Thou Shalt Not Steal

“Well well, another week. So many stories for this week, so I’ll jump straight in.

So let’s start with the craziest of them all. So this last week on Wednesday we had a multizone in Orange Walk, super fun, super fun. We left the house SO early in the morning like around 6:00 we were out the door. And when we got back to Corozal around 4:15 in the afternoon. The bus driver dropped us off at the terminal, but Sister M said, “I think if we wait a little, we will be closer to the house.” Sure enough the bus driver took us to a closer spot to the house, so that was nice. So I had my eyes closed for most of the walk home because I had sunscreen/sweat/dirt/bugs in my poor eyeballs, and so Sister M was leading me up the stairs because I couldn’t see. We get to the top where our door is and I open my eyes and I see our window screen is completely bent and there were wood planks, two two by fours, I’m assuming, on the ground outside.


I have no idea why, but all of us were so calm about it. Kind of like, “Oh hey, someone broke our window. whateves.” Maybe because we were all so tired. So la-de-da, Sister M begins to open the door… then I said, “Hold up, what if we got robbed… and he’s still inside?” The next thing I know Sister P screams, “THERE’S A MAN IN OUR HOUSE! RUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!”

There was in fact a man.

We have never run faster in our lives before. He crawled back out the window but we were in front of him. I believe he got wounded in the process because the old man was limpin’. Sister P and M go to the left of the street and begin to scream for help. And now from Sister J’s point of the story, quote, “The other sisters went to go get help, I watched the man run away… and then I saw, just two feet behind him was my companion!” Hehe… Okay, so here’s my part of this story.

I got to the bottom of the stairs,


and saw this dude running away. And I’m sorry, you don’t rob Tori Patterson, unless you want a piece of this. My first instinct was run him down. Oh my. So I get over to the man, just booking it at him, I was yelling at him (don’t actually remember what I yelled) and I had my fist in the air (probably from all those years of dancing the Irish jig), and I got right behind him. And just as I was about to push off and tackle the dude, a very distinct voice came to my head. I believe it was the Holy Ghost in my mother’s voice, “DON’T you dare.” I immediately stopped. And he ran off into the bush.


We get over to the house to check things out. He must of just gotten over there because he only went through the other sisters room. He stole all of one of the sisters emergency money. Their room was a disaster.

DSCN1252 DSCN1251

When the police man went in my room he said, “You got robbed too!” I looked inside. “Uhh, no officer… that’s kind of actually how my room was left this morning…” #Aca-Awkward.


It was an early morning, didn’t have time to make my bed sorry. That made me just laugh, because I remember when we were robbed in Las Vegas and my mom was so upset our house was a mess when the police man came over, so from then on it was like a clean the house for the next time we get robbed situation.

Anyways, it all turned into a big blessing. The whole neighborhood was there, everyone was so kind and concerned about us.


There is opposition in all things people. None of us were hurt, the things stolen are replaceable, and God is watching over us. So no worries, all is well. We ended up just laughing about it all.

Later Sister P said while laughing, “Patt… do you even remember what you yelled at the guy?” Oh my. Things like, “Get back here! I’m gonna get you buay! Turn back round!” Things like that, my kriol came out. #Sassy.

We took pics, somehow it became a modeling shoot. I was going for the guy on CSI:Miami


and then it turned into America’s Next Top Model, the challenge, Robbed. #Would’veWon.

DSCN1280 DSCN1281 DSCN1284(1)

We got a solid hand print too! Kind of fun, I love, love, love crime shows, so this was the real deal man. Loved it.



We were sent straight to Orange Walk for the night. The elder’s guarded our house. #OrangeWalkSisterSlumberParty.



So ya, no worries, God is always watching over us, even the dumb ones that chase robbers.

We had bars put on the next day. #Safe. And seriously, no worries. No worrying at all. For reals, Corozal is so chill, this probably made the headlines of the newspaper. All is well.


My other story I want to share is our little miracle. We were biking along one day and I had the impression to stop at a house. The lady we normally visit there wasn’t home, so we went to see if anyone was home around back. We went over and found a man stuck in his window. We helped him out and we have actually met the guy before, he is blind. We helped him sit down and he said, “God sent you. I just finished praying someone would find me and help me out.” Wow. I was a little teary eyed. He explained how lately he has felt that God has forgotten him. That to me, proves he hasn’t. The family that lets him live there isn’t actually his real family. His real family left him, and he was informed that they have all died, and they haven’t. We found that out from our friend who takes care of him. We are working with him now, he came to church yesterday and loved it. #SweetAndTenderMercy

I was reading in a Liahona at the church, they have stacks of those magazines there, I believe it was a 2012 one? And I saw my cousin Lauren’s husband, Nick Pass! As a missionary in England, thought that was super cool! #WhatAreTheOdds.


Ya, great week. Spent plenty of time in Orange Walk (three days) and so that is always the best.

God is good. Keep your heads up!

Love, Tor.”


One thought on “Thou Shalt Not Steal

  1. Melinda Ringer

    LOVE your letters Sister Patterson! I chased a robber too – someone stole my purse in the grocery store parking lot and I chased after him! Please be safe! Loved your tender mercy! Pres. Spencer W. Kimball said, “God does notice us, but it is usually through another person that he meets our needs.” Thanks for being so close to the spirit to help meet the needs of others!


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