Keep Climbing

“My people! Woo! So happy to be here and writing yet another week, time flies. I can’t believe I am about to hit eight months and that I’m skyping the fam in just four days. #What

This week was, well a normal week of the mission. I feel like every time I say, “This week was crazy!” So now that’s just normal for me. #CrazyWeeks

I had interchanges with the incredible Sista O. We both love singing like gospel/soul/hallelujah music so we incorporated that into our hymns as we sang to people throughout the day. #HopOnTheSoulTrain #Amen


A gecko definitely pooped on me in a lesson last night and a bird peed on me this morning. #WhatIsLife

It RAINED. We were DRENCHED. It started at 12… no one let us in their house… we were in the pouring rain for eight hours. #RainRainGoAway. But really, I enjoyed it. The rain keeps a big smile on my face all day, I absolutely love it. Just hard to get into homes. Hi we are missionaries, you don’t know us, and we are drenched, and we want to go in your house, and talk about Jesus with you and your family, is that okay with you? #Ya

Our investigator told us how he had to work for his wife. When he saw her, he told himself he would do anything to win her heart. He had to work for her father for like a year, and then he got to marry her. They have been married for 28 years now. So cute! #Love #ILoveLove 

Sister G told me, “You were a cat before this life because you are weird.” Hahaha! #Friendship

A little boy asked me when my chicken pox were going to go away because I have had them for a long time. He was talking about all my freckles. Haha!

Well woopdedoo. Bike problems once again… my back tire literally exploded. Like. Ya. #WeHaveBeenWalking

On Monday we went to LAMANAI! Aka the submerged crocodile ruins. So awesome. We took a boat tour, totally saw three crocodiles, fed a monkey a banana, and climbed some intense ruins. Aka where do I live? this is awesome.

RSCN0275 RSCN0294 DSCN0254DSCN0363DSCN0359-2RSCN0323
So while I was at the ruins I was thinking about what I would talk about for my thought for the week and it hit me as I was dying climbing the five thousand million hundred twenty five steps. My oh my. As I was there I got to the half way mark and it was beautiful, and I thought I was fine. I got some good pics, I was happy. Yay. Climbed some ancient ruins. I’m loving life. Then the other sisters had gone the extra mile and were at the top, they said, “Patt, it’s worth it come up here!!” And so instead of staying at where I just felt fine and happy, I pushed for the very top. I was tired, but I did it. At the top I saw there was way more to the view! You could see the ocean, the tops of the tree, it was GORGEOUS! #QueenOfTheJungleFeel. It was amazing! And there I was just settling with half way. 
DSCN0339 DSCN0352

Do we settle halfway in our own lives? It made me think about my own life and things that I can really push for, to keep working for. Things that maybe I’m just fine at, but really I can be better at. And it reminded me of a CS Lewis quote, “There are far, far better things ahead then any we leave behind.” It was a booster for me to remind that the Lord has so much in store for us, He wants to push us out of our comfort zones or just at levels where we feel fine and reach to the highest of our abilities! We don’t even know there’s more to it, but He does. So I want to just encourage you all, to go above expectations and don’t settle for less, don’t look back, and keep on climbing! 

You are all awesome! Fam, I’ll talk to you this Sunday at 6, WOOOOOO! 

Peace and blessings,




Tori sent lots of pictures this week.  I kind of think she is a good photographer…. Here are some of my favorites:

DSCN0218 DSCN0296 DSCN0232

2 thoughts on “Keep Climbing

  1. Melinda Ringer

    She is an awesome photographer! And I love her “lessons on life”! She’s a great missionary! Enjoy your Skype call! My boys will skype and then in 2 weeks they will be home!! So crazy! We are freaking out over here!!!!!

  2. Adair

    Hi Tori I love you CS Lewis quote I’m going to put that on my blog today. I’ve climbed many a Mountain to the tops and more Church steeples than I have fingers and they have always been worth the effort. I keep you in mind each time I have a new challenge and its like the carrot in front of me I want to see you when you get back and give you a big hug. Love Adair


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