Can You Meet Me Halfway?

“Another week? What in the world?Well hello, tomorrow I will hit nine months… the song by Black Eyed Peas has been stuck in my head all day. #CanYouMeetMeHalfway?

And this past week I hit my mark for the last month I will be a teen. #20

What in the world?

Time goes by so fast I just… oh my goodness.

Nine months is a LONG time, and it still feels like I have been out for about a solid two months. 

I was talking to one of the sisters this week and she said, “Belize has made us heavy, happy, and hippie.” For true. #MissionLife.

The World Cup is now my new favorite thing. We can hear it in every house as we bike down the streets I love when everyone yells, “GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAL!!!!!!” 


We have located ourselves very well to certain places at certain times, to just get a little sneak peek at the game. Holy cow Spain and Netherlands? That was cray! I am just seeing myself changing in the kind of things I will watch after the mission. Like Novelas (Spanish Soap Operas) and well hey maybe a little Dora the Explorer too. Anything with Spanish! I am so excited to watch!


Sister G and I are always going on adventures like taking random dirt roads and just having fun adventuring to find people to talk to! This week we ran into a mud road and I got stuck… she took selfies. Haha!
So my thoughts this week have been me reflecting on reaching halfway in the mission. And the HEFY Belize group is in Corozal right now (I should be meeting them tomorrow), and when I heard they were here the memories flooded in my head. 

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Oh how I loved HEFY. I will never forget that, it was easily the best three weeks ever.  Then it hit me… 

I am doing what they are doing but I am doing it for eighteen months. 

It’s so true. The mission is the best thing I have done in my life. The mission is incredible. The mission is preparing me for my future. The mission is my all. Nothing is better then doing the Lord’s work. I’m so grateful that I have had an eventful, inspiring, miraculous nine months already and that I get nine months more of it. I love my Savior Jesus Christ and His sacrifice for all of us. I know that God lives and loves us. I know that through the atonement of Jesus Christ we can heal the deepest of our wounds (“God’s light is real, it is available to all. It has the power to soften the sting of the deepest wound.” Dieter F. Uchtdorf). Only through Him. I know that God has a plan. I know God is merciful. I know that He loves us and that is why He has restored his church on the earth again. I don’t doubt that for a second. I am so blessed to be where I am doing what I am doing. Talk to the missionaries, they are awesome.

Here is a link to a video about my Tongan HEFY experience in 2012.  #PowerfulFinish #MJ
Ahh, just love you all. Thanks for your prayers and support, it means the world. 
Love, Tor.”
This is Tori’s mom here.  I am grateful for the experiences that Tori is having on her mission.  I know that her experience in Tonga in 2012 opened her eyes as to what a mission might be like.  She was convinced back then…  When the President Monson announced that the mission age was changed to 19 for girls, Tori was already ready to go.  I want to testify that I am so grateful for the gospel of Jesus Christ.  For a knowledge of the Plan of Salvation.  I know that through Christ all things are possible.  Including the things that seem hardest and darkest.  I am eternally grateful for a daughter like Tori and for the opportunity she has been given to share the gospel in Belize at this time.
Have a great week!
Momma P.

2 thoughts on “Can You Meet Me Halfway?

  1. Adair

    Hi Tori I’m about half way through my treatment and know that it is working better than any of the other treatments. but this time it is hitting me harder too. Listening to your stories makes my Tuesdays a better day and treatment more do able. Take care love Adair

  2. Debbie Wood

    Wow, I cannot believe it’s been 9 months! I’m also sure your family feels like it’s been a year! Belize is so blessed to have you there. You are blessed to be there too. What a fantastic opportunity for those around you. You left with a strong testimony and you will return with a stronger one.
    Keep on keeping on. Know in your knower all the goodness you bring to those around you, no matter if it’s a baptism, you are helping them to get closer to our Heavenly Father. Love you, Debbie Wood


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