One Year Y’All

“Alright, alright, okay, Here we go, lots of time para escriber man. Okay! Here comes double the stories because last week, lo siento.

And by the way, I got a computer that doesn’t read cameras woop de doo. So I’ll forward some from other missionaries, or sneak on theirs and send a few.

To begin, Las Vegas! I was sitting in a home singing, “I Am A Child of God”, life was great, then I look up at the TV screen and see a landscape that looked quite familiar. Then a big red lettering of “LAS VEGAS” pops up and then flash flood scenes and survivors! WHAT! I was freaking out, it makes me realize how much I do not know what is going on in the world if in my home town desert there is insane flooding? Hashtag please be safe.

Did you know when a lizard’s tail comes off it still moves. I don’t know why but two people have thrown tails at me this week. Holla at yo girl. 

Sister M asked us sisters this week, “What is something we can be grateful for about mosquitoes? There has to be something.” #BlessHerHeart… We have yet to find reason. #EatenALIVE. And yes I use bug spray, and no it does not work. Belizean mosquitoes are vicious. 

Sister Baby Hunter hit nine months, can you meet me halfway?


Grateful for the priesthood and for the elders worthy and willing to help a sista out. I was able to receive a blessing! I was not feeling good at all the past couple days, crazy fever, almost passed out, body aches, you name it, but now I am back on track. Woo! 

Now here is one of the great stories of the week. So as you know about a month ago we were robbed. Okay, so after that we got huge metal bars over everything. Well the other day Sister Hunter and I were leaving, and we began to open the gate, when we noticed it was completely jammed! Someone tried to break in our house that night! Haha, leave us alone man! We awkwardly know the dude, weird situation when you live in such a small town. But ya. We think it was the same guy who robbed us. As everyone knows him, “the man with the limp”. Anyways, whoever it was, they jammed it, so we were trapped in our house. We were stuck in our house till 2 in the afternoon! We had to get someone to come hammer it off and craziness. It was quite the experience. Haha! #LifeOfTheMission. We have a new gate lock, no worries. 


I really love futbol. We play all the time and I love it! The boys always tell me, “You can’t play!” Excuse me. 

Saw that a Step Up 5 came out AND that it was in Las Vegas. Are you kidding me? #Awesome.

I met a guy whose name is Febreeze. 

We were playing dominoes yesterday with Franky and his grandma, and Elder Paulson went to sit down, but their porch is super sketch. Like the wood panels are just barley anything… and he fell through! It was hilarious! He’s a good sport and so was the grandma. We were all dying laughing! Oh and dominoes, I have never played so much dominoes in my life .It’s a huge thing here! And I’m not talking stacking and knocking over, I’m talking the actual game! I’m sorry but I really didn’t know there was a game to dominoes before. Now I sign up for tournaments!


I saw one of my fav members yesterday, a recent convert from the other sisters, her name is Florita. She always calls me, “CANADIAN PIKNI!” And we usually dance around or make up a rap. She is hilarious!

So today we went on a boat out to Los Cerros (Mayan Ruins), this is my second time. Last time I went was with Price. It was fun, other then the mosquitoes! And nothing makes me happier then a thirty minute boat ride. #Heaven

DSCN4804[1] DSCN4739[1] DSCN4758[1] DSCN4725[1]
DSCN4778[1] DSCN4758[1] DSCN4779[1]DSCN4738[1]

So here’s to a little spiritual thought. So just the family we are working with. Just miracles. Miracles, miracles, miracles. I can’t even begin. Like after the mish, I will share it all, but with the amount of time I have on the computer every week, it just isn’t enough. But I’ll share one. So the other night we went over there and the dad wasn’t home. So that usually means he’s out drinking. He turned off his phone too. So we were all freaking out. I told them, “You know what? Everyone get down on your knees, we are going to pray.” We all huddled down, and Hunter offered the prayer. She asked that Elvis would come home, safe, calm, and fight temptation. We get back up, had a little lesson with Ingrid and the kids, then sure enough who came by twenty minutes later. Their little son said, “WOW! Prayer really works!!!” And this is not the first time we have prayed specifically Elvis would come home at the moment, this about the fifth time, and he doesn’t even know and when he gets home he’ll say, “Did you pray?”. It works everytime. Amazing. They are so excited for their baptism, it’s this Saturday! #PrayForThem.

And now… my other thought. I have ONE YEAR on the mission. What in the world. One year sounds like such a long time, but it has flown by! Have you missed me?

I have a picture I want to share, I haven’t really told anyone this because I wanted to wait for my year mark, but on the mish I have become quite the journaler. I haven’t missed a single day of my mission and have somehow successfully finished one whole journal per change. Haha! I think my lack of tweeting, insta, fb, slash social media world has turned to this. But ya, it’s fun to put it all together and see how much I’ve got. #OneYear.


With one year it hits you like, wow. In one year I have been to Mexico, El Salva, and Belize. I’ve learned a second language. I have gained confidence in just talking to whoever whenever. I eat all sorts of things. I am no longer any type of germaphob. I have changed skin tone just a smidge. I have had seven awesome comps, four awesome areas. Just a lot has happened. And I wouldn’t trade a single bit. I especially love that I have changed, I’m still my crazy self don’t you worry, but I have changed. A good change. A change I want to keep. My mind has been opened. Opened to my goals in life, school, now, family. Opened to my plans afterwards, just everything has changed. And I am so grateful for that. As Sister Hunter tells me, “you are a strong independent woman!” I just feel grown up, ready and excited to tackle life. My mission was exactly what I needed in my life. I didn’t know that at first, but I’m grateful I took the chance and went! MISSIONS ARE THE BEST.

The end.

Love, Patt.”

Couple notes from Mom.  There was a flash flood North of Las Vegas last week.  The I-15 was washed out for several miles near Moapa /Logandale which is an 60 miles north of Las Vegas.  It amazed me that no one lost their life when I saw the terrific force of the water.  Where we live, we had some pretty good rain, but no flooding or damage.
Mosquito-borne illnesses and attempted robberies.  #notgood
Oh and Tori has never been okay with the boys telling her she could not play.  Years on a co-ed soccer team.  She gets more determined when she is told she can’t.
Momma P

One thought on “One Year Y’All

  1. Melinda Ringer

    Love you sweet Tori! As I read your post 😦 which sometimes made me sad; mosquito bites, sickness, robberies….. I thought of D & C 122:7 ….all these things shall give thee experience, and shall be for thy good. The son of Man hath descended below them all…..
    We love you Sister Patterson and pray for you!!


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