lost while here. Haha! But ya, it’s just rough sometimes. I have those days where I just want to call my mom. The only way to get me through it though is keeping smiling and serving. That’s the best advice to give, just smile! Haters gonna hate! Don’t let them get you down. CHOOSE to be happy. CHOOSE to have a good day. My whole life I have been convinced in the power to CHOOSE. We all have that power to CHOOSE our attitude. Oprah Winfrey once said, “The greatest discovery of all time is that a person can change his future merely changing his attitude.” So true! I always get the question, “How are you always happy? Don’t you ever have a bad day?” It’s not that I don’t have bad days, it’s that I choose to make the best of them. You have the power to CHOOSE! So keep smiling and keep your head up! “Forget the haters, cause somebody loves ya!” God loves you and so do I! And yes I just quoted Oprah Winfrey and Miley Cyrus in my thought for the week. Haha! Remember, you have the power to CHOOSE.

Have a great day! And FELIZ DIA DE GRACIAS! Eat good food for me! Love you all!



Hermana Patterson”

So every week I send Tori an email with 5 or so questions that I would just like answered right away and then I send her a longer one that she can print out or take longer to read.  So in my questions I asked her about her music listening habits.  She says it is great because she hears music all the time while they are out and then they listen to hymn types of music when they are at home.  It sounds like she is probably not listening to stuff she should not be listening to at home, but possibly she is singing it on her own…. don’t know if that is breaking mission rules or not?

Sounds like life is an adventure!

Have a great week and a great thanksgiving…. we are having the missionaries over for dinner on Thanksgiving.  I don’t know if that will make me homesick for her or not?

Momma P.

2 thoughts on “Forget the Haters

  1. Debbie Wood

    Oh my goodness!! The energy you have is tops girlfriend! So stay with me! When we lived in Texas there was this fast food place called Golden Fried Chicken, it was the best! Shawna loved it and sometimes we would make a trip into town to go there. We had a suburban, it wasn’t new and did some quirky things. One day we were going through the drive thru and the air conditioner would sometimes make this horrible noise, about 10 times louder than a tuba at its loudest! You couldn’t make it stop either! So Shawna looks at me horrified that someone might hear us before they see us, which they did! I looked at her and told her to look straight ahead like she didn’t hear anything!! That’s what we did and everyone was looking around to see where the noise was coming from, including Shawna and I! Soo, we got our food and left. We were laughing our heads off too! One time, at the same place my horn got stuck too! Little difficult ordering at the window but we made it through with food!!

    You are so blessed to know the gospel! To know Jesus is the Christ! To know that what you are doing right now does have an impact on those around you!! And that your life has purpose! I’m sure there are days that you think, what am I doing here? Well, I know what you are doing. If it were not for a friend and the missionaries, I would not have the knowledge I do of the gospel and have such a wonderful relationship with Heavenly Father!! I would not be sealed for time and eternity to my family! Honestly, I don’t know where or what I would be doing! The gospel has brought such strength and purpose to my life it is amazing!!
    Let that tuba sound and hold your head up tall, well as tall as we vertically challenged can, and carry on carry on!
    Know in your knower that you are where you are suppose to be, doing the things that are asked of you to bring the gospel to those that need it! I am so greatful for the missionaries that taught Warren and myself.
    Keep doing what you are doing and those around you will be rewarded, as well as yourself. I am so greatful to have a small glimpse of the glorious work you are doing! Thanks for sharing.

    Sister Debbie Wood

  2. Adair Patterson

    Hi Tori There isn’t much that frightens me now but once when I was four and it was one of the first times I was at my grandma farm a big roost stood in front of me and started crowing well I was terrified and stood there and screamed my mother came running and of course by the time she got there the roost had gone and she laughed at me to her the roost was nothing unusual.I wrote a new poem this week about being on the edge and for you I suppose being on the edge happens very day a new experience, a new person and a new sunset.
    What is an edge?
    But a moment in time
    A memory of a child finding a spring crocus
    On the edge of a city in a vast prairie.

    A time standing at a curb
    All the world walking, running and whirling past.

    A glimmer out a window
    At a harbour in a clouded evening sky
    Seeing an Orca rise and fall
    Across the water leaving a waves of light behind.

    Standing in an icey white road
    Caught by the Waves of light and colour
    Roving across the sky
    Lighting the snow with ermeralds, saphires and rubies
    Buries in diamonds.

    The crocus, the Orca, the crub and the light
    Are the past.

    There will always be
    A new edge, a new promise,a new fear.
    And each new edge will give
    The choice to find fear or grace
    And to allow
    The decision to let go.

    All my love aunt Adair


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