Another Day, Another Dawn

“Familia y amigos, what UP. I seriously felt as though I wrote just yesterday! Weeks go by so quick and SO MUCH happens. How is it possible? #ConDiosTodoEsPosible. 


So we had changes. I was left in the wonderful Corozal! Woot! Woot! #RaiseTheRoof. And I received an AWESOMEEEEE newbie (to Belize, she has almost 9 months total in the mish), she came straight from El Salvador. The one, the only, Sister Hunter! Sad to see lady J go, she went to Cayo, we had a fun six weeks.

Goodbyes are hard, but the more comps, the more friends. Sister Hunter is from Texas, the poor girl is always asked, “Do you own cattle and wear cowgirl boots?” Or other random stereotype questions about Texas. She is from *Dallas (*The city y’all). And she is hilarious. My face hurts from smiling. And she understands my humor. We are having too much fun together. Love her! And being this is her first area in Belize, it’s like she is starting all over. Different culture, language, food, etc. So as I have always wanted (be a trainer), I am a Belize mom with my, little Baby Hunta. It has been too good! LOVE it. And PS we own the same headband. #MeantToBe.


So their (Sister Call is now M’s comp!!) first night here… no electricity. Welcome to Belize. That’s means one HOT house. They came to the house and we had candles everywhere, they thought it was some sort of initiation… you know like they do in Pitch Perfect? Haha! But, no, just no electricity. That was the worst sleep of my life. Life. Not just mission, LIFE. Holy! No fan, so we were sweating. The sounds of the roosters next door are usually drownded out by the fans, but no fans. So that was from one to four in the morning. At 1:52 there was a little breeze. And at about 3:12 I heard a dog eating a… who knows what. And I literally just had my eyes shut, I didn’t actually sleep, I watched the minutes pass, I have never wanted 6:30 to come faster. Hunter either. We stayed up singing Hunter Hayes and telling mission stories. Also, Sister Hunter is the cute sister I met the night I was going to Belize, so like almost eight months ago. She was the girl who knew Sister Koegler my cousin at the CCM. She told me a lot of things she remembered I told her, her first night in El Salvador, I was dying, she says she has been quoting me her whole mish. I’m not sure if I would actually like to state them here. A lot had to do with stomach/diarrhea probs… But ya, we got a laugh out of that. #WelcomeToTheMish.

I can’t get over just how much I love our family we are working with right now. So many miracles, so many! Just everyday! They are so prepared, we took a pic with them before J left.

I love them a lot. Yesterday was their first Sunday and it could not have gone ANY better! WOW. The talks given were so perfect, they were about sacrifice and what are willing to give up to become closer to the Lord. They knew tons of people already, the children behaved, the members were so loving and there are already friendships built, people helped explain to them… Everything. I just have such a great love for people who go out of their way to love and serve others they do or don’t know. Love that. Best Sunday. And with this family, we have seen the power of prayer. When you pray, and pray in faith, believing you will receive, it WILL be given. I have prayed so many times with them and literal seconds after God blesses them with their needs in crazy ways. Literal seconds. I just have been so amazed. I love them so much.

I had, as usual being a mish, lots of experiences of people trying my faith and beliefs. We have been in some hot seat awkward positions, but you know, there comes a point to, who do you love more, man or God? I stay strong, even when the world around me can’t. I know what is true and I know it because I have prayed about it. I know the Church of Jesus Christ is on the earth again. And we defend the faith, even if my comp and I have to stand alone. It reminds me of the video: “Dare to be a Mormon. Dare to stand alone. Dare to have a purpose firm. Dare to make it known.”

I know that the church is true, I know it will all my heart. And you can know it for yourself, talk to the missionaries, that’s what they are for.

Love you all, stay strong with what ever life throws at you this week, you can do it. #GodLovesYa



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