Teach Her How to Swim

“Hey hey! Let me just start with, family and friends. The. sun. is… HOT. Oh my goodness. I am dying! It was 110 degrees yesterday! And the humidity… please no. Everyone always says, “Sister Price and Sister Patterson, you looked like you just bathed yourselves.” Thanks, thanks guys. Preciate it! Keep ’em coming. #GrossGrossGross. Although somehow we have managed to say a pale white. Well let me speak for myself because Sister Price actually tans. I on the other hand… I was asked the other day, “Is there a lot of shade in the States?” and “Isn’t Las Vegas sunny?” It’s called staying indoors people. #AC

Super fun, got to love it. All for the mission experience. Just can’t wait to look cute again and not worry about sunscreen on every inch and packing enough napkins to last us the day. #ExcuseUsWhileWeWipeTheSweatOffOurFaces. 

Well now that you think I am a disgusting human being, onto the stories! So for the month of March in our Zone we had 10 baptisms! 9 were of our district! #OrangeWalk.

I ate cow foot and a fish head this past week, (working on getting pictures to you soon because they are on others cameras). #Yummy
I was talking to a seven year old girl, “Sister Patterson, how many kids do you want when you grow up?” “I’m not sure, maybe four or five?” “Oh no. You’re going to have twenty for sure.” #TwentyKidsAndStillCouting #MaybeNotActually

Norma told me this week, “When I went to my other church I would go feeling empty and come back feeling empty. But now when I go to church feeling empty, I come back just full of blessings! I love it. I just love it.” #ThingsThatMakeMeHappyToHear #WhatTheGospelIsAbout

So General Conference was this past weekend… wonderful. Wow, loooved it. If you didn’t get the chance, take the chance. It’s online!

There were so many talks I loved. When Elder Rasband talked I just about had a heart attack when I heard my own name! (He shared a story about the girl named Tori dealing with the tornado). #ShoutOut. 

Today my thought is on something that really just makes my heart hurt a lot more than a little, and that something would be abuse. I just in this week have seen things that really, are just not okay. And I want to share a couple of my thoughts on the importance of love in a home. 

To start I’ll share this quote, 

“As you create a home, don’t get distracted with a lot of things that have no meaning for you or your family. Don’t dwell on your failures, but think of your successes. Have joy in your home. Have joy in your children. Have joy in your husband. Be grateful for the journey.” Marjorie Pay Hinckley. 

When we create a home it is important to really have a lot of love for one another. Just from this general conference we were promised if we do daily family scripture study and praying, and have weekly family home evenings, the home will be more unified. I can testify of that! Let there be joy in your home, enjoy the blessing you have of starting a family or already having one. I also learned from Richard G. Scott’s talk that loving is the most powerful influence for everyone. 

I think there are many ways to handle a situation. For example we had a situation this past week where the dad was really angry that his daughter got in the pool when he wasn’t home. Now yes, that is a dangerous situation, and she shouldn’t be in the pool alone. But immediately he explained to us how she was going to be really sorry when she got home and that he was going to beat her hard. The girlfriend said, “What will beating her do? Teach her how to swim.” I love when she said, “Teach her how to swim.” In this way (one) her and the dad can spend time together, (two) she can learn that her dad really cares about her well being and wants her to be safe, and (three) she can learn the skill of swimming which will protect her in the future. 

Kids are kids. Throughout childhood they develop skills and grow and learn. They need guidance from their fathers and mothers, and good examples set. They need love, love, and more love. Hugs, kisses, little notes, saying thank you for what they did, reminding them of their importance, spending time together, etc. All are good. Whether you have one or twenty of them, please be gentle. They are children of God. Just as you and I are. And it all ties back to loving everyone. Everyone is a child of God. That was stressed so well by many of the talks in General Conference this past weekend. Love one another, as Jesus loves you. 

I am just about the love people! Share the love!

Love you all!

Sister Patterson”
Sorry, no pictures this week.  Which makes me sad, so I am going to put some pre-mission ones in here, because what is a blog post without pictures?  Here are some pictures of her (some from a long time ago), with friends and/ or cousins that are out serving missions right now as well.  Enjoy. (Jessica, Joyce, Megan, Amanda, Brooklyn, Inna, Mikey, Amanda, and Jessica.

One thought on “Teach Her How to Swim

  1. Adair

    Hi Tori I love your messages and i try to put love in my heart everyday. I’m just so thankful for l I have and the friends and family who support me with love. My life is so much better for friends and family and of course our little Bella our little tuxedo cat. she makes our hearts sing everyday by her sweet friendly loving character. My prayers are with you LA


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