no caps

okay so just my luck this computer that i am sitting on does not allow me to send my photos, the capitalizing doesn’t work and on the actual keyboard the majority of the letters are worn off… so i am so sorry for the grammar, writing, anything errors this email will contain today.

so this week was, as all weeks are, fabulous. we did some fun things and i was spiritually filled with awesomeness listening to conference.

to start, one morning we, as a zone, got up at 4 in the morning and had an early morning bonfire, talk about a good time. the elders are super crazy and creative, it was a successful activity. we roasted hot dogs and marshmallows at 4 in the morning. that probably makes the majority of you gag a little to think of eating hot dogs and marshmallows at 4 in the morning. but when you have been where i have been for so long, it is a delicacy! a hot dog has never tasted so great in my life and i devoured that bag of marshmallows. and the coolest part was sitting around a little fire on the beach, watching the sun rise. it was gorgeous, i live in such a beautiful place. we took some sweet silhouette sun rise shots. it was way too much fun. but then that had to be the longest day of my life. it was a normal work day. so that was a 4 in the morning to about 11 o’clock at night day. hello.

i have become an eggspert. haha, see what i did there. yes, i love making eggs and (that ‘and’ would be in all caps if i could do that on this keyboard) i like to eat them. if you didn’t know i was not an egg person before the mish, bleh. now i am all about the eggs. i love making the kind where you don’t break the yolk, and put the white part over the yolk… ya some eggspert i am, i don’t know what it’s called that i am actually making, but you get the point. i love eggs!

someone told me, ”sister patterson you remind me of a belizean, like your way about you.” ”thanks brother!” ”you also remind me a lot of my cousin, leroy. he is super weird.” ”uhh, thanks brother…” hahaha!

during institute class i watched over the kids of elvis and ingrid, they are the sweetest. ryan pulled out a book with pics of god in in, ”sister patt i chose this book for you to read to me because it has god on it. and i love god!” okay, tender. and ryan always tells hunt and i, ”sister missionaries are the best, they just know everything and play lots of games and sing!” #ilovebabies

we met a bit of a crazy man this past week whose name is juan john. he told us at least ten times, ”my name is juan john and i speak spanish and english.” ”well nice to meet you…” ”my name is juan john and i speak spanish and english.” he eventually pulled out a box of chocolate cocoa puff cereal and shared with us. i actually put one in my mouth… bad choice. naaaasty. he also tried to pay me a shilling (belizean quarter) for saying a prayer for him.  it was one of those guys that just make your day.

i don’t think you all realize what the mosquitoes are like here. there is constant splattered blood on me. it’s nasty. if you hold still you will (that ‘will’ would be in caps if i could on this keyboard) have at least ten on your arm, ten on your face, ten on your neck, legs, etc. they are horrible little creatures.

this is one of those things normal for me, not normal for you. we helped this lady one day look for one of those big (again, ‘big’ would be in caps if it were possible) beasty snakes in her house. we found her as she was cleaning out her house and freaking out. we did some deep searching, but couldn’t find it. but she is super great!

met a family that has at the minimum 30 cats. their house was crawling.

i know my mom won’t like this but this week i have been stopping and talking to basically all the sketch men that have been disrespecting us. hissing at us, yelling nasty nast comments, looking at us like meat. i’ve had it. and i have put some grown men into their place. like holla at yo boy don’t be hissing at a church girl, ya hear? #lilnaaaastys #respect.

there is some lady that sells empanadas and she is now stalking hunter and i. we bought one and now we are stuck. enough that she found us one night at the church and pulled us out to sell us empanadas! hide yo kids, hide yo wife!

someone said to me, ”i love the hairs on your eyes.” that’s one way to put it… #eyelashes.

so i want to share to finish an awesome spiritual experience sista hunt and i had last night. we went out to contact and i just felt impressed to pull over, we did. yelled at the home and out came a grown man. we asked how he was doing, he said bad. in that moment they were grieving, his father had just passed away earlier that morning and they were trying to comfort his mother. we asked if we could sing to her. we walked inside and instantly i hugged the sweet old lady. she held me tight and just sobbed. we sang and prayed, the spirit was so strong. and we definitely helped comfort them and we left them peace. it was just a special witness to me, that the lord guided us there at that moment, i felt like we were two angels of comfort sent to help out. nothing is better than being guided by the spirit and nothing is better than feeling the spirit. ahhh, love.

well time is up. love you all and can’t believe it’s already october!

sista patt

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