Short and Sweet

“Okay so I know you’re not going to like me for this, but this week’s update will be tiny. I finally got a computer able to send pics, so my computer hour was devoted towards that. But I love you all so much! Let me give you some of the funs for the week.

I had a bowl of soup the other day… with a whole snout in it. We are convinced it was either cow or pig. I ate some of it, just to say that I did. Nasty man. 

We had the privilege of getting to meet and learn from Elder Durrant, from the General Sunday School Presidency and Elder Duncan, a member of the Seventy. It was incredible! And nothing better then seeing all my comps!  Just missing Ontiveros and Price.  #lovethem


I believe in fasting. Holy miracles. Literally infront of our eyes. Our investigators are doing absolutely amazing.  Frankie was baptized this weekend.  We gave him a tie, some black socks and a Book of Mormon.





Our other little family attended the baptism and is getting so ready.  September 20 is their date.  #Prayforthem.



Sorry this is so short!  Next week more!


Love you all,


Tor Tor”


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