Hope all our American family and friends had a great Thanksgiving weekend!  I am thankful for Mondays!
“Buenas! Buenas! How is everyone doing? I hope fantastic! So its December… time is FLYING! (Every first sunday of the month is fast sunday in the church and it just weirds me out I only have 15 left) I love December, its a good time to reflect on who is, or should be, central to our lives, Jesus Christ. I am so blessed to be a missionary, let me tell ya. Its in incredible work. Oh, and I thought I would just throw this out there… I LOVE CHRISTMAS CARDS! So ya. If you want to send me your fun, cute Christmas cards, I would LOVE that! My favorite. My address is
         Hermana Tori Patterson
         El Salvador, San Salvador Oeste Mision 
         Aportado postae #81 Corneos Multiplaza
         CP San Salvador, San Salvador
         El Salvador CA 

So being that this past week we had thanksgiving or la dia de gracias, I thought Id go through a few things I am thankful for here in El Salvador!

1. Well to start, I am thankful for El Salvador. I love it! I am living in a country whose name literally translates into “The Savior”. I love the people, the culture, and well, the pupusas.


2. Going along with pupusas, I am grateful for the food of El Salvador! Except the arroz con leche. People keep your rice out of your milk. Yikes!

3. I am grateful for my trainer and companion Hermana Ontiveros. What a blessing it is to be learning from a powerful missionary. She is so patient with me and always shows confidence in me and my Spanish.

4. I love colorful Salvadorean hammocks.

5. The volcano I live beside… I LOVE VOLCAN. Its beautiful!


6. Giant moths, ants, tarantulas, rats, geckos… ya no.

7. I am grateful for our giant electric tennis racket bug swater.

8. The San Salvador Temple. I am thankful for all temples. What a blessing they are! I’m grateful for the oppourtunity I will have to one day be sealed to my husband to all time and eternity. And that our family will be together forever. I am grateful for my family as well and blessed to have them in my life. Families whatever size or way, are a gift from God. 


9. I am thankful for my Savior. I know He lives. I see miracles in my life everyday. And I know if you look hard enough you will see the miracles and blessings in your everyday lives. I have been listening to this song sung by the Mormon Tabernacle this week. Listen to the words. I LOVE this song!  He Sent His Son (Called to Serve album.)

10. There’s lots I am thankful for here in El Salvador, but also back home. I am thankful for my amazing family, I wouldn’t have been able to serve a mission if it weren’t for them. I am grateful for the oppourtunity I have had to grow up with the gospel my whole life. This is why I am on a mission. Because I know that the gospel is true. I know it has blessed my life in more ways then you can imagine. I want to help others have this happiness. Have this joy. Ahhh, I love missionary work! Its hard, but shall we not go forth in such a great cause? I am thankful for YOU. My friends! Thank you for reading my blog! Thank you for supporting me! Thank you for your words of encouragement and updates! Thank you! Thank you! I didn’t realize my emails would have any influence back home, but I am glad they have! I hope as I continue to email weekly you will feel of my love for the gospel, my mission, El Salvador, and you. And I hope I make you smile!

For the quote this week… It’s always good to remember, “When you love what you have, you have everything you need.”

So here’s the update for the week!

Well to start it is FREEZING! The wind has been insane which is not fun for a girl who gets to wear skirts and dresses 24/7. I laughed eariler this month when a lady in the ward told me she was starting to knit a sweater because it was cold… it was 80 degrees. I was sweating! But it has weirdly dropped probably in the 60s and now I am wishing I had started on my sweater.

We have this cute friend in the ward who brings us presents all the time. This week he bought us both red mittens! Mine had a hole in them so I, Tori Patterson, sewed them. Tori Patterson sewed somethimg and nothing went wrong! Throwback to my sewing class in Winter 2012 and all the “beautiful” things I created.

This week Hermana O and I were strutting down the street when we saw a truck coming down the hill and it looked like it was on fire! As it got closer I noticed a machine in the back blowing out this thick white smoke! The next thing we knew we were covered! I couldnt breath! And I couldn’t see Hermana O! It stayed for a solid minute! I didn’t know what to do! Haha! What in the? Trying to like gas out the missionaries?! I have no clue! Sadly we were on our way over to an activity we planned with President… we smelt wonderful.

My best dog friend in El Salvador, Sparky, died the other day. It was depressing. #AllDogsGoToHeaven

GOT A LETTER FROM HAWAII! Thanks Inna babes! #MissionaryBff

Hermana O had a great fall, poor girl cut up her whole left leg! Luckily she’s a nurse so she knew what to do I handed her a Scooby Doo bandaid. That’s about all I know how to do. She had all the creams, wraps, pads, you name it! #Prepared

I had a cool experience on the bus the other day. I hate standing on the buses because the driving here is insane and I always feel like my arms are going to fall off from holding on for dear life, so when you get the chance to sit, it is a blessing. So the other day, I got on the bus and Hermana O and I got a seat, as more people got on, there weren’t any more seats. And I always feel guilty sitting there, so I always offer my seat anyways. I offered my seat this time to a sweet old lady. She sat down. Then a big tough guy in the back told me to take his seat, then someone gave him his seat, and so on. It was a chain reaction of love and service. It just shows that one tiny act of service can be spread! I loved it. So be kind to one another!

Had my first earthquake! That was weird. I thought someone was shaking my chair. It was cray!

Well, again I am thankful for you ALL. Thanks for being awesome! Have an amazing week! Love you all!

Hermana P”

So after last week when she mentioned the ash cloud that came out of the volcano I did a little research… you know that is what I do.  The volcano is called the San Salvador Volcano.  It last erupted big in 1917.  There has not been any recent notable activity with it.  I read that in 1917 there were several earthquakes leading up to the eruption.  So last week, I thought, okay, no big deal.  And then today she mentions that they had an earthquake….  Maybe I should quit doing research.


For the first time since Tori left, I felt really homesick for her on Thursday.  It could have been a depressing day, but we had invited the missionaries that are serving in our ward here in Las Vegas to dinner.  I had contacted their mothers earlier in the week to make sure I had their favorite Thanksgiving dinner items.  It turned out to be a great day.  If you ever have the chance, you should invite the missionaries in your area over for dinner.  It is a good thing.


Momma P

2 thoughts on “#Thankful

  1. Karen Nelson

    Sister Patterson (Mom Patterson):
    Thursday was a bit rough for us too….but we ALSO had both sets of missionaries over as well as another family whose son has been out a month (he’s serving in Minnesota). It was so fun to talk about missionary work. Also, I have to laugh at your “research”….I had a friend who’s son returned from San Salvador shortly before Ashley got her call give me some advice. She said, Karen – DO NOT google anything about El Salvador until she gets back! Ashley told me in one of her first emails…”Mom – I’m DEFINITELY in a third world country. I won’t go into too many details for your own benefit (we’ll talk a lot when I get home) but just know that I am safe and I have my wits about me!” So I actually love reading Hermana Patterson’s emails because I feel like I’m getting a lot of the details Ashley is leaving out 🙂 I absolutely love your daughter’s attitude and her witty sense of humor! I know the people of El Salvador absolutely adore her! I haven’t even officially met her and I already do!!!


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