Five, Six, Pick Up Sticks

“So I skyped my family this past week and the word to describe it was definitely “happy”. Happy happy happy. I just love them so much! With the two times I’ve skyped I’ve felt as though I had just talked to them last week! I am excited for the day when I’ll be sitting on the couch with them… and we’ll be skyping Cam! #FutureMissionary.

So the week was good! We did a service project on Thursday. We got up at 5:30 and headed out to the church where we waited to get picked up. The Elders (male missionaries) hadn’t told us exactly what was planned, so we were sitting there when a huge beat up sugar cane truck comes down the road. Jokingly Gramajo said, “Hey look, our ride!” Well, yep. That ended up being our ride. Haha! We all were in the back of this rickety old sugar cane truck and it was sketch! And then they told us, we’re going to Shipyard! Aka Mennonite land. #MennonitesRemindMeOfAuntJo #TeamWeLoveMennonites. It was an hour ride! Just a little dizzy. And then they said, okay we’ll go and pick up some wood for the house we are going to build. Okay no biggie. Yes, biggie. We show up and there is a MILLION pieces of wood. We went through and had to find certain lengths, color, size, width, everything. It took up from about 6:30 to 11:00. Sister Wood and I felt like it was a giant game of pick up sticks. 

This past week Sister Huff discovered I do Highland (Scottish) dancing and that I am a certified teacher, she freaked out. She is my first student. When I told her one of the dances involves swords, she came out a couple minutes later with her two light sabers. She’s also whipped out her Celtic Woman music. Haha! We have been practicing and she’s got it! So much fun! #ShareYourTalents #MyCalvesHurt #It’sBeenAwhile.

I love little kids prayers, the sweetest! This week a cute little girl started her prayer as this, “Dear Heavenly Father… we like you.”

I’ve discovered my love for the spanish music artist, Prince Royce. #MusicInTheStreets

Punctured tire. What’s new.

Shoutout to my girl Shalee Hiatt almost Bergquist, you’re getting married this weekend! #ILoveYouSoMuch #ThereInHeart.

Ceviche is my FAVORITE food in Belize. Conch, shrimp, tomato spicy dip goodness. 

Just loving life. Seriously, I couldn’t see my life without these eighteen months I’ll have here in the mission. The best way to give me that confidence in starting my life. It’s awesome. God lives, He exists. He loves us and is always watching out for us. I’m so grateful for my beautiful family and my friends, how lucky am I? Seriously, you guys are incredible. I pray for you often. God bless!

Sister Tor Tor”


One thought on “Five, Six, Pick Up Sticks

  1. jokoegler

    I hope that when I remind tori of a Mennonite is a good thing…,perhaps it’s my Hutterite dress? Or does she know that I really like the Mennonite thrift store? Or I like wearing short white socks with black shoes and hats #justkiddingaboutthewhitesocks
    Love ya TorTor. Auntie Jo


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