Feliz Navidad

I may or may not have been a bit of a mess yesterday because we did not get an email. This morning I may or may not have been overly happy because we did get an email. Don’t even get me started with what tomorrow will be like. Who knew having a missionary out would be such an emotional roller coaster?
“Hey eveyone! Just a quick email for today because I don´t have as much time for emailing… because I get to SKYPE TOMORROW! Hallelujah! So here in El Salvador they celebrate Christmas on the 24th! It´s a big party. I am super excited! This morning I opened up my Christmas package… I was bawling. Haha! Mom! Ahh! Thank you to the Ringers, Bails, the Palmers, the Koeglers, Shay, Jay, Jazzy, Chloe, Elle, Aunt Adair, The Tangs, Shane, Steph, Brandon, and Kooper, Cam, and Grandma and Gramps for the FELIZ NAVIDAD letter banner. It was my favorite thing in the box. I was overwhelmed! Miss you all!
So quick update for the week. We had a baptism and wedding this week! What a cool experience that was for this young couple!
I found this spider thing in our backyard and I had an insane experience this week with getting locked in a bathroom. So we were in sketch town Friday night and it was way late. We needed to get on the next bus, but it wasn´t coming. So I really had to use the bathroom, we went into this little cake shop place. Went inside, did ma thing. Then I go to grab the door handle… it falls off. Off! I couldn´t get it back on! The manager is yelling at me in Spanish. I am stuck! I was in there for awhile fidgeting with it, like ten minutes. Eventually I made it back on. Haha! It was just crazy! And we almost missed the bus because of me. Ya. They love me.
Hermana Peña this morning came out in her homemade Christmas dress. We are models.
For Christmas breakfast we made pancakes and plantanos (fried bananas). Super good! And we have peanut butter! And that´s not coffee, it´s El Salvadorian hot chocolate.
Well hope you all have an amazing Christmas! God lives! I know it! More next week.



PS Shoutout to the cute Palmyra ward for the letters! That was the greatest thing ever!”


One thought on “Feliz Navidad

  1. Adair Patterson

    Merry Christmas Oh Tori you make me laugh and I love it you always make my Monday a better day. Love You Adair


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