I Don’t Know Why You Say Goodbye, I Say Hello.‏

“What a WEEK. really an unexpected one… I was certain, CERTAIN I would stay in Orange Walk, like a no brainer. My birthday (slash had plans for my birthday), I only had four changes there, my comp and I were doing good. Just everything was perfect. Then I got the call, “Sister Patt, you’re headed to Corozal and you leave in about a day.”


Not my favorite phone call. Saying goodbye is so hard and I hate doing it, I would rather just disappear. But, I said my goodbyes. Plenty of tears and heart break. But I pulled through. Orange Walk is the area I will forever love, my home. I am so grateful for the time I had there, I truly feel like I did all I could have done and that I found those people that were waiting for me. I have seen lives changed and I have witnessed miracles. My testimony has grown so strong from just being there. I will miss it a lot, but ready for the next challenge. #ILoveOrangeWalk.


DSCN1003 DSCN0979 DSCN0972 DSCN0927 DSCN0933 DSCN0934

My last night was the fourth of July, I lit a piece of like lint or something on fire and attached it to a rope and spun it around, Bro P taught us how. So that was my fireworks for this year. And yes I bought a du-rag. #Word #Spirit.

 DSCN1049 DSCN1056 DSCN1047DSCN1048

Ugh, just hard. I miss it. Weirdly enough after many tears, we went to the last house for goodbyes, and they had the radio on. I sat down and I just was thinking about the change and how scared I was and how I didn’t want to leave… then Roar by KP came on. #LordKnowsMeBest.

But I have a fresh new start, and I love a good change. My new companion is the amazing Sister Jenson. When I showed up to the house we were definitely matching. She knows my cousin Megan Whitehead. #SmallWorld. Also a girl from the HEFY group here knows my cousin Emma. And a girl from the last HEFY group knew my cousin Tanner. #ReallySmallWorld. She is a change ahead of me and has been in Belize for just one change, I am excited to get to work! We have some awesome people.


I am in Corozal 3, luckily I have the same mailing address, because I am in the same Zone, just a different area. And I love it. HELLO to Corozal.

Corozal is BEACH. Gorgeous! Can’t wait to buy a beach house here and live forever here happily ever after.

I mean I have only been here for a few days, so I don’t have much to say, but I’ll get on that for next week. House pics too. #Didn’tEscapeFromTheAnts

I am just blessed, the Lord knows me best. I am happy I get to make even more friends, it’s hard to say goodbye to my other friends, but I know our friendships are eternal.

Thank you for the early birthday wishes, I feel so loved. And old. I am turning 20… it’s that age everyone tells you you’re still young, but you’re really not. #CanIGetAnAmen #Adult

Love you to the moon and back!


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