I’m Happy

“This week has been incredible.

We had a family home evening night at the Che’s with some HEFY kids, it was awesome. To translate for them from spanish to english, just felt like I was back at HEFY, and to share the miracle story of this amazing family. The spirit was so strong and it touched their hearts. Made me realize again what a blessing it is for me to be here.
We had a multi-zone and interviews in Belize and Orange Walk with President this week. They are the sweetest, him and Sister Hintze they just make me feel so loved. I’m so grateful for them. They took us out to lunch so that was a special treat.
I heard David Archuleta’s home. That’s cool.
Nothing makes me happier then knowing my converts are doing good things. Melissa went to church down in Cayo while she was visiting, all by herself, I didn’t have to remind her, she just went. She met my old comp Sister Smith and also Sister Chant. D went on a work trip and to resist temptation from friends he brought his gospel principles book and Book of Mormon to read. 
I bought a pair of 90’s print fish shorts. Living the life.

We had five baptisms and a wedding! Aka I am exhausted. On Friday night we had the baptism of my girls. It was a very sweet service. One is scared of the water, and so she was freaking out a little and her sweet sis said, “I’m right here, you know you want this so bad, you can do it!” They said a prayer before to give her the strength, and she did! They are the cutest little sisters, just a tag team. And they looked like angels that night. When she got out of the water she said, “I feel GREAT!”
Haha! On Saturday  one of the Che’s daughters, Lu, and E got married! I never knew being a missionary also meant being a wedding planner. The Lord prepared me in that way with hours of watching “Say Yes To The Dress” and “My Fair Wedding” with David Tutera and with hours of pinning wedding ideas on pinterest. I blew up at least 136 balloons that day. And I just want to shout out to student council, I made a poster for the wedding and it brought me back to high school days. It was beautiful and Lu was GORGEOUS! Oh my goodness, just a doll! The dress, the hair, the make-up, the bouquet, everything was just perfect! Sister G and I were asked by them to speak at their wedding and so we did. I talked about love, patience, and humility. We had practiced so much this past week with the little flower girls how to walk and everything and it all paid off. Beautiful ceremony. Then we went to the reception and that was so great. They had palm leaves on the gate and it reminded me of the dance I went to when I was in Tonga, they had palm leaves on all the sides. It was so great! I love the Che Family so much, seriously such a blessing! And then on Sunday morning Lu, E, and M (D’s wife, the ones that got married about a month ago, she has seen the changes and is just amazed and wants the same in her life) were baptized. And get this! D and Mi have received the priesthood and so they were able to baptize their own family! Mi baptized his daughter Lu. And D baptized his wife M and brother in law E. It was so special. I have been a teary eyed mess this whole weekend. Just beautiful, beautiful things have happened. I’m so grateful.
Just good all around. And let me just say, I love my comp Sister G, she is a hard worker. Someone who knows how to get the job done!
This past week I wanted to write about something that has applied so well on my mission, “Those who move forward with a happy spirit will find that things always work out.” – Gordon B. Hinckley. I know that when we just take in every moment, breathe a little, realize everything happens for a reason, and remember in the end it’s all going to be okay. Whatever might come our way, we can handle. I know that stressing out, getting angry, or just thinking why me? Are the types of attitudes that can bring us down. Don’t let negativity into your heart. Just don’t worry, be happy. 
You da de bess.
Sister Patt”


2 thoughts on “I’m Happy

  1. Shirley and Steve

    We love reading your blog!! You are an incredibly dedicated missionary! We love you so much! Keep working hard.
    Aunt Shirley and Uncle Steve


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