Two Seconds Later

“Hi I have been on my mission for seven months now and three months in Belize. #TimeFliesWhenYoureHavingFun

So always. Always bike problems will follow. I think it’s karma too, because with the three sisters leaving I got my pick on a new bike… I picked, quote, “the best of the four”… Ya. All week I have been the one with bike problems man! #PatProbs. I’ll start with that story. This week I popped the tube four times. Got it patched up four times. Then I just gave up and bought a new tube and tire. That tire now has a weird lump in it. But until that thing pops, no more! Haha! #DoneWithBeingBikeHandyMan.

So poor Sister Gramajo, I have been taking her left and right sometimes. #DirectionallyChallenged. And one day we headed out deep into our area. And everything was going great, good lesson, all was well. When we left her house, it was getting dark. It was time for us to head out to more of the central area and I thought, we’ll contact one more house then head back. So we are just plugging along when TWO SECONDS LATER a giant dog tries to eat my leg. Ya no big deal. So we book it! That dog chased us ALL the way out into the middle of sketch town. At this point I told Sister G, “Okay. Now I REALLY don’t know where we are.” Haha! We pulled over to ask a lady under some street lamp light we saw in the distance. She told us we were in Trial Farm. Aka the Elder’s area. Oh man! We biked all the way out to their area! The first thing I said to Gramajo was, “Well I hope the Elder’s don’t catch us.” TWO SECONDS LATER, “Sisters? You lost?” Hahaha! They they were. #MyLuck. They pointed us back and we started heading home. Back to everything’s going to be alright, and then… my tire pops. Yep. We walked all the way from Trial Farm to town. That is a long walk let me tell you. Somehow my tube came completely out of the tire, and it made a loud SCREEEEETCH noise every time that darn wheel turned. Hahaha! We finally got to somewhere I recognized. Our feet were killing. Of course that day I decided to wear some new shoes I got. #HelloBlisters. So I am limping and dragging this bike along and Sister G and I are just dying laughing at the situation. And I said, “I wish someone could help us get home!” TWO SECONDS LATER, “Sister Pat, what are you doing woman?!” It was Brother and Sister P. Oh man I love them. They gave us a ride home and took our bikes home too. They told us how they had just missed the street they were going on, and it was weird Brother P missed the turn. They know the Lord wanted them to help us. #SweetAndTenderMercy. And in the morning Brother P came and fixed my bike for me. #Blessed. The Lord is always watching over us. #TwoSecondsLater

I love my companion Sister G. Oh man. Talk about best friends. The Lord has blessed me with the best companions! She has taught me so much and it’s only been a week. Sister G is an incredible teacher. She loves doing service and she loves crafty things like me. We got up extra early one morning and made the other sisters breakfast and notes. Another day, we did some people’s laundry, we made cards for all the sisters in our zone, made signs around the house. So much fun for me! Her testimony… solid. Wow! I am so lucky to be her companion, I love her a lot! And as always we are laughing and just loving the adventure! And she’s teaching me how to latin dance. I have zero percent of Latin blood in me, but she has faith in me. #Salsa #MyHipsDon’tLie. Ahh, she’s just awesome! With Sister Gramajo we set goals and we make SURE they get get done, I love that about her, she works hard and gets the job done and relies 110 percent in the Lord. #DaBestMan

Kriol word for the week: Child or kid is called pikni (pronounced pick-knee). I say it now, “You got pikni?” “How many granpikni you got?” Haha! #LoveIt

We have some AWESOME investigators right now we are teaching. Wow! One of them is the cutest family of six! Looking forward to this change, I know a lot is going to happen! #WorkingHard

Ate chicken foot this week, can’t say it was any better then the other feet I’ve eaten this past month. #WhoSaysThat

I love my Orange Walk family. I am so so so so blessed. I feel so loved and there are so many people who go out of their way to help me. I am so blessed. Blessed. Blessed. Blessed. It makes me already just dread the day I will eventually leave. #NeverWantToLeave

And now for my thought for this week is a simple little spiritual thought for you. I want to share my testimony about the Book of Mormon. 

