“Hello everybody! Time to email.It is already June… when did that happen?! 

Well June means a few things here in Belize…

It’s summer time! Congrats to all you graduating and moving onto the college life, aka the best time ever! I love college! Such a fun time, I met some of my best of best friends there #Rexburg #3309. The kids here in Belize are almost done, they have a few weeks left. 

Mango season! I love Mangoes! Everyone and their dog gives us mangoes! We have like 30 in the house! #RipeAndReady

The June Bugs come out. Ya. Huge nasty beetles. We have a cute friend who has kept one as a pet… she put it in my hands and my heart said don’t you dare drop it she loves that thing. So tempted to fling it fifty feet away from me. So ya, they are everywhere, really gross, especially when you run them over on the bike. Yuck. #SorryBuggies 
Nothing is better then Belize City meat pies. Let me just start with that. If only Sisters were put in the city… well not really. #TalkAboutPeligroso. But if I was there, every morning I would get a meat pie and a natural cantaloupe juice. #Hozanna. We were in Belize City for the June leadership meeting. #ISawMyMomma #HermanaO
This past week we mixed up the movie night we hold every Wednesday, for a Zumba night! It was a big hit. So this month of June will be holding Zumba nights, every Wednesday, six o’clock, be there!
Leani finally had her baby! Baby Kate! She is the cutest! #JuneBaby
We threw a little surprise birthday party this week with some of our favs! #BBQandBalloons
Rainy/Stormy season begins.
In our room cute Sister Huff put up Christmas lights! I mean, that has nothing to do with June, but our room is super fun now!
Well I will claim June as a good month because I found normal ranch dressing. #Hallelujah. And I carry it with me to when ever we go to get chicken (Or vulture) fingers.
It’s only been nine days of June and it’s already a party. 
So this week I had an experience that I will never forget. You tend to not forget your bike crashes. But this one was one that will just always stick with me. If I wrote about all my bike crashes, there would be about two or three a week, I mean the roads here are a little bumpy. But I want to share the one I had this week. Before I left for the mission I was told angels would protect me and watch over me. That became extremely apparent when I went down a steep hill full speed ahead, with a broken chain the other night. Hahaha… ya. 

That night we were in a rush to set up for the surprise birthday party and so we were biking along super fast. This whole week my chain has been falling off and I continually had greasy oily dirty hands from fixing it. And so just with my luck we were booking it back to the house and my chain broke at the exact moment I was on the top of the hill. It was pitch black because all of the power was out in the hood. 

And so one, I couldn’t see anything at all. Two, I had no control to brake or anything. And three, I knew I was going to be needing some big band-aids afterwards. I just closed my eyes, said a little prayer, and awaited for the hit. 

I heard a loud crash. 

I opened my eyes. 

I was standing flat on my two feet and my bike was a few feet away from me, tangled in some sort of sharp metal and wire. 

Not a scratch on me. 

I never got off my bike. I just closed my eyes and prayed. I know that I did not do that alone. That was impossible for me to manage that. 

I truly witnessed (with my eyes closed) a miracle.

Sister G and I were both in shock. Others came out to see what happened and if I was okay. Not a scratch. 
Family and friends, I testify God lives. I really can’t say it enough. I am so grateful and blessed to be a missionary at this time in my life, I wouldn’t trade it. I know angels saved me that night and I couldn’t be more grateful. #MiraclesOfTheMission

Love you all, bueno suerte con su semana! 

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