Tuesday Twist

“Hola! Hola! Family and amigos! So remember when six weeks ago when Hermana ¨Petterson¨ left the CCM in Mexico and headed out into the real world? To a land called Ayutuxtepeque-WHO? Haha! I still can´t believe I already have three months in the mission, this Tuesday. Time flies on the mish! And I´ve loved every minute of it. What an opportunity, experience, and blessing.

So I´m sure you are wondering where I am, who is my new companion, and just what is going on! Drum roll please.

Okay so this is absolute madness. Normally when changes (cambios) happen you get the call Monday night, but no one got the call till Tuesday night! The night before cambios! I had an idea that I was leaving because Hermana Ontiveros was called to train again (Because she´s the best trainer ever, poor girl has been training ever since she got out of training!), but I still didn´t want to pack until I knew for sure. All day Tuesday, Hermana O and I were out of it. I wanted to stay! Our investigators were on fire, we were on fire, we´re from the Zone Cusco Fuego, so of course we were on fire! But, anyways, we just had the flow of things and so we knew this was going to be a hard change.

It was one of the longest days of my life! Haha! That night we anxiously waited by the phone. For some reason eight people felt the need to call us! AKA I had about eight heart attacks! We FINALLY got the call at 11:30 that night! 

Elder Reynolds was on the phone, ¨Hermana Ontiveros… Vegas… we didn´t see this one coming… you´re BOTH leaving your area.¨ WAIT WHAT? ¨And so you both need to be at cambios at 5 in the morning.¨ WAIT what… Haha! Hermana O and I slept for about an hour and a half that night. We had to pack all our stuff, clean the house, explain the shower problems, write and fill out a million papers. All the addresses, investigators needs, numbers, you name it! If you´ve seen “The Other Side of Heaven”, it was just like the scene where they stayed up all night filling out the papers for the mission president. Man, it was nuts! We couldn´t believe it! Hermana O was finally leaving the land of forgotten missionaries! Haha! It was such a last minute process it really didn´t hit me until I got my new companion! Hermana Smith! The cutest little red head from Alaska! She has just six weeks more on the mission then me. So you can imagine the stress level we both have because we are the two whitest white girls in Monte Sion (my new area) and we have less than three months of Spanish. Although Hermana Smith is incredible with Spanish, I hope I´m at her level when I am done these next six weeks. Hermana Smith is great but since my camera cord broke and I can’t send a picture, imagine the princess from Enchanted. Hashtag twins. In like every way. Although she doesn´t sing with little animals. She does though have a geniune love and care for every person she meets. I am excited to tackle this area with her!

So here´s another twist for ya! We also found out that they are adding another set of sister missionaries to the area. Because this area is HUGE. We take the buses everywhere… bye bye money. Haha! Anyways, so these two sisters are living in our house, it´s like I have three companions… guess who one of them is? HERMANA ONTIVEROS! We had praying we´d stick togther, funny how the Lord works. And her companion is the cutest! I´m obsessed. Hermana Peña from Guatamala! She´s so tender. This has been such a huge blessing for me. I have three amazing companions tro learn from and work with. I know we are here to shape up this area. And I am ready to work!

New area, new people, new goals! So let me tell you more about the area. The Zone is Santa Tecla, our area is Monte Sion. Now THIS is El Salvador to me! The culture is alive here! I am in love with it. The people are ten times happier! They actually smile! The weather is way cooler! Children hug me! The culture is just beautiful! And members actually feed the missionaries! Thank you! I am love with the area. And the people, I´ve met some incredible people.

For this week my quote is, ¨Something you must always remember. You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.¨ I am grateful for this new challenge. I know I will definitely grow from it. I feel like I´ve jumped straight out of training, because now I can´t soley rely on my companion´s spanish. I have to try just as hard. Well, it´s all about staying positive and just keep moving forward! 

So fun facts of the week.

In the mission there are 195 missionaries, 40 are Hermanas. Woo! 

The other night I wanted to order a Ajo Pupusa. A garlic pupusa. I accidently pronounced ¨ajo¨ (garlic) as ¨ojo¨ (eye). So I seriously went up to order and said, ¨Hi! I´ve heard the pupusas with eyes is really good. I think I´ll get two.¨ Ya… 

Somehow I have already adopted the name Hermana Weird by my District leader. He is from Mexico and is an awesome district leader, even though he calls me Hermana Weird! Haha!

Cute Hermana Peña taught me some Guatamalan terms. Hola is ChanChacui and Adios is Guambi.

I got attacked by a dog… partly was my fault because I was like aww, he´s so cute! Nope, nope, just plain evil. I´ve been attacked a lot, but this one was just funny because the dog was so, so tiny. Haha!

We had an INSANE earthquake on Thursday. It felt like someone picked up our house. I was so dizzy after. Our mirror broke. Four Hermanas and no mirror. Haha! But it´s okay, cause I´ll be honest I don´t really want to see myself in the mirror. Hashtag mission life. When I see my reflection in the streets I´m like okay seriously, who let that person out of the house! Hashtag just wake up and work. 

And lastly, the pigeon house. I have always had this insane fear and hate for pigeons. We went to visit this old lady this past week who lives with the neighborhood pigeons. Like her house is full of pigeons. I think I almost passed out when I put my head in the window and said, ¨Buenas Hermana!¨ And a pigeon flew straight at me! And then a cat and about ten other animals jumped out the window and on me. Oh gosh… love visiting them. 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY THIS TUESDAY TO MY MAMACITA! You´re the best, hope you got your birthday card I sent. Everyone tell her happy birthday on Tuesday for me! LOVE YOU MOM. Hashtag usted es lo mejor. Te amo mi mama!

So that is that. Love you all, hope I make your Monday! And talk to you next week! Adios!

Hermana P”
I have just a few comments today.  Like seriously with the earthquakes?  Enough to break a mirror?  In reading the wikipedia page about her new city Santa Tecla there are probably 5 or 6 mentions of earthquakes. That must be just normal?  In googling the city name one of the first images that came up was a picture of a mudslide crushing through the city.  I should know better… googling images of El Salvador is always an experience.
Can I tell you what Tori did for me for my birthday?  She made a video before she left of her talking to me.  And some pictures, and some music.  She left it on a flash drive in her room and then sent me a birthday card this month and told me where to find the flash drive.  #bestgiftever!
Have a great week!
Momma P 

4 thoughts on “Tuesday Twist

  1. Adair patterson

    Hi Tori i love your stories and look forward to each Monday so I can hear what your up too. love you lots Adair

  2. Rebecca Olivo

    Hermanita Patterson!!!!! (((((((((((Abrazotes)))))))))))) Que lindo es poder leer tus carta desde la mission. My da tanta alegría en saber que estas creciendo en tu testimonio y que lo le tienes temor en hablar con los seres que buscan el Evangelio. Sabes que también se COMEN las palomas en cierto lugares? Dicen que son ricos pero no me dan ninguna tentación de probarlos. GAHHHH. Que nuestro Padre Celestial te siga bendiciendo y que siempre estes en Sus mando benditas de protección. Te queremos MUCHO y oramos por tí todos los dias. Besos, abarzos y GRACIAS por server ((((((MUAH))))) ❤


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