Matthew 10:39

“Hello everyone! Happy to be writing again.

I just want to say bike problems follow wherever I go, and whichever bike I ride. This past week we went to a cool culture night thing called Arts In The Park. Lots of hippies, Bob Marley, beaded jewelery, reggae music cool thing. It was time for us to head back to the house when our bike lock wouldn’t unlock… Ya. Let’s just say, here is what the key now looks like. Haha!

The Elders came to the rescue. They let us borrow their bikes… couldn’t get on theirs… then that chain kept breaking the way back. Sister M was nice enough to let me use hers for the rest of the ride home. And the elders ended up having to ask a guy to machete the lock off our bikes… typical biking experience. It was pretty funny!

I had a creepy super drunk get way to close for comfort up to my face and stare into my eyes, felt like my soul really, and said, “You’re a Mormon… I can see it in your eyes.” Whoa bro! #BackUpTheTonkaTruck. Yikes!

So you know how the sisters gave me a toad… it’s a huge hit here in Corozal. It has turned into a bit of a trend. Lots of children are bringing me live toads. #ThankYou

So I love my Corozal and Orange Walk sistas. It makes me happy that I have had the chance to really bond with all the girls in my zone.

This past week for my birthday Sister G did interchanges with me and Sister J so that I could go to Orange Walk. #Home.

I don’t think I’ve been happier. I felt SO loved. “SISTER PATTERSON’S BACK!” Like while we were riding around. I saw the Che’s it was a big cry fest of happiness. And Gloria cooked me three chili cheese dogs, and told me to eat as much as I wanted because she doesn’t want to me to starve. Haha!

Vanessa wouldn’t let me go. We reflected on my first moments in Orange Walk. The time she tried to light me on fire, the time she threw rocks at me… Haha! Now we are best friends. Then we saw the Palacios and Sister Ayuso.
Brother P came in the room, “WHITE GYAL!” Haha! I’ve missed them. And we saw (one of the Che’s daughter), Lupita, but in her own house. She made my day. She was anxiously waiting. She had me sit out on a really comfy chair. She brought out a piece of birthday cake and a red fanta, a cup of ice, and she bought me a bracelet from Punta Gorda.
And then shared to Sister Keys how much I changed her life and how much she loves me. It was the sweetest thing ever. All of that was the BEST birthday gift I could’ve received. Oh and Polo is getting baptized this week, I love him, he just is awesome. I took a pic with Sister Keys and I with him.
The work is good. I love these people so much! In the progress of loving the people in Corozal like I do my Orange Walk family. It gave a taste of what it will be like bringing the family next year to meet them. I love it. Ahhh!

And I was told David blessed the sacrament for the first time and Elias got the priesthood. #WhatMakesMeHappy.

This week I watched The Other Side of Heaven. Couldn’t help but think of my awesome bro Cam who is in Tonga right now. #DoWork.

This week I have been touched by a few different things I’ve read. One was a beautiful talk that I need all of you to read. It’s called, “Becoming Perfect in Christ” by Elder Gerrit W. Gong. And I grabbed a scripture from there, and actually it’s mentioned in The Other Side of Heaven. It’s Matthew 10: 39 Which talks about how we can find our lives by losing our lives, for the Savior’s sake. That’s the mission, giving up my life back home for 18 months was not necessarily an easy decision. I know though I have truly begun to find my life, as I have served the Lord. And I plan on serving this mission with all my heart, mind, and strength. #EightMonths.

Also prayers work miracles. We had a few jaw dropping experiences. One of those was the other night we had about an hour, we had gone through all our plan A’s and B’s for the day and felt like there was someone who really needed us. We pulled over on the side of the road and said a prayer asking that God would help us to know who to visit. I said, “amen.” Opened my eyes and right around the corner came our branch president. We talked for a little then he said, “Hey, you guys should go visit Sister A.” We didn’t know who she was, but we went. Sister A has blood problems, stroke problems, and there was something else. She was so happy to see us, she said, she hasn’t received a visit in so long, she felt forgotten, but knew God sent us. We had a great lesson and she was there on Sunday. It had been awhile.

I love prayers.

Know that I pray for all of you. Know that I love you all. And know that we were giving the agency so that WE can make the choices in our lives. So pick the ones that make you and God happy. Eternal happiness! Not temporal happiness. Know that Christ is merciful and forgiving and that He loves you.

Love you all,


One thought on “Matthew 10:39

  1. Adair

    Hi Tori I missed your message on monday and went looking for latest adventures for I needed to hear your wonderful stories of bike problems and the blessing of helping people. you are my inspiration Love adair


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