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“I have to say the mission has been a mission of miracles. I am so blessed to be a part of it. Everyday something happens, and I am just easily reminded, God lives. It’s through the people we are teaching, things that happen in lessons, unexpected phone calls, people we talk to in the streets, and the fact Sister G and I found a donut/bread/goodness store in our area this week.
So I am just going to go through all of them. Where to start?
Well, with people. We are teaching this man and he is just great. Just awesome, so humble. And we were teaching him a lesson at his house and his house is right by a huge construction zone and it is so loud! So I mean the whole time we were like all yelling at each other. Haha! And the Spirit wasn’t there. The whole time Sister G was talking… yelling, I was praying that the noise would stop, and he would be able to feel the Spirit in his heart. Right when I went to talk about the main message of the restoration and share the experience Joseph Smith had, the noise stopped. The entire construction building stopped. It was dead silent. I read the passage and then he paused, and said, “I was listening and I felt the Spirit so strongly. And then it slipped away, but I know that that was the devil, he doesn’t want me to know about this. This is the truth. I know it in my heart.” Then the construction building sprung up right again, and we were back to yelling. Wow. I was so grateful that he was able to feel of it, and have the Spirit testify it to him in his heart. Such a blessing. And later in the week, we had a set appointment with him and he wasn’t home. But we had a feeling to check up on him one more time a couple hours later, even though he wasn’t normally home at those hours. Sure enough he was home and he said, “I knew it. I knew it in my heart you would come back to teach me.”
We are teaching a family who not too long ago, their father killed himself. Just extremely devastating to this family. We have had incredible lessons with this family, I just. Can’t even explain. #HeCanComfortUs
This past week cute Seniada was baptized, one of Norma’s daughters. She is loving it. She wants to be a missionary so bad. I am so proud of her. And she loves reading the Book of Mormon. She said, “I get so excited to read more!” She’s 13 years old!
We have an awesome investigator who we contacted when I was with Sister Price. I remember that day when we contacted them, we were super nervous because there was a statue of Mary in their front lawn like a shrine of her, and just lots of things, we figured they wouldn’t want to listen to us, but we did anyways. So just the other day he told us, “Two days before you guys came to my house I was praying to the Lord. I said, “Lord, I want to know the truth. Please send the missionaries of your church to my home. I want to know the truth. The first missionaries you send, I know will be from your church.”” And guess who came a knocking? Wow. And when he came to church on Sunday he said, “it just feels like home.” I just, can’t even begin how blessed I am to be a part of this!
So this past week there was a day I was dying. I was so sick with like bone pains and headaches, just horrible, and we were at the church when it started acting up. I was laying on the floor of the church, just, you know dying there. Haha! And I was thinking to myself, I need something crazy to happen, something to just make me forget the pain. And my first thought was, if my mom was here, or if I could just talk to anyone I love from back home, just someone that means a lot to me, anyone. If I could just talk to them, I would be happy. TEN MINUTES LATER. I get a call from my dear friend, Elder Reynolds. #LasVegas. And he said, “Hey Sista Patterson! I have a Sister Koegler right here beside me and I want you to talk with her.” I started bawling. JESSSSSS! My cousin in the East El Salvador mission… are you serious? I love Jess so much. It was so great talking to her. The Lord heard me, and sweetly replied. I am so blessed.
We were biking down the street when a lady yelled at us, “Hey! Are you Mormons?!” We pulled over and began to talk with her. She explained how her daughter is a member of the church in California and so she sometimes goes to church with her. Then she asked me, “Where are you girls from?” When I told her Las Vegas, she freaked out… She explained to me where her son lives in Las Vegas… the roads and everything… oh you know he just lives five minutes or so away from my house… are you serious? We had a great chat. She said when she goes to Vegas she visits the church, she explained to me which building, and of course it’s the one I go to by my house. Then she said, “Well when I go to Vegas I will make sure I talk to your parents and tell them you are doing well, serving and being a brave young lady!” I started crying when we left, just with the biggest smile on my face. Like, what? #SmallWorld. It was so crazy!
Another moment included when Norma got all the neighborhood kids to listen to Sister Gramajo and I. The experience was hilarious, they will never forget it. Sometimes people hide from us… like do I smell that bad? But really, people hide from us sometimes. And one day while we were teaching Seniada a lesson, Norma’s boys and some kids from the neighborhood were hiding in a house across the street being constructed. When Norma came home she said, “Where are my boys?” We pointed to the house. Norma stormed over there. Then came out, “SISTER GRAMAJO RIGHT NOW.” Ahhhhh! Hahaha! I was so grateful she didn’t say my name! Haha! We go over there and she’s got about ten kids in an enclosed room all sitting down. “Pray for these children Sister Gramajo, they hide from God. PREACH TO THEM!” #MommaBear. Now this is one of those, I love Sister G moments. At the multizone we had a couple weeks ago we watched the youtube video about the guy talking about when you want success as bad as you want to breath, then you will be successful. Hahahaha! In Sister G’s English, she begins preaching it! Hahahaha! I was dying. Just like, now is the time in your life you need to make choices, you need to choose the right, you need to be successful. #OhSNAP. The whole time Norma’s nodding her head, “amen, amen sister, mhmm”. Then Sister G passed it to me… it was something like so, “Umm hi. Hey everyone, I’m Sister P. We love you. Jesus loves you. Okay. Bye.” Hahaha! It was all good, we got a friendly atmosphere going after and now they don’t hide. Haha! I will never forget that.
The Lord is good. I could go on. I am so grateful to be where I am right now. Serving who I am serving. Everything. And to be a literal instrument in the hands of Lord in His work. So blessed. Thanks for all who support my blog, you guys are awesome, I never knew it would have such an impact/attention. It means a lot to me!Have a good week!
So, on Monday, I read my niece, Jessica Koegler’s, letter where she described the story from her perspective. She was at a big community service project that the missionaries were involved in. There were some missionaries she did not recognize and she found out that there were some from the mission Tori is in. So she started asking people if they knew a Sister Patterson who was serving in Belize. One Elder who is an AP, said her knew her from before the mission. Jessica told him to say hi to her the next time he saw her. He said, well we can just text her right now… and then he said, actually it is cheaper to call and so he called her and gave the phone to Jessica. Jessica did mention how Tori freaked out for several minutes…. So the exciting thing for me was I knew a good story about this phone conversation was going to be coming today. Super fun. And we get to Skype with Tori on Mother’s Day. Which I am kind of very excited about.
Hope you all have a good week!
Momma P


3 thoughts on “Speaking Of

  1. Melinda Ringer

    Sister Patterson’s e-mail made me cry today! She witnessed a week of miracles!! Love her!!

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