“Good morning everybody! 

So changes always tend to be crazy, that’s what I love about Pres Hintze. I mean, I had the time where I got the call about 11pm that both my comp and I would be leaving and that we were to be at the church at five in the morning, packed. There was the time I was told I was going to Belize just outside of my twelve week training. There was the time I was sent to Corozal, somewhere I would’ve never guessed I’d go! And now this. So here’s what went down. On Monday Elder Tague said, “Patterson. You’re going to El Salvador. Don’t cry.” Haha! I did. Just a little. So Monday, Tuesday. Tuesday I went all the way to Belmopan for the entire day and did paper work to go. Wednesday, I’m set on packing/planning/etc to be ready. I hate telling people I’m leaving, it’s the worst thing ever. So I hadn’t told anyone, I figured I’d wait a little. Then, Wednesday afternoon I got a call, “Patterson, good news or bad news first?” “Good!” “You’re not going to El Salvador.” “WHAT.” “Bad news is you’re still around to mess with me!” Haha! Oh Elder Tague. He’s the senior elder in Belize City. We are bffs. And Sister Tague, I love them! So ya, not going to El Salva, so then we were thinking, sweet! I’m staying because, now for sure, next change I’ll head back to El Salva. And we figured Hunt and I would stay together because I’ll just have one more in Belize. Nope, got a call Saturday night. “Patterson you have changes.” “Uhh huh… okay Elder Tague.” “No, seriously. You have changes. You’re going down South. Be packed by Tuesday.” Yep. Can you believe it?

So this change they are doing it differently. Normally in that phone call you know who your comp will be, and where you will be put. Now, those who have changes are just going to pack, and we’ll head down to Belize City, and they’ll announce it there. Ya. 

Hahaha, I love it! The suspense is killing me. 

And then let’s get the point also that this week has been tears. Poor Hunt has a headache from crying! I do as well. And Elvis said he does too! Hehe. I love Corozal. Love, love, love. So the way I announced it… oh man. They told all the missionaries who were leaving to come up and bear their testimonies at church. So I get up there… “Good morning everybody… I…” Tears. HaHa, I could not keep it together. Shared my testimony, a scripture. Oh man. I just looked in the crowd (with my blurry eyes) and saw all of the faces. Faces I saw the first time I gave a talk in Corozal, I remember thinking, I don’t know anyone here! Now, they’re family. That’s what I love about Belize, the branch takes you in, and you’re family. So much love! I will miss it. I got down back to my seat, pulled out my roll of toilet paper I brought, because I knew it’d be a tough day. Ingrid grabbed my shoulder and said, “it’s all going to be okay sister.” I heard Elvis sniffling. Reyna held my hand. And Ryan said, “I’m sad you are going sister patt.” “I said, it’s okay, we are friends forever, right?” “Right.” It was nice actually because I was able to say goodbye to everyone at the church. Lots of pics.

DSCN2231 DSCN2228
We had a little halloween thing go down. Well, it got cancelled. It’s a Belize thing, if it’s raining the event is cancelled, you should just know that. But we of course, go to everything no matter what. So ya, the missionaries went… dressed up… no party. Whateves. #StillFun

DSCN4915[1] DSCN2182 DSCN2186-2 DSCN2180-2 DSCN2181-2
We have spent every night at Elvis and Ingrid’s. Lots of fun family home evenings. We did a Christmas night. We drank hot chocolate and watched Joy To The World. We did a missionary night, we made tags for everyone.
DSCN2161 DSCN2159  DSCN2152 DSCN2149
Ryan told us all his plans for the future. Go to school, get married. Build a house for his wife and his sister. Go work at the bank. And go on a mission. He is quite stressed on how he is going to do that all, but I’m sure he’ll figure that out one day. HaHa, so cute! Last night, so cute, Ryan prayed and said, “God, I want you to know that I love Sister Patterson. And that I am really going to miss Sister Patterson. But I won’t forget her God. I will always remember her, in my heart.” Tears.
So I I brought over a huge garbage bag full. books, clothes, magazines, hair ties, nail polish, etc. I just love these people, I just want to give them everything I have! But what was cool is that Ingrid said, “This was an answer to my prayers!” Lately she has just felt uncomfortable in her clothes, she wants to dress more modestly. And so she told Elvis yesterday, when we get some money I need some new modest clothing! And here came a big bag full! Sweet and tender mercy! We also gave Elvis a tie, it’s his first one! And batteries for their remote, I didn’t even know they needed them, but I threw a pack in! I gave Ryan a little Plan Of Salvation puzzle he loved. And little Reyna quickly grabbed the lotions and nail polish and scurried off to her room. HaHa!  I love nothing more than giving.

I think that’s why I love the mission so much. It’s all about giving. Giving yourself to the Lord. Giving up your old life to be put who knows where in the world. Giving of your time and efforts. Giving up your fears. Giving all you have to be a perfect instrument in the hands of the Lord. Giving, just about everything. I love being a missionary. There is nothing better. I know that this gospel is true and I know that it can bless every single person. I have seen it with my own two eyes. I have seen miracles! 

I’m excited to find out the new comp and area, I’m sure I’ll love it. Just happy I’m still in Belize. Surprise, surprise! 

And just a last shout out to my comp, Sister Hunter. I couldn’t have been more blessed to have her with me at this time of my mish. She has taught me so much. Especially how she is just a giver. All the time she is giving. Service especially. She is selfless and cares more about others then herself. She is awesome, and I love her a lot. I will miss her like crazy. But happy we finally found each other on earth, and the friendship will continue. Love you Baby Hunt!

DSCN2188 DSCN2250
Love you ALL. Lots of love. Lots, lots, lots. Please continue to keep me in your prayers, I appreciate it!

Love, Patt.

PS next email we will be writing on Tuesday.”

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