Happy Girl.

“Email time equals the best time. It’s like Christmas morning whenever I open up my email! #ILoveMail

So how is life in the real world? I hope all is well and you are all pushing along. #KeepMovingForward

So I had quite the week as usual. It started when I was told I might being going to jail. Yes, jail. I had to go get my passport stamped so that I could be in the country and for some reason I was the only missionary that wasn’t able to get their stamp. Is it sad that I took the time to think of my cell name? I was going to go for something sassy like Sista Patt. It turned into a huge process. And can we just shout out how uncomfortable it was when the lady yelled in front of everyone in the building… “WHAT YOU’RE DOING IS ILLEGAL! YOU ARE BEING ILLEGAL.” Oh okay, hi, I’m Sister Patterson. Umm, yep that would be me. Yikes! Homegirl had an attitude. I just sat there smiling, pretending she wasn’t scaring the life out of me. #Simmer. But in the end everything turned out alright and I am allowed to live here… legally.

The bike. Oh the bike. What is my luck with the bike? This week the bike tire popped. So funny story, we were walking over to the shop and this creepy old man biked up next to me and said some creep things to me and I gave him the straight up stank face, like do not talk to me like that. Right? He biked on, we keep walking, humming a tune, a nice breeze, just strolling, then we get to the bike shop. Guess who is the owner of the bike shop? Ya you can imagine. #Aca-Awkward.


We stopped at a house to talk as we always do and I noticed a guy was shooting something in the tree. “Whatcha shooting brother?” “Parrots!” “Why?” “I eat them.” “Oh. Well that’s nice…” #Don’tEatParrotsMan.

Somehow the calling of primary chorister has been passed to the Sister missionaries, we switch off on weeks, but I’ve been pretty solid in staying for every week. So this past Sunday they got to sing I’m Trying To Be Like Jesus in front of their parents. I went up, and conducted, actions and all. Cutest thing ever! #LoveThoseBabies.

Dad! Happy birthday to you! On your birthday I had to do interchanges. Meaning my companion went up to Corozal and I got Sister Awesome Lay! I was in charge of the area, who we would visit, everything! I couldn’t sleep the night before because I was freaking out. But the Lord definitely helped me through the day. He literally put the people I needed to talk to in my way. Not kidding I saw five people on the street I needed to see that day. It was such a blessing. And I figured a lot of you would appreciate this if you know me well to know I do not have a sense of direction. Like I came home from college and my mom sent me to pick some stuff up at Albertson’s and what should’ve taken me five minutes took me like 45 minutes. Ya. Anyways, Sister Lay asked a few times why we passed our house so many times. #HadToReRoute. Hahaha!

So this past week I have just found a lot of joy in the work, I always do, but this week especially. Joy through the people, other’s happiness, and the work. And my quote for the week is, “Do you want to be happy? Forget yourself and get lost in this great cause. Lend your efforts to helping people… Stand higher, lift those with feeble knees, hold up the arms of those that hang down. Live the gospel of Jesus Christ.” Gordon B. Hinckley.

This past week was the wedding and baptism of our investigators I talked about a long time ago with the dad who wanted to make the changes, have a better life and family! It happened!! It was amazing! And Elizabeth was stunning! And the kids, cutest ever! So happy for this cute little family!




Then on top of that we helped paint one of our very favorite families homes. You can see in one of the photos my best friend, Little L is painting my nails. She was bummed only the big girls could paint, so I let her paint my nails… hand really. The are some of my favorite kids, just look at the cuties!




And I just love being a missionary. I find joy everyday! And I know you can too! The journey in life is happiness. Happiness isn’t a destination, it’s the journey, so enjoy it! And I am so grateful to be apart of this great work!

Love you all!


Sometimes, I wish that I could just talk or text with her back and forth. Like please explain to me more details about the illegal immigration thing? Sounds scary and I don’t like her thinking up sassy cell names. So excited to hear about the work that they are doing and the success that they are having. Makes me happy too. Hope you are all are having a happy week!

Momma P.

6 thoughts on “Happy Girl.

  1. licnets

    I don’t blame you for wanting to know more. Almost worth quitting your job so you would be available to email back and forth when writes. And i don’t blame you for not liking her cell name. Such a good kid. Love her letters and her testimony.

  2. Adair

    Hi Tori your stories keep me real and I know the feeling of fear when something happen your not expecting but as a wise person told me recently forget the stories attached to the fear and just feel it and like those cave men and women of long ago we move forward ever brave and strong.Your faith is with you and your sheer love of life is what makes you a happy person. Love Adair

  3. Cheryl

    Wow, she is a great story teller! Glad she’s not in Jail, bummer about the bike shop guy. Love the wedding and the painting the house pictures! She sounds great


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