Belize Will Always Be a Part of Me.

“So my thoughts are extremely scattered today and I am having a hard time writing out an email and focusing. Haha! Sorry, you’ll soon see why.

I want to share a few randoms first, 

Well this week Hunt was sick. We stayed home a lot, poor girl. But that also made me improve my skill of making macaroni and cheese. Because that was her craving. Back home I am not the macaroni maker, Cam is. I do not have those skills. And Jay is the ramen maker. I was well… the McDonald’s picker upper girl in the family. Anyways. I have multiple experiences with making macaroni and not being successful. I remember the time I made it for my girl Elle (Stott) Lovato, and I accidentally used rotten milk. The time I was babysitting, weevil larva expired nastiness. And just. The list, there is a list. But this week, man. I have never tasted better mac and cheese. Maybe because I was starving, but wow. Fabulous.

Who wants to learn a kriol phrase for the week? “Wat time uno gwen?” (What time are you going?)

The Che’s now have a fruit stand outside their house, SO cute! #LOVEThem

We went to Belize City a lot this week, Sister Tague and Elder Tague who I love took us to “America”. There is a store there that is just like America. I was in tears. I am not joking. Overwhelmed! I was in shock, it reminded me of what real stores look like and they had a beautiful Christmas tree up. I bought chips ahoy cookies with oreo filling. It was a dream come true!

Cute little Ryan told us this week a story I want to share. Ingrid said that they were running late to get Ryan and so when Elvis got to the school little Ryan was the only one at the benches. Elvis saw him with his arms folded, eyes closed. He was praying. When he opened his eyes, he saw Elvis and cried he was so happy! It was tender! Ryan told us, “My prayer worked!” #YouHaveToMeetThesePeople #ILoveThemWayTooMuch.

So time is cutting out… so the news.

This morning I was told…

I’m heading back to El Salva… 


Time to go back to where I was “born”. 


Yes, the day came. Heading back to the ES. 

I love Belize. I love, love, love, love, LOVE. Belize. I’m crying writing this, because well, this is just not real! I love these people! I love this country. I have grown so much as a person here, and it’s going to be killer this week packing up. Ahhh, don’t really want to talk about it really right now. It’s just tough. But I am so grateful for the time I have had here. I have been blessed, I have stayed longer than most sisters. I truly am blessed. I love Belize. I love my mission. Just onto the next adventure, true? Well, I will be leaving Tuesday, I believe at like 5 o’clock. So if I don’t email for some time, it’s probably because it’s going to be crazy with getting to my new area, comp, etc. so no worries. I love you all. 

God loves these people here. God loves each and everyone of us… I have seen miracles. I have been used as an instrument in the hands of the Lord. Miracles. I love Orange Walk and Corozal. Alright, the waterworks are over here in this little cyber…

Love you all, keep being awesome! El Salva here I come! (Can’t WAIT to see Sista Koegler!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Sista Patt”

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