11 Months.

“So the computer I got this week at the cyber, is not cooperating with my camera… no pictures this week and of course this is the week I have lots of photos to share. It’s okay, next week double! Well, it’s been an awesome week! A lot of good things have happened, and I am excited to share!

So in total this week I spent 16 hours on a bus… SIXTEEN HOURS. Ya, it’s been a crazy week I went to Orange Walk and Belize City twice. So uncomfortable, let me tell ya. But long bus rides leads to great stories of meeting interesting people. One of the rides I sat by a guy who told me how to cook turtle. I wanted to just lean out my window and barf just a little. #ThankYou. Another ride, now this is great, I was sleeping (three hour ride), I’m sure I was drooling or something, like these bus rides just knock you out, you wake up and your companion and the other missionaries have a collection of fifty photos or so of you sleeping right? Anyways, I was passed out, when I hear someone almost whispering in my ear, “Hey, baby girl. Beautiful baby girl! Wake up!” I snapped out of it, like say what, looked up and there’s some creep dude just sitting in the seat in front of me. This dude was super goofy looking. His hair was all over the place, everything. Just made me giggle a little because he was obviously drunk. He was saying hilarious things, “I love your eyebrows baby.” And all these random things, but he kept calling me baby! And I am not a fan of that. So something I am realizing I have learned on the mish, is to have a back bone for when people disrespect. So this guy woke me up and I wasn’t too pleased already and he was calling me baby. I said, “Excuse me, but I ain’t yo baby. So I would appreciate if you would stop calling me that. Call me Sister.” Then he said, “Alright, baby.” Whateves, harmless, he eventually got off. Later I found out he had just been released from jail…. that morning. Holla. Haha! I saw two stores that stood out to me, Tang’s Grocery and Stuart’s Hardware. It reminded me of the Tangs and Mrs. Stuart. #MissY’all. Buses are my little simple pleasure in listening to music too, I heard Ain’t No Sunshine (Shoutout to Eddie Gomez), If I Were A Boy by Beyonce, and Heart Attack by Enrique. #HappyGyal. 

So those are the bus stories.

Other randoms are the fact that a bunny pooped on Jensen in a lesson and it was hilarious, we were dying laughing. 

In Belize they say babies creep, not crawl. #DoDaCreep.

I LOVE surprises. Love, love, love. And one night we had an activity at the church and guess who walked in… DAVID (Che) AND ELIAS (Cowo)! They are so tender. They drive big trucks, and so they were heading down from Chet, passing through Corozal, and they saw the church was open, so they came in to look for me! Ahh, the sweetest. 

I hit ELEVEN months. J hit a year last week. We are old. 

So my eleven months was just the best. We bused out to Belize for district conference. It was all of Orange Walk, Corozal, and Belize City. So you can only imagine. Heaven. Everyone I love was in that room. I couldn’t wipe away my smile. The Che’s, Cowo’s, Novelos, Palacios, Ayusos, Faye and Faith, the Rocas sisters, Mr. Shangai, Ana Campos, Angie, I could go on. I just believe this is what heaven will feel like. I love these people SOOOOO much. SOOOOOO SO so much. And then just. Ahh, hugs, kisses, love, I just felt so special! Gloria had me sitting by her she had her arm around me the whole time, holding tight. She is convinced it is possible for a missionary to get transferred back to where they first started. #OrangeWalk. Haha! She said she was so concerned because I am getting so skinny, so she sent little Tony out in scary Belize City to get me a box of rice and beans with a side of mashed potatoes… during church. Haha! I played with Lexi the whole time. I surprised Sister Ayuso, her face was priceless. Brother Ayuso just wanted to hug me. Haha! Brother P yelled out, “WHITE GYAL!” The Roca girls. Mr. Shangai, mi abuelito! Ahhhh. Just made me so happy. SOOO happy. To see the people I worked so hard with, now active, happy, and thriving in the gospel. THIS is the work. To help people progress to their potential, to help them come to know of the truth, to help them to find true happiness. I just was in tears. I was SOOO happy. So happy. I love Orange Walk and I love Corozal. In Corozal Sister J and I have found INCREDIBLE people, prepared for us, for this time. We are working with a fam right now. My goodness, perfection. Every lesson is just directly guided by the Spirit, they are already seeing the changes in their lives and are just in love with us. Sister J and I are just in love with them, such a cute fam. THIS is the work. In the mission, I just. I’m the happiest I have ever been. 

And a quote I want to share from Howard W. Hunter. It is something that has applied so well to many things this week. “With faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and obedience to his gospel, a step at a time improving as we go, pleading for strength, improving our attitudes and our ambitions, we will find ourselves successfully in the fold of the Good Shepard. That will require discipline and training and exertion and strength. But as the Apostle John said, ‘I can do all things through Christ which strengtheth me.’ (Phillippians 4:13)”

Love you all, keep my Belize friends in your prayers.



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