“So here’s just a quick hey hey holla. 

I’ll have my camera next week and I’ll write more. But yes I made it to Belize! I’ll be honest it was an extremely hard change for me to leave El Salvador. But the Lord knows best and I LOVE it here. This is Fiji/Tonga. Reggae rap in the streets, so chill, not crazy and busy: paradise. And the people are great! Chinese people, black people, white people, mexicans, everyone. Just like Las Vegas. It’s nice because I don’t poke out as much like I did in El Salvador. And our apartment holy cow. Nicer then my apartment in college! It’s like a palace and HOT WATER. I have not felt hot water in four months, like for anything washing my hands, showering, always cold. I like cried. It’s so nice. So nice. I’ll bring pics next week. Hermana Price… perfect. Wow, so excited to work with her, she’s just six weeks ahead of me. She’s from St. George. The thing here is repentance. In El Salvador it was a lot of apostasia, need testimonies in the restoration, etc. But here it’s drugs, money, and girls. So this is my kind of area. I am so so so so so so excited to get to work. Our Zone is awesome. I am excited about getting to use a bike and my sunglasses too! Belize is where I am supposed to be right now on my mission. I just feel it. I know this is where I need to be for sure. Love you all! And miss you too! You da best.  So ya, now I email on Wednesdays. So Wednesdays get to be your new fav day right? Haha! Love ya!

Peace and blessings.

Hermana P”

She has made it.  We are excited for her in a new area.  How many missions do you get the opportunity to live on the Pacific Coast and the Atlantic Coast (technically the Caribean Sea).  She can’t dip her toes in, but she can look…  I imagine that she will go to El Salvador again.  Hopefully the hot water will be something she will be able to give up again.  

The sad news about the timing of this move is that she missed seeing Elder Quentin L Cook by two days.  She left on Tuesday, He was coming to speak to all the missionaries in El Salvador on Thursday.  And by all the missionaries in El Salvador, that would include her cousin, Jessica Koegler who is serving in the El Salvador East mission right now.  I don’t know if she will have another chance to see Jess in the field…. 

So until Wednesday!

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