Police Raids, House Construction, and Other Miracles in Belize

“EIGHT MONTHS… how have I been gone for eight months? #TooFast

Oh my I can’t say it enough, the mission is FULL of miracles. I just. Where to start? I’ll do the run through of the random things throughout the week, then I’ll share the rest.

Mr. Shangai, aka my adopted abuelito, told me and Sister G this week, “Roses are red, violets are blue, sugar is sweet, as sweet as you!” He is the best. I taught him how to make glasses with his hands, it cracks me up.


Sister Huff is really progressing as my first student she definitely got some Scottish tunes on a CD and we have been practicing together. Haha!

We met a sweet tiny, tiny old lady this past week. Her name is Teadora. #ILookTall

Someone slapped my face this week. #HiI’mAMissionary #Ouch #SpreadTheLoveMan

During lessons when I get tired and the people talk for five hours, or so it seems I tend to cross my eyes, because I am tired. Haha! It just brought me back to sophomore year in Chemistry class when my teacher called me out on it all the time. I sat in the front row, eyes crossed, and possibly drooling. “Tori, why are you crossing your eyes at me?” #Awks #SorryTeach.

I ate pig tail this week. I mean, what’s new?

We made fry jacks with our favorite person in the world, Gloria. She’s the cutest. 

Brittany Taylor you are getting married this weekend! #ILoveYouSis

We have been building a house out in Trial Farm. I love the picture Sister G took of me “working”, I don’t remember that picture being taken, I promise I was actually working, not just posing a la Tyra Banks.

But ya, this family needs a house, and so like I shared before, we got the wood, and now we are building it.
And it’s in Trial Farm.
If I were to describe Trial Farm in three words it would be bones, dead things, and vultures. Ya, here is a picture of a rib cage.
And speaking of vultures… I have eaten vultures before too. We met the guy who sells vultures to the chinese stores… aka chicken chowmein. Ya, I have eaten dog, cat, now vulture. Wonderful. 

Did some major thrift shopping this past Monday. #Gold

I met a thirteen year old boy who told me, “I’ve been to the United States lots of times before!” “Oh really! Which state did you go too?” I was waiting for the classic, “California”, “Florida”, “Texas” answer people usually give. He said, “The United one.” #HeAlsoHasBeenToEgypt.

So this was kind of a highlight. You’re going to die laughing. This is great. So we were at a house, teaching, all was well. When a police truck with about 15 police men pulls up to the house… in the next two seconds the house is being surrounded with police men! They came to search the house. I automatically grabbed Sister G’s hand and said, “Let’s pray!” Haha! We had to sit quietly and not move because they were looking for firearms. Sister G whispers to me, “Whatever you do, don’t turn around.” “Why?” “There is a man behind you in the window with a huge gun pointed at your head.” “What did you just say.” Hahaha! Oh my gosh, I was going to pee my pants! Haha! But no worries, always remember God is watching over us Sister missionaries. Turned into a good opportunity to share about the gospel, the police chief said, “Stop swearing, have some respect, the sistas are in the house.” Haha! There were police men asking us questions and it was good. Sister G told me, “Only with you Sister Patterson, only with you.” #WeirdThingsHappenToMe.

My cute friends made a mini house as you can see we are hanging out in. #LoveThoseGirls.

Me, myself, and I on my bike… that by the way has two flat tires as of now.

Sister G and I made homemade crispy chicken sandwiches… Wendy’s I miss you. #Tear


Sister G surprised me one morning with breakfast and this morning the other sisters surprised both of us with breakfast. #Blessed.


So now I want to share one of the big miracles this week. We have been working so hard with our investigator Miguel and Gloria. They are incredible. This is the family where the dad was praying for the Lord to send his missionaries, and we came. So they have a lot of kids who are grown and have their spouses, well not married, but ya. And we have been working with them all. Just this past week one of their sons got in a car crash in his truck. He totalled the car, but luckily he lived and no harm was done to him. It’s amazing the perspective the gospel can give us. Because Miguel talked to him and said, “This is God giving you another chance, now take it.” Because this son just has a new baby girl and a another little girl. If he died, it would have been horrible. He told us he promised the Lord a week ago (when we challenged him to stop drinking) that he wouldn’t drink. But then he did one morning. Later that night is when he crashed. And he feels like he broke the promise, and that was the Lord’s way of saying, it’s time for you to change now, here is your second chance. So in church this Sunday we had ELEVEN of the people we are teaching there. Pretty much Miguel’s entire family!! And after we went to their house, which is like home to me, I love being over there. We were all sitting in the living room, talking, just being happy, and David said, “Everyone, it’s time for me to change. It’s time for me to live a life closer to God. I want to get married to my girl and get baptized… this weekend with my dad and mom.” WHAT?! Oh man. He went on, tearing up how much this is the desire of his heart. It was an incredible moment. I was amazed. And NOT kidding you. Then the radio kicked in louder, and do you know what song came on… Roar! I was crying. Haha! It just reminded me of that first contact with Miguel and Gloria, we were scared but because we had faith, we did it, we knocked on the door. The Lord prepared these people in ways I can’t even explain to you. It has been an emotional roller coaster this week, and to see the changes in this family? Oh man. To see how just planting the seed with Miguel and Gloria has turned into four couples wanting to change their lives because they have seen the differences in their parents lives. How is it that I get to be a part of this? I am beyond blessed. I am so happy to be a missionary, this IS the best work ever. You can change lives! Ahhh! God lives people! I am just so happy. 

Thanks for tuning in, until next time! Love ya!



2 thoughts on “Police Raids, House Construction, and Other Miracles in Belize

  1. Melinda Ringer

    Never a dull moment for this sista!! Love hearing your adventures! Blake comes home in 5 days and Jordan comes home in 8 days!! #freakingout

  2. Adair

    OH Tori your life is so full of adventure and glory. Your heart must be bursting. Jackie, Ryan and Madeline are in Vancouver so I get to see some of my family I feel like I’m on cloud nine.Garry and I are getting married on June 8th after 21 years of common-in-law bliss now I get to make him miserable for another 21 years. Take care Love you Adair


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