I Believe in Miracles. I Do! I Do!

“Family and friends you are the best! I am continually reminded of the blessings in my life and I have to say a lot of them live just all around the world. It’s amazing how many people can affect our lives and how quickly the number adds up. Through family, friends, school, mission, just everywhere. I have amazing people in my life and I am so blessed. Just the best. So thanks to everyone, you may not think it but everyone I know has affected my life in little or big ways.


So let’s get all this crazy stuff out of the way. Oh my. What is my life? Haha! Sometimes I have to ask myself that because the weirdest things happen. I had been telling Sister Price this week about some of my stories, the time I had to deliver a pit bull, chased by a man in roller skates, my CCM flash, just lots of fun stories. Haha! So I have those moments often, but this was definitely the winner for the week. So I told Sister Price I love to thrift shop, so on Monday we did a little thrifting. Taught her the ways, and we scored. I got four shirts and skirts for fifteen bucks, like, it was great. But as I was flipping through the hangers… oh my… so I am flipping through the hangers and I grabbed something. I look back and there was a PARROT. Hanging on the hanger! And I totally grabbed it! Haha! I jumped back and screamed! Hahaha! Like what in the world?! I have pictures, it was insane. And after Sister Price said, “That would happen to you. Only you.”


This week I have had bike and skirt problems because my bike doesn’t have a guard rail on the chain so my skirts keep getting caught in it and tearing. Haha, so the other night a ribbon from my skirt got caught but we couldn’t get it out! We were running late that night and we were about halfway home. Haha! We walked all the rest of the way, me awkwardly leeshed onto my bike walking side ways and awkward. Oh my goodness we just laughed the whole way home.


Can I just say. Nothing is better then having a companion who is your best friend? Sister Price and I are convinced we were separated at birth. My twin I tell you! The mission is just so much fun when it’s you and one of your best friends just taking on the world, no stress, you work hard and well together, and you just love everyday no matter what! And we love every awkward moment in the mission, which occur at least hourly I tell you!


This week the Muslers got puppies, the picture says it all. Love at first sight.


We met two nasty mean dogs this week. Their names? Precious and Creature. Ya.

So this week. I have seen miracles. I do know how to put it other then I know the Lord has a divine plan for each and everyone of us, everything happens for a reason, and the Lord protects His missionaries. Just yesterday I had THEE most spiritual and powerful experience so far on the mission. I have never felt the way I did before and I never want to forget it. We found this amazing lady and I just. Everything. Everything was guided by the Spirit. The Lord had prepared us our whole lives to be here on the mission at the time that we are, here in Belize, He has lead this lady to be prepared for this moment. I just can’t even explain to you. I really would have to write for a good ten hours to write out all of the miracles that happened in just that hour. But I want to share with you this sweet humble prayer she gave before we left.

“Father in Heaven. Thank you for Sister Patterson and Sister Price. Thank you for putting them in my life. Thank you for just this past week helping me to be open to letting people into my life. Father they have helped lift off my burdens. They have helped me in ways they will never understand. And I know that you have guided them to be here today. Father I am so grateful…”

When we opened our eyes, they both looked at me and oh you know I was sobbing. She said, “Was my prayer that bad?” Haha! I wish I could write out everything, but just know we saw miracles that day. Sister Price and I.

I love the quote, “By becoming the answer to someone’s prayer, we often find the answer to our own.” Dieter F. Uchtdorf.

Sister Price and I have been praying and working so hard on finding someone who was ready for the gospel. Through being what she needed, little did she know she was exactly what we needed. Incredible.

Another miracle again, something I can only speak briefly on. But I testify the Lord watches over His missionaries. One night we both felt impressed to pull over and pray for protection. I tell you I was given strength I did not have and I felt as though we were almost invisible from the world, because there are sketch people out at night, but the Lord protected us. 

Sister Price and I have really learned to rely on the Spirit and it has brought blessings into our lives. 

And the last miracle. I am TAN. I am tan. I got burnt and it went into a tan. A TAN I tell you. Haha! Worst missionary tan lines ever, but hey, a miracle.

Love you all and want the best for you! Keep being amazing! 

Sista P”

One thought on “I Believe in Miracles. I Do! I Do!

  1. Denise Sugden

    Funny, in the first pictures I noticed the tan lines!!! and the red cheeks that are soo cute. Thanks for sharing your wonderful experiences. Have a great week, love ya aunt Denise


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