Adjust the Sails

“Hola buenas dias familia y amigos! 

¨We can´t direct the wind, but we can adjust the sails.¨ – Thomas S. Monson

The quote for the week! We are always going to have challenges and trials in our life, but what is important is being positive and learning how to work with your situation. The faster you learn how to work with your situation, the easier and more enjoyable it becomes. Hermana Smith and I have been applying it with our work in this area, we are making things work! I love this quote! I was talking to an returned missionary this week and he was telling me, ¨On the mission you only have good days and excellent days, but never bad days.¨ It´s true! Positivity is key! Key! Key! Key! Woo!


So I have a couple great stories for this week. To start… the bus. Oh man how I hate the bus. You don´t and never will understand until you have riden a bus in El Salvador. There are days were my feet are not touching the ground because I am wedged between two people’s bodies. I am not lying! And the bus drivers are INSANE. There isn’t a speed limit in El Salvador, and if there is there isn´t anyone following that. I have seen one police car my whole mission. And a bunch of random men with guns, don’t really know if they are there for protection or…? Anyways, so we were on the bus with all the missionaries one day this week and I was talking to this lady about the church. It was going really good when all of a sudden the bus driver just turned every turn he could! Everyone was flying around! Hermana C accidentally punched me in the eye! Haha! So there I was talking to a lady on the bus, I get socked in the eye, then I let go of the railing because it was a hard hit, I am blind in one eye, my eyes start watering so it looks like I´m crying, I am being flung across the bus because I wasn´t holding on to anything… I could continue I really could. Oh it was a disaster! Team I hate buses.

You know you´re a missionary when you know every EFY song from 1999…

Tuesday was kind of just the best day ever because I found out two things. One Quinton L. Cook is coming to speak to us in two weeks! And two, all three missions in El Salvador are going… I AM GOING TO SEE JESSICA KOEGLER! I cried I was so happy when I found out! Primas! Counting down the days.


I was able to see the temple Wednesday because we had a meeting with pres. I love the temple, didn´t get to go in, but even just seeing it brings me peace. Love. It´s picture perfect! So during Hermana Peña´s meeting president told her, ¨Hermana Peña if you work really hard this transfer, I will give you a gift, what would you want that to be?¨ ¨YO QUIERO SER COMPAÑERAS CON HERMANA PATTERSON!¨ (I want to be companions with Sister Patterson!) Is she not the cutest? This picture describes us perfectly. She calls me her favorite crazy.


Every Wednesday night we teach classes de Ingles. I helped Hermana Peña with a prayer. This is her prayer in English. Haha!


Oh man, one more Hermana Peña story so we were at a pupuseria one night as we always are and there was a spanish soap opera on the TV, it´s Hermana Peña´s fav. When her favorite guy character came on she started singing the hymn, ¨OH CREATIONES DEL SEÑOOOOR!¨ (All Creatures of our God and King) Haha! She cracks me up!

So what can I say I am a lovable person? The same day this week this happened. So first off I was attacked by a giant golden retriever! He stood up and was as tall as me and gave me the biggest slobbery kiss… all over my face. Gag. I just stood there after frozen. Don´t touch me. It smelt SO bad! Then later that day I shook this guy´s hand, and when I tried to pull away he didn´t let go, so as I tried letting go he yanked me in! In that split second I turned my face (thank goodness) and he just kissed me on my cheek. I shoved him off, ya freakkkk. So lots of kisses for Hermana Patterson this week yaaaay.


One day this week Hermana Smith and I were walking and some guys behind us said, ¨buenas tardes¨ super creepishly. I turn around and homeboy´s got a machete without a cover. Alright we are running away now.

So this is great, one night we were waiting for the bus home (that never came) and this tall tall guy walked past us, I said, ¨Buenas noches!¨ And he quickly replied, ¨Excuse me, do I look like I speak spanish? Haha, I´m just playing, how you doing girl?¨ Hahahaaha! Turns out it´s Devin Mr. Biz Thompson. You don’t know who Mr. Biz is? Haha, me either. I do now! He was a Harlem Globe Trotter! Super cool basketball player from New York! Excited to teach him!  This is when I say, ¨I love El Salvador.¨ The weirdest things happen, you never know what´s next.

Hermana O says I look like Emma Stone. Yeah or nay? I think she´s been out on the mish too long. Hehe! Hashtag love my Hermanamama.
I miss bacon. Miss B is the only one I know who has the same love for bacon, and would understand my pains. 
So yes, the week was great! I got some letters this week! So thank you to the Downeys, Aunt Adair, Sister Thistle, and Grandma Oler! Super fun!
Love you all, wish you the best! 
Hermana P”
We have had an interesting week in Las Vegas.  I have had several experiences this week that have helped me remember how truly blessed I am to have the Gospel of Jesus Christ in my life.    And I am blessed to live where I do and have the family that I have.  My heart is tender this week and her email made me cry.  Her quote was just what I needed to hear.  I am grateful.  Have a blessed week!
Momma P.

3 thoughts on “Adjust the Sails

  1. jokoegler

    Oh my GOODNESS!!! I’m so excited at this moment I can’t stand it!! You’ll get to see Jess! That is beyond exciting and awesome rolled into one!!!! Love your stories!

  2. Adair

    Hi Tori What great stories you have to tell it is the high lite of my week to hear your adventures.My week was pretty good too we took our little kitten Bella out for many walks rain or shine and she is loving it. This morning she is doing everything possible to annoy me as she wants to go for her walk and I’m not ready she is scratching at the door knocking things off the table and cupboards and has her face glued to the window where Garry is outside building boxes for our garden. We take most often to community gardens because there are birds and smells of small rodents. we always have her on a leash so she never catches anything but she get the feel of the hunt and where we come home she seem happy and snuggles with us.
    Love you lots Adair

  3. Amira Olivar

    Hola…hermanita Paterson me encanta leer sus facinantes experiencias en mi pais , siento mucho lo q paso en el bus, pasa a diario y ese fue su dia, se q nuestro padre celestial le protege y guia siempre, sus padres son personas maravillosas y tu mami una excelente presidenta de la sociedad de socorro. Y ese perro si es Salvadoreno % × % tenia q darle un beso a una gringita.. atrevido !!!


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