“So I was told last minute that we would be writing today, so very little time to prepare, but HELLO! Back to Mondays for writing. Hope all is well back home with everyone! So because no one emailed me cough cough. No, just kidding. But ya, I had lots of time to go through photos and so I thought this week I would just post a bunch of pictures with captions because that’s always fun and pictures say it all. 
Lamanai! #BestEver
DSC08439 DSC08359
More Lamanai. #HairBeforeTheBoatStartedMoving.
 DSC08310 DSC08334
Washing with V. #Besties
DSC08267 DSC08269
Love these people! #MissNorma
DSC08294 DSC08859
Let’s not forget this gem.
Just some of my favorite people in Orange Walk ever.
DSC08627 DSC08626

Las Vegas Casino/hotel! #MyHome 


This is what it looks like before it POURS.

DSCN0708 DSCN0707

Orange Walk girls in Corozal.


Played volleyball! It’s been too long! #MyGame


Water fight with Bro P. #He’sGreat


Baking cakes with the two Sister G’s.


I just can not get over the cuteness of these two.


My favorite couple in OW. #MissionParents


Our good friend W.

DSC08928 DSC08929

These kids… I love kids. #Awesome


L is the cutest little girl I know my goodness. Whenever she has sunglasses on she likes to be serious.


Due anyday!


So ya, now that you’ve seen about fifty random photos… Haha! 

The mission is great, what can I say more? The people, the culture, the friendships, the adventure, the fun… all of it! I hope that’s what you see in my photos! Hope you all have an awesome week!

Love Sister Pat.”

So very sad to not have any emails in her inbox when she was online on Monday 😦  But fortunately, she wrote late enough in the day that I saw her emails coming in and we wrote her quick and sent some pictures for her to look at….. But that was one of my goals for her mission that she would never have a week without an email from me….  She did get it before she logged off, but still…. #fail

Tori’s 20th birthday is coming up in about 5 weeks. (July 12)   If you would like to send her a card or a postcard/ note/ letter, anything, please mail it to her at:

Sister Tori Patterson

P.O. Box #9

C/O Elder Galvez

Orange Walk Town

Belize, C.A.

It will cost $1.15 to mail a letter from the States and $2.50 to mail from Canada.  I know she would appreciate anything you can send her…. like anything…. even a ripped post-it note with smeared ink…. it would show her that you were thinking about her…

Have a blessed week!

Momma P

One thought on “Cheese

  1. Adair

    Hi Tori today I got married and it was in a quiet garden at my best friend’s home. We only had 10 people two of Garry’s daughters and eight friends who are every dear to us. Oh and of course Bella the cat was there as well. Tomorrow is our reception with lots of family and friends mostly Garry’s family and then a lot of my friends. we are so looking forward to the day seeing every one will be trying but it is only one day I should be able to manage that. Bella will have to stay home as the door will be opening and closing a lot and we don’t want to loose her. I hear it is your birthday coming up I hope you have a wonderful day I’m sure your friends will make it a special day.
    take care love Adair


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