Let the Rain Fall Down

“And the rain came a tumbling down… my oh my. I once lived in a desert, and I thought I knew what flash flood rain was. Then I came here, and had the ability to swim in the streets. Haha! I loooove the rain here, it has been POURING! One night no one was letting us in, I mean I don’t blame them. We four sisters were the only ones out in the street, it was just POURING like, POURING. I don’t think you all understand. Like POURING! And we were by the ocean, I was feeling as though we were in the ocean! It’s been crazy, I love it. And all week Sister Hunter and I have been singing the Hilary Duff song called Come Clean  “let the rain fall down…”

Hello, hello to all of you! I am happy to announce Elvis and Ingrid got baptized. That had to be the best baptism I have been to. The spirit felt was incredibly strong. I was bawling like a baby! Ahhh, I have waited for this day for so long and it’s finally happened. It is amazing to feel that feeling of, they did it! They have both worked so hard, made so many sacrifices, and have truly been converted to the gospel through the feelings of the Holy Ghost in their heart. It is just the biggest blessing for me to be a part of. After the baptism, they bore their testimonies. Ingrid shared how she is so excited to bring lots of people to the church to do the same thing as her and feel of this love and be a part of this family. Elvis shared how has was a sinner before, but tonight he was born again and grateful for the restored gospel! Tears were shed. It was a beautiful night. I love this family so so so much, and they are so excited to go to the temple in one year to be sealed together forever. #Can’tWait.

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So the randoms,

I met a guy named Shay. So I thought of my girl Shay Shay Hiatt… Bergquist. 🙂

I saw a truck with Connecticut on the side of it, so I couldn’t help but think of my girl Jazmin Rivera.

We have been drinking lots of hot chocolate this week. We are “cold”.

One of Hunt’s essential oils shattered on the ground, so now our house has a nice lemon grass smell. Haha!

OH HOLD UP BEST NEWS EVER, WE DON”T HAVE CHANGESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! I AM STAYING! HUNTER IS STAYING!!!!! Four more weeks at least!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have never prayed so hard for that in my life! #SweetCorozal.

We definitely found a nasty huge dead snake just around the corner from our house… yummay. #DoneDead

We have a super cute new couple we are working with. We went over there to teach them for the first time and they had five to six pages full of notes! Notes I tell you! No one takes notes! They are awesome! #FutureWeddingISee 

Had a pretty hilarious experience on interchanges with Sister Call (who I just love by the way). We visited this lady and as always we ask, “Well sister, is there anything we can do for you?” Usually meaning dishes, laundry, etc. The next thing I know she hands Sister Call her newborn baby, says, “Watch the house, I am going to pick up my daughter from school, and I will borrow your bike.” Uhh. She left us at her house, with the stove on, a baby, and she definitely took my bike… Awks. Hahahaha! We were like, only in Belize! She came back about ten minutes later. Her daughter was in my basket. She goes, “Your chain kept breaking!” I have not had bike probs in so long, but after this experience, everyday… my luck. And the basket was totally beat. But hey, nothing like a good act of service. Makes me laugh.

A little girl hailed us over to her house and said, “Will you sing us a song please?” We usually sing a little church song for her and her sister. She asked in the sweetest little voice, “Do you know we will rock you?” Hahaha, tender! And ya… we sang it. #TheMissionaries.
A sister in the branch fed us this week and it was so nice. I am so humbled when others make food for us, no matter what it is. I just feel so grateful. Hunter and I both felt so loved, it just made us think of our mommas and how much we love them and miss them. #ShoutOutToNolaAndRobin.

Sister Call worked at Cold Stone before the mish and gave me the inside secret on how to make my favorite icecream… cake batter. I’m sure it’s on pinterest or something, it’s not that big of a secret, but I just feel kind of cool for knowing.

There is a burger place here in Corozal and it is so good. I got onion rings as well and I saw someone watching Britain’s Got Talent. Made me think of my dad! #DJTalent

So the week was awesome, and I love the Women’s Conference. I loved Uchtdorf’s talk, I mean who didn’t. I have definitly felt the example he shared on the rain. How the Lord is always pouring his blessings to everyone, but sometimes we put up our umbrellas. I don’t have an umbrella when I am biking around and I just get soaked! It made me just think of that and remembered how blessed I am. I love it! #WomensConference.

Keep being awesome, keep working hard, and please remember God loves you!

Sister Patterson”

One thought on “Let the Rain Fall Down

  1. Melinda Ringer

    Sister Patterson, You are bringing families into the gospel!!! That is so wonderful! You are glowing as you share your “light” to the world and the people of El Salvador!! Keep up the good work!
    All my love,
    Sister Ringer


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