Top Ten of da Week

“Hello everyone! This week I want to do a top ten list.

1. We definitely had a baptism. Say hello to Fran-cis-cooo! His name is so fun, I just think of the movie Elf everytime I say his name… and more then once I have called him San Francisco. We have been working with Francisco since the first day I got here. He has no greater desire then to follow God. He’s great! We had his baptism on Saturday, he was all smiles… except for in pictures. #HappySmiles.

DSCN1219 RSCN1226
2. Obedience brings blessings, one night Sister J and I got to the house at 8:00 right on the dot, and right as we pulled in ALL the power in Orange Walk and Corozal went out. It was so creepy! Pitch black, then we heard this loud CRACK of thunder, and it was like a strobe light dance party! We hurried and tried feeling around for the keys, put the bikes in the little room we put them in, and ran upstairs. The neighbors brought us two wax candle sticks and a lighter. We stayed up telling ghost stories and ate crackers. #Normal.

3. Like I said last week, the elders gave us their bikes to ride and for about a day, the elders used our bikes. But in more detail, both of our bikes are different shades of pink, they have baskets and bells, and the lock was still on the bikes while they rode around. Haha! Poor Elders.

july 28 (25)
4. Sister M told me, “Sister Patt, you were called to this mission for many reasons, one of those was to entertain us.” #ToriStories #EveryNight.

5. There’s a lady here that gives all the sister nicknames, she calls me “The Mennonite”. And the last sister here was known as Barbie, and I feel a lot of people think I am her. Just going down the street, “BARBIE HOW ARE YOU GIRL! I LOVE YOU BARBIE!” And all this weird stuff. #I’mABarbieGirlInABarbieWorld.

6. Sister J is the greatest. She made me REAL mashed potatoes this week. I was in tears. 

july 28 (43)
7. We are in charge of nursery in the Corozal branch PS. #Babies.

july 28 (53) july 28 (59)
8. Shalee and Momma Hiatt I got what you sent me, I was in tears once more. #IFeelSoSpecial #LoveYouSoMuch

9. Weekly planning is always a good time, J wanted a pic of me with my doodled plans.

july 28 (28)
10. I gave a talk Sunday. Later a girl told me she was so inspired and that I was invited to her baptism in two/three weeks. #Cool

So as always, great week. Can’t believe I have as much time as I have, just trying to soak in every second. This change especially has gone by so quick! It’s already week four. Time flies! Just praying I get another change with Sister J because if not… I am completely lost. Like literally lost, not figuratively.  Worse then Orange Walk. Everyday I seem to forget like… everything. Anyways. The spirit is my gps. 

Love you all, praying for you.



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