San Pedro

“Hello blog readers what’s good! This week has been insanely fun and I am excited to share all the photos!

So in Belize right now only the Elders are assigned to work on the islands, and so that’s a little bit of a bummer, but this past week in San Pedro they got a new chapel. And they had an open house and dedication for the new building! And guess who got asked to boat out there and help for the day? Yes. This happened. Oh my, what is my mission? Pretty sure it’s one of the coolest ones out there. I love all these crazy adventures I keep going on! So yes, my companion, the four other sisters in our Zone, and I were chosen to go water taxi out there and help out for the day! What a blessing that was, the pictures say it all, and I have a lot of them. Belize is a beautiful country! #Blessed

P.S. Mullinax family! I saw some great house options for you out there, as promised. A lot of giant lizard/iguana things though, not sure how you stand on that? Haha!

My two favorite things as far as food goes in Belize are definitely Fry Jacks and Cantaloupe Juice. #Heavenly 


So I want to jump into my thought for the week because it’s a long one. 

Well this is the week. I have had so many things to say about this and it’s about time I share. #RespectForWomen

What is respect? #FoundOutWhatItMeansToMe

Since I am a white girl the cat calls are constant. Oh my. From chasing, to whistling, to singing, and to just straight creepin’. No me gusta. And this past week I have had the craziest experience with it yet and I wanted to share. Mom don’t be scared, all is well. I just felt the need to share, because through this experience I saw the hand of the Lord helping my companion and I. And it’s just again proof to me the Lord protects His missionaries and really anyone who puts their faith in the Lord.

So we were busing out to Corozal one night and it was at night. There were two men standing in the bus aisle right beside my companion and I. They did not realize that my companion and I speak and understand spanish. I’m not going to share what they said, but I will tell you they were the most vile, disgusting, and degrading words anyone has ever said about me. I felt the presence of Satan around us. I was so disgusted by their thoughts and words. Lil Tor Tor snapped. I turned around and said, “PERDON. Podemos hablar espanol! Somos misioneras… Somos representantes de JesuCristo entonces ustedes necisitan tener respecto por nosotros!” And I turned around. Oh boy.  And at that moment the lights went out on the bus and everything was pitch black. At that moment my companion and I said a quiet prayer. I asked the Lord to help guard and protect us and that the men would leave. They continued to talk and be disgusting and tried to get our attention, but we didn’t give them the time of day. And then right after we prayed, the lights turned back on, the men walked to the front of the bus, and got off. They got off in the middle of nowhere, it wasn’t an actual stop. And it’s not like they heard my prayer. They were automatically moved to get off the bus. I just want to say I have gained such a strong testimony in a lot of things on my mission and prayer is definitely one of those. I believe in guardian angels and I know we were protected that night, and that they escorted those men off the bus. It was a miracle in itself.

I want to also say how grateful I am for the men in my life. Especially my dad. My dad has always been such a great example to me. A man that does not lie. A man that is faithful to his wife. A man who takes the responsibility of a father with great care. A man who loves and cares for everyone. A man of God. I am so grateful for him in my life as my father.

I feel like all this reggae and rap is getting to me here in Belize because I am about to quote Tupac. Haha! He said something like this, “And since we all came from a woman. Got our name from a woman and our game from a woman. I wonder why we take from our women. Why do we rape our women, do we hate our women? I think it’s time to hear our women and be real to our women.” #WordToYoMomma

I have seen a lot of crazy stuff on the mish and something I want to stress is the importance of fathers. Mothers too, but today I want to talk about fathers. If you are a father… be a good one. I have seen the affects of bad fathers in so many families here in Belize. That’s one of the big issues. Men who are not faithful, men who lie, men who spend the money on alcohol and drugs, I could go on. The results are broken-hearted and stressed wives, confused and depressed children, and messed messed messed up homes.

Pray with your families. Pray with your wife. Everyday. Tell her you love her everyday, every women needs to hear that from her man. Don’t give up, you are a father, you are a husband, you are a role model. Hold onto that responsibility and don’t let it go. Rely on the Lord and trust that through Him we can be better everyday. 

Again, I am so grateful for the men in my life. I have realized it more and more since I’ve been on the mission. I have been surrounded by and have learned so much by their examples in my life. I am a blessed girl. And thank you everyone for your continual love and prayers, especially for my guardian angels. You da best.

Love you all and don’t forget it! And husbands don’t forget it’s Valentines day soon! Get her some flowers!


PS New address!! It will get to me faster!

Sister Tori Patterson

P.O. Box #9

C/O Elder Galvez

Orange Walk Town

Belize, C.A.”

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