Goodnight, Hello, I’m Sister Patterson

“I’ve got to say, it’s pretty crazy I am where I am, serving the people I am, and just to be in the mission that I am. I love Belize. I could stop right there and that would just about cover it. This is home. This is the mission. I am in love with everything about this place. Leaving El Salvador was really hard, but adjusting to here was not. Haha! I am home. Although if I could just add a little something something it would definitely be pupusas. Because what is life without pupusas? #Triste #It’sAHardKnockLife


My companion is awesome, awesome, awesome Sister Price. She is awesome. We have just clicked and the Spirit has been so strong where ever we go. We have already had some incredible experiences and it’s only been a week. She’s awesome. #LikeAwesome


So Orange Walk is a great place. What I love is the whole Bob Marley “ya man” culture. The languages here are Spanish, English, and Creeol (don’t know how to spell that). I am going to have THEE weirdest accent when I come home, I can already tell. Haha! Weed is legal here in our little Orange Walk, so I deal a lot with people with problems in those areas. Which is my favorite. I am from Las Vegas and so this kind of stuff isn’t scary to me. What I love is seeing people change for the better. And for them to realize that we have a purpose on this life and that our bodies are sacred and we need to take good care of them. And I’m pretty sure rotten teeth and black lungs do not fall under that category. The houses are cute and colorful. When we contact houses we yell outside because here it is rude to knock on doors. And the thing here is to say “goodnight!” It’s so weird getting used to telling people, “Goodnight hello. How are you?” Haha! I am getting an equal balance of Spanish and English everyday. It’s been really good for me. And the weather here is getting hot, lucky me I missed out on the cold breezy perfect season. We are now entering into the HOT HOT HOT season. Yikes! Not too pumped about that. People that have met me have said, “You are too white, go get burnt!” “And I thought your companion was white, dang girl.” “Have you ever been out in the sun child?” Oh my. Little do they know I Tori Patterson, have a tan line. This is the darkest I have ever been in my life… and yes it’s still white, but I want to claim I’ve moved on from sour cream to maybe… a nice beige. No clue, either way I am getting darker. That’s why I have a year and a half on the mish, lot’s of time to get tan.

So the bike situation. How does one look graceful while riding a bike in a skirt… good question. I have yet to master this skill. Hermana Price says I am the most awkward person she’s ever seen on a bike and I would have to agree. I have already biffed it as you can imagine. So anyone who put out bets on that, good job, just needed a week. So my first two bike crashes happened in a small amount of ten minutes. So the first time we were doing our thing, biking down a creepy little alley when I am not kidding ten people popped out of nowhere. I was too busy focusing on the ground underneath me because it is not smooth and there are lots of holes. So Hermana Price stops and then I of course I, not looking, crash right into my companion. Down we went, into the road, we were both just sitting there dying laughing in the mud, and everyone stared and it was awkward. Haha! Then about ten minutes later a car completely hogged the road and I was left with well no where to go, so my bike and I were shoved off into the ditch next to me. Ya buddy.
So I mentioned that pupusas do not exist here, so they have been missed, but the flour tortillas here do the trick. Oh my heaven. So so good. And the chow mein. Yummay. On Thursday we were able to hear Quinton L. Cook via skype and I got to see HERMANA HIRSCHI! Just a fabulous day, awesome talk. Just a reassurance that I am where I need to be.
The bug situation here, bueno, the animal situation here is a little crazy. Because you know… I live by crocodiles. Not okay. Fun fact those are my number one fear. If I have a nightmare, most likely there was a crocodile somewhere in there. My whole life. Just no. Not a crocodile fan. One of the members in the ward showed us where they live and how his friend is missing an arm, just details little Tor Tor did not need to hear. Haha! Good thing I am not planning on swimming any time soon. And then the dogs here are so mean! Yikes! I keep getting attacked while riding my bike. I am not graceful as it is and then to be using one of my legs to kick off rabies sharp teeth dogs just does not help the sitch. Haha! So the other night we were at a Chino (store), I was buying chocolate if you must know, and this guy I could tell was high wanted to know where I was from. After I told him he yelled, “SHE HAS COME FROM LAS VEGAS MY BROTHERS! SHE HAS COME LAS VEGAS TO PREACH THE GOOD WORD! THE GOOD WORD OF GOD!” Hi that’s me. 


For my lil spiritual thought I want to share an experience we had with our amazing new investigators we have. It’s a little family. And the dad has had an insanely rough upbringing. I can’t even begin bad. He’s just taken a lot of wrong paths in his life. Haha, he was convinced into meeting with us missionaries by a family member, at first he was not happy about it, but he accepted the invitation to come to church. He felt something there. He knew it was true. And he knew he needed to change. He has stopped drinking in just a week, he is cutting down on cigarettes, reading the Book of Mormon and Bible, praying, being a better father and husband. The change in him and his family is incredible. It is amazing to see the light of Christ light up in people’s faces. Because everyone has the light of Christ, it’s just finding the truth that just makes it glow even brighter. I would sometimes get that back home, “You just have a glow about you.” And I am telling you it’s because of this gospel and I can testify of that. That night he told us, “I feel something every time I go to church, every time I read, a feeling I can’t explain and it’s a feeling I don’t ever want to lose.” That lesson that night was incredible. So powerful. I am so excited for their two little kids because I know this is what they need in their lives and there lives will be better because of the decision their parents are making. I love the gospel, I know it to be true. 

 I am here as a missionary far away from home, family, and friends, because I want to give just 18 months of my life being away from my family so I can help other families have what I have. I am here because I know that the Church of Jesus Christ is on the earth again. It has been restored. It has blessed my life and many others. It’s always about just taking the risk, then once you’ve tried it, you won’t want to turn back. Because you’ll know. Ahhh, I love being a missionary. I testify God lives and His son Jesus Christ. I testify that we have a living prophet of God on the earth again, Thomas S. Monson. I testify that the Book of Mormon is another testament of Christ and that with the Book of Mormon and Bible we have the plenitude of the gospel. They are both words of God. I am doing a lot of testifying right now, but it’s because I can. I have seen it in my own life and I want everyone to taste of the goodness, the fullness.

I love you all, hope you have a fantastic last couple of days in January. This year is already going by quick! Yikes! Adios!

Sister P”

So grateful for this girl and all she is experiencing.

Until next week!

Momma P

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