You’re Not Going to Belize It!

We usually get emails from Tori early Monday morning.  So, I check my phone every hour at work, but I usually get her email before I am done my second patient.  Today, I kept checking and checking every hour… nothing.  Then at lunch, I googled El Salvador in the news to be sure there was not an earthquake or a volcano eruption or something.  Nothing.  Then after work, I checked my email one more time and there was just this little short note.  But it made my day.

“Well this week has been crazy! So to start I got food poisioning, at least that’s what we think it was. Oh it was horrible! Its funny because Im the kind of person who doesn’t like taking pills or whatever, I am more of a tough it out kind of a girl. But this week I was like, two words, drug me. Haha! But now I am all better, no worries. Hermana Smith got sick too. We had a lot of down time this week. But like I said we are all better now, healthy and happy! #SoPassThePupusas.

So nothing much happened during the week other than the greatest moment of my life. My friend Hermana Silvia has a pupuseria, so the other night we headed over there for dinner. She tossed me an apron and said, ¨Let’s see what you’ve got!¨ People kept asking about why the certain pupusas were deformed… those certain ones happened to be mine. I almost put Hermana S out of business! Haha! It was cool working at the pupuseria! And hey they tasted like heaven, so no importa.
So it’s been a fun and crazy six weeks here in Santa Tecla. I have had an amazing companion and amazing friends. The Lord has truly blessed me. I have learned so much in just a short six weeks. Everyday I gain testimony in that God has a plan and He knows best.
So late Saturday night…
I got a call…
From the office…
Take me out of the oven…
Because I am so done…
I´m leaving tomoorrow! My area is at the top of Belize, close to Mexico. I got the area that speaks Spanish! Yay! And my area is called Orange Walk and my companion is going to be Hermana Price!
I believe I´ll get to email later this week, but for now, adios! LOVE YOU ALL!
Hermana P”
I will keep you all posted!
Momma P

2 thoughts on “You’re Not Going to Belize It!

  1. Amira Olivar

    Buena suerte hnita Patterson y q’ continue aprendiendo espanol, creo en Belize hablan Frances Dios le bendice hablando Fraces tambien, espero su estadia en mi pais El Salv. Las experiencias vividas sean mas positivas q’ negativas, bendiciones en su nueva area. Los deseos de una hna. Guanaca en USA.

  2. Adair

    Hi Tori sorry to hear you got sick but you made it through and now your in a new place. It sounds very interesting with the history of the area I love history and the different cultures we meet and see. love you lots Adair


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