Who Sent You?

“Family and amigos! I am about to run through everything in the week, here it goes!

Monday: We watched the movie “The Testaments” with Elvis, Ingrid and Ryan… tears were flowing. I love these people way too much. Love, love, love. All of us were so touched by the spirit, I love that movie. And it just reminds me that, yes the Book of Mormon is true! #FindaMissionaryAndWatchIt

Tuesday: Started the morning with showering with a little bucket of water. What’s normal for me, is not normal for you. Hunt ran in the room after her shower and said, hurry there is water! I ran in, jumped in… drip drip drip. Luckily there was a tiny… okay not even a bucket, it’s a bowl we use to clean our clothes in sometimes. It had been there so it had water… I wisely used the water left and successfully showered. Thank goodness too, it was a sweet and tender mercy for many. #IStink. Other than that, I had hiccups for most of the day and we finished the night with eating at this diner that is straight Bob Marley everything, air conditioning, and so peaceful. I got a shrimp basket. #Heaven.

Wednesday: We had interviews with President Hintze! <Cough, cough> there is a 50/50 chance for me staying or leaving back to El Salva… please begin praying I stay here for a change more. Thanks! It is always the best being with the Hintze’s, as well as the cute new senior couple up in our zone, the Alikos. Oh my, can you say the best senior couple ever?!  I can’t get enough of them, they are so awesome! We went to lunch and the place we went had October decorations, it reminded me that everywhere else in the world right now is cold, yet I still live in an extremely hot place… year round. On the bus home… oh man. The music playing was just… made me little heart melt. I was in heaven. Imagine Dragons, Lorde, Ellie Goulding, Mumford, etc, etc. A little sweet and tender mercy for me. Finished the night finding ourselves in a little futbol tourney. The guy told us it was unfair because hunt and I were playing against him and two elders… mentioned something about, he might as well be in a skirt as well…. ya. We kicked his trash, 5 to 0. Haha, Sista H and I are the same in that we don’t take smack talk, and we will defeat. Holla at your girl. 


Thursday: We had a cool experience with what I shared like last week about the feeling to pull over at a certain house, and it turned out that hours earlier was the passing of her husband? Okay, so we have been visiting them, I love their family. Before we left one of the sons said, ”You know I have been thinking about it, no one knew about my dad had passed away yet… who sent you? Sunday night, who sent you?” A simple reply was followed, ”God.” We bore powerful testimonies that we know God sent us that night. The spirit was so strong in the room. Loved that experience. I know missionary work is all done with and only with God, it is such a blessing to be a part of this great work.

Friday: Got eaten by ants… so painful. 

Saturday: Hunt has 10 months! Baby is growing up! We fasted this day. #FastingTrulyBringsBlessings. We met incredible and positive people! My friend Elmo who is talented beyond talented made me a carving! It’s me as an angel. Such a treasure! #ILoveIt.

We had such a goood visit with Elvis and Ingrid and the kids. Then I found myself just deeply pondering that night… I love Corozal. So much. So, so, so much.

DSCN1957 DSCN1566

Sunday: So I want to share this super cute story. In Relief Society they talked about raising our children in the gospel truth. Ingrid shared that Ryan and Reyna this past week wanted to listen to music. Reyna wanted a certain song, but Ryan said, ”Reyna, we aren’t going to listen to that, that is our old music we used to listen to. Now we will listen to our new music!” And he played “I Am A Child Of God.” These kids are seriously the cutest, I have a million stories about everything they are doing. They are examples to not only me and Hunt, but also Elvis and Ingrid. They are little angels. 

DSCN1883 DSCN1885

And today we played football and futbol as a district. 

Love my life, love all those in it. Please continue being awesome. And I’d ask that you would please keep my dear sweet friend, Sister McCulloch and her father in your prayers. Thank you.

Till next week!


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