“I love Lunes! Hello family and friends! I am always so excited to write about my week here in El Salvador. There are days where I have to step back and say, “Hold the phone. I am in El Salavdor right now.” Haha! I saw a map the other day and it made me realize how far away I was from everything! Home, BYUI, Grandma’s house, yikes! It’s kind of crazy lil Tor Tor is in Central America saving the world. I wouldn’t trade it! Cold showers and all! Okay, take that back, I would definitely trade the cold showers, but still. I know this is where I need to be right now. I gain testimony of that everyday! Missionary work is work. That is for sure, but it is the best work. I love this quote by Ezra Taft Benson, “Missionary work is not easy. It is the most demanding, the most compelling, the most exhausting, and yet, with it all, the most happy and most joyful work in all the world.”

Love that quote, it is very true. It’s been a rollercoaster of emotions this week, a lot has happened. And it’s been hard, but I made it through! I always do. There’s always going to be people in life that are going to try to knock you down, but the important thing is you get up and keep moving.

Rejection is the worst. Can I get an amen? I think everyone in this world has dealt with it. Maybe you didn’t get the job, you didn’t get the girl, or maybe your own credit card rejected you! Well, here on the mish, we get rejected a lot, and it’s not necesarily an easy thing to take on everyday.

One day this week it seemed like we walked for 2,000 hours straight. My goodness! Appointment after appointment, doors were slammed in our faces, people say the rudest things, and we were rejected by many. It was a HOT day, the sun was OUT and there was no amor. Haha! #HelloSunburn. It was brutal! So we were walking out of the last home for the day, exhausted and ready to be done, and just as we walked out some kids were playing with their iPod. The song Roar was playing by Katy Perry. Just as we stepped outside the lyrics, “You held me done, but I got up. Hey! Already shaking off the dust.” Are you serious right now? Oh man! What a sweet and tender mercy for me! It was exactly what I needed to hear, for that week and the especially that night. I love, love, love that song, and I have realized while on the mish, your attitude is what gets you through your day, you are the only person who can keep yourself down! So brush off the dust, and keep moving! As a missionary especially, you know why you are there, you know whose side you’re on, and you know the message you have to share is true! You wouldn’t be on the mission if you didn’t know that! Nothing can stop you! Two scriptures I have been loving this week is D&C 64:2 and Matthew 10:22

This week I have had some pretty great experiences… oh my. 

I am going to start with my “Sewer Water Splash” story. Ya. Okay so here the sewage runs through the streets, it smells like roses. Mmm, just love breathing that in everyday. Haha! So, I am always careful as to where I step. While Hermana O and I were walking one day, she was ahead of me, I was behind a little because I was gracefully tiptoeing around a deep, giant, nasty nast puddle of sewage water. It was so gross! So while I was trying of so carefully not to touch the, well, crap. A truck flew around the corner! And SPLASH! You have got to be kidding me. Oh man. I just, eww. Eww, eww, eww, eww. #NoMeGusta

Had another Nacho Libre moment this week! We had corn on a stick. It was covered in mayonaise, mustard, cheese, and salsa… ya… get that corn outta ma face.

I’ve always been a thrift shopper and I have been deprived of it now for almost three months! So we passed by a lady selling clothes. I found a super cute dress. It has got a fun 90’s flower print going on, and I got it for .50! What a steal, right? In the first five minutes of me like holding it. Two buttons fell off, I noticed the strap was being attached by a safety pin, and someone did a horrible job trying to stitch in the sides. Haha! Everyone says the mish prepares you to be a mom. Sure, but I am starting to think I am preparing for the 1800’s! I wash my clothes in a bucket, I am hand sewing my clothes all the time, and we don’t have an oven. So when I made cookie dough, my thought process hit me after, hey you don’t have an oven. Nothing wrong with a cookie pancake.

Fun fact: the word in Spainsh for old is antiguo. So I mean, if you’re old, you’re practically ancient! Haha! This week an creepy old man kissed Hermana O’s ear. Hahaha! We ran far, far away. #HittingOnMeWhat #YouNeedACatScan #Ke$haLyricHashtags

So it’s official, my sassy self speaks Spainsh. 

Queso Fresa is my new favorite ice cream flavor. Cookies and Cream, like that will never change. But lately I’ve been a Queso Fresa girl.

So we went to the beach last P-day, what a good time! I would post pictures, but ya… I broke the little thing that pulls the pictures off my camera and onto the computer. I will figure out where to get a new one soon!

photo cred to someone in her district

Oh man, I just realized that means I can’t post the picture of my granadilla! It’s this weird, weird fruit. It’s striaght goo! I actually don’t mind it. Eventually youll see what I am talking about. #ElSalvadorFruit

Hermana O and I were invited to a wedding dinner. Oh man, I was a sobbing mess! Haha! They played A Thousand Years by Christina Perri. #CP. And then the mom talked about how much she loves her daughter, happy for her, etc. I don’t know if I was crying because I love that song, I am on an 18 month boy fast, or I just really miss my mom! Let’s be honest, it was because of all three. But wow, it was so tender! I love weddings and love!

So this week we have changes… and I was told I am leaving. WHY? Ugh, that’s why this week has been hard as weel. My whole world crumbled. I am leaving Hermana O, Hermana H is going to BELIZE! Which is amazing, but that means I won’t see her again unless I go. And I just love my Zone! And the people of Aytuxtepeque. But I’ve had to face the facts. God has a plan. The Lord knows best. I am grateful for the fun six weeks I have had in Ayutuxt with one of the greatest missionaries in the field! 

What it all comes down to is, I’ll go where He wants me to go.

Have a great week!

Much love,

Hermana P”


So I don’t know if she doesn’t know where she is going or what?  She did not mention where she is off to next.  Her mission includes most of San Salvador metropolitan area, the entire area (East, West, North, South) directly surrounding the San Salvador volcano down to the coastline and then the whole country of Belize.  Change is always hard, especially just before Christmas…. but she really does have an amazing ability to adapt.  Thank you for your continued prayers on her behalf!


Momma P



One thought on “ROAR!

  1. Rebecca Olivo

    SOOOO proud of you and so blessed to read about your experiences!!!! Will write more in a few!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxooooooooooooooooo


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