Tarzan Patterson

“Fun Fact: This week I ate a rat. Now, just not any rat. The Belizean Royal Gibnut Rat… ya. It was pleasant to say at the least. #LivingTheLife.

Now that I’ve caught you’re attention. How are you all doing? I hope you are doing well, just remember you are awesome. Each and everyone of you. Woo!

So being here in Belize is a fun time. And I just so happen to be here in the hottest of hot months that Orange Walk gets in the year. #YayMe! I feel like I was the Belizean Ground Hog for these people. “Sister Patterson is gettin burnt! The sun is getting hot now!” Haha! And one of the ladies we teach said, “Sister Price gets brown. But Sister Patterson… girl! She no done tan, she gets pink like a shrimp!” Thanks sista. Hahaha! #LoveMyLife. And the sweat… wooo! Hey it’s what happens when you are biking all day long in 100 something degree weather! It’s kind of a weird thing, especially for little kids to see me sweat. They don’t sweat a lot here, so when I walk into homes there are usually a lot of blank stares in my direction. “Did you go swimming?” Okay no. Am I really that gross? Haha! And eww to much info, but Haha! The other day a little girl caught me unexpected she slapped her hand across my face and said, “Wet!” Then licked her hand. Hahahaha! Eww, bad baby! #IHateSweating #Humidity

This past week I heard Radioactive by Imagine Dragons on full blast while we biked around… Is it sad that tears streamed down my face? #MaybeItWasSweat #ILoveImagineDragons #SweetSweetMusic

We got to teach a cute recent convert family about how to do a family home evening night. They absolutely loved it! This specific family is one of my favs to visit, and this week their little daughter asked what my name was. I told her I wasn’t allowed to say, but that I’d give her the first letter. She sat there for awhile, thought about it, ten minutes later… “TARZAN!” With all seriousness I said, “How did you know?” So now she calls me Sister Tarzan Patterson.

Went to an embroidering activity. Oh my found an addiction. Here’s a cute picture with the lady who taught me the ways. #YoungApprentice


We went to a Chinese restaurant one night for dinner. When the lady brought out Sister Price’s food, she awkwardly whispered, “The chef said he made this with love for you.” Sister Price definitely just ordered a bowl of white rice and some chicken. Haha! We turned around to see who the chef was, and you can’t actually see the chef, just a camera… in our direction… zoomed in… won’t be eating there again. #WithLove,Goodbye

This morning I was conducting the music for meetings. I got up there then realized I didn’t know 6/8 so I uncomfortably tried to write my name in cursive in the air. Then on top of that there was a wasp on my foot, trying to bite me halfway through the song. I tried kicking it off… Which lead me to do a little dance up in front of everyone. #EveryoneWasSoConfused #TheStruggle #GetJiggyWiddit

So there’s an incredible lady I know here in the mission who is one of the strongest examples to me of pure, unwavering, undying faith. I have been so touched by her spirit and story it lead me to share my thought this week on obedience. Have you ever looked at obedience as a blessing, not a burden? I have seen in my own life and in others when we are willing and striving to keep the commandments and try to be Christlike, the blessings come. This special sister I want to tell you about has had some serious health issues.  She now can barely talk and take care of herself. Around this time, her family members started to rebel against her and what she stands for. This woman has so much faith and such a beautiful perspective on life, that these trials did not hold her back. Every Sunday she is there, with her cane, stumbling along, but she knows where she needs to be and what she needs to do. She knows this church is true. 

When ever we have trials and tribulations in our lives, it’s important to turn to Christ, not shy away. All she wants for her family is the gospel in their lives again, to be obedient, and allow God to help them through their pains. I’ve seen this in many homes throughout my life. Family members, friends, children, people who go down the wrong path. Temptation is out there. We live in a world full of it. I would know, I was raised in Sin City. Being obedient can be a struggle, but I am obedient because I can see. I can see the affects of drinking and driving. I’ve seen the effects of sex before marriage. I know the effects of lies and crime. Not the best turn outs. 

The way to truly be happy in this life is through God’s way. He knows best. No one is perfect, we are humans, we make mistakes. That is why He has given us a way to return to Him again, but we’ve got to do our part. We have got to be obedient. A quote I have always loved that always helped me throughout high school was this, “A silly idea is current that good people do not know what temptation means. This is an obvious lie. Only those who try to resist temptation know how strong it is. You find out the strength of the wind by trying to walk against it, not by lying down.” C.S. Lewis. So keep strong! #BeObedient #StandInHolyPlaces #YeAreTheLight

A quote I shared with my friend this past week, that I want to share with everyone else who has a love one that has fallen, is a quote of comfort.

“I offer some final thoughts for those who love a family member who is not making good choices. That can challenge our patience and endurance. We need to trust in the Lord and in His timing that a positive response to our prayers and rescue efforts can occur. We do all that we can to serve, to bless, and to submissively acknowledge God’s will in all things… With faith we can know that this straying loved one is not abandoned but it is in the watch care of a loving Savior.” Richard G. Scott.

As children, as people, as friends, as family members we need to remember that when we make wrong decisions it not only affects us, but the people who love us. And if you feel as though no one here on earth loves you, I can promise you there is someone up there that does. Someone who suffered for all your pains, sicknesses, afflictions, and trials. There is hope. Do not be tempted in a world that can only provide you temporal pleasures. Turn to eternal happiness. God loves us and knows best, that’s why we were given the commandments we have. I have such a strong testimony in this that when we are obedient, and trying our best the Lord is pleased. He has not asked us to be perfect, but to try. Put your faith in the Lord and strive everyday to do what you can do. The blessings will come. The miracles will be seen. And eternal happiness and peace will be engraved into your life.

I love you all and want the best for you, so strive to be obedient! Strive to be like Christ!

You da best.

Sister Tarzan Patterson”


So grateful for this girl!

One thought on “Tarzan Patterson

  1. Adair

    Hi Tori I always love to hear your journey. I laughed so hard with you story of getting your new name. I admired your strength and it gives me the strength to continue on in my journey with cancer. Love Adair


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