I know a lot of people don’t maybe understand or know what it is, so I want to share! 

The Book of Mormon is a powerful evidence of the divinity of Christ. 

A book translated, not written, by the prophet Joseph Smith. It is one of the fruits of the Restoration of the gospel. (If you go back a few emails I explained the restoration and who Joseph Smith was.) The Book of Mormon is the ancient records of the people from the ancient Americas. The central purpose of the Book of Mormon is to convince all men that Jesus is the Christ. The invitation is for all to read it, ponder it in their hearts, and pray to know if the message it contains is true. As Latter-day Saints we believe in the Bible to be the word of God as well. The Book of Mormon is not our bible. The Book of Mormon supports the Bible and with them together there is the fulness in the gospel of Jesus Christ. I love the Book of Mormon. And I love it, because I’ve read it and I have felt of it’s truthfulness. I know it to be the word of God. Whenever I read it I gain more and more understanding about our Savior Jesus Christ and his love for me. Just read it. The truth is right in front of you. Talk to the missionaries, learn more about the gospel. I can’t stress it enough. I know without a shadow of a doubt the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is true church on the earth today. Jesus Christ has restored His gospel on the earth again. 

I love you all and I want you to have this happiness, this knowledge, this joy, all of it in your life. I am over here in Belize telling the people the same thing. There are missionaries all around the world spreading the word, take the time to listen! Have an open heart and see if really the truth has been restored. I love you all! And I am so blessed to have the family and friends I do. I think about so many of you through out the week and pray for you often. I just love you all a whole bunch. Have a wonderful week! And know the Lord is always with us. You’re the best!



I do have to say that I have been praying for Tori this week as I knew she was going to be the one in charge of knowing where they were going.  She is as she puts it, directionally challenged.  Bless her heart, she used to call me from strange places in Las Vegas, and ask me to use the find my iPhone app to locate where she was and then tell her how to get back home.  Many of you know this about her. Elle, didn’t you two end up at the California State line when you two attempted to go to the strip?  Bailey you remember your first summer on BYU campus for volleyball camp with Tori.     So this has been my prayer this week that she would be safe and not get lost.  So I guess my prayers were answered in that the Elders and Brother and Sister P were looking out for them when they ended up in Trial Farm (which is about 2 miles from her area.)  This will be a very good growing experience for her.

And really, I guess that we should have spend more time as a family repairing bike tires?  Things you don’t think about when you are preparing your daughter for a mission.  We spent entirely too much time putting together a wardrobe, and not enough time patching bike tires.  The big lump in her tire makes me think she is going to have another bike problem story to tell next week.

I would also like to testify that I have read the Book of Mormon and know that it has spoken to me of the divinity of Jesus Christ and the power and blessings that His Atonement can bring into my life.  If you are wondering how you would meet with the missionaries in your area, just click here and fill out the referral form and the missionaries in your area will contact you.

Have a great week!

Momma P.


3 thoughts on “Two Seconds Later

  1. Melinda Ringer

    Love her letters! And I personally think that the ELDERS should be helping these Sisters with their bike problems!! Just seems like the right thing to do! Or maybe Bro. P. or the ward mission leader should take on that responsibility!
    I love her letters! And I am directionally challenged as well! I know how she feels! It’s scary sometimes!

  2. Adair

    hi Tori what stories you have this week LOL I have had similar bike problems and have been lucky that Garry was here to fix them. He has taught me to fix things but he more often helps. I guess you didn’t inherit my genes for directions I’ve always been able to find my way accept in Victoria that has streets that twist and turn back on themselves. It is the only place I have got lost in. I use to go out walking in London with the A to Z on the weekends and discover a new part of the city. After awhile I didn’t need it any more. I walked everywhere. First I took the tube and found that I only went three blocks once so then I started taking the bus as it was on top of the ground and I could see where I was going then I started to walk and I loved walking around London each street was a little bit of history and I always felt I was in a different era in time it was full of magic. I look forward to your stories and my prayers are with you Love Adair


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