“Oh man. So this week has been bien loca! So I’m sure you’ve been dying to know all the detes! So let me at it!

My new area… BELMOPAN! (Capital of Belize!) Shoutout to Sister Call, I am in your old area. I love and miss you! 

My new comp… SISTER RODRIGUEZ! (Cutest little Peruvian you ever will meet.)

My new house mates… SISTER PEREZ (Otra vez! Woooo, I love her! #CorozalSistas) and SISTER SLATER (She is the coolest cat on the block man! Love her already. We have been jamming every night. She has her uke and guitar. And she knows most of the weird music I know and love, like Summer Vibe by Walking Off The Earth… nobody but Brittany Taylor and I know that song! Haha! Nope, Sister Slater too. #Hippies.)


My new house…. FABULOUS! (It’s the nicest I have had yet on the mish!)

DSCN2279 DSCN2285

The shower… STILL COLDER THEN EVER! (The mish.)




The food… I FOUND A&W ROOTBEER AND QUESO DIP (where it all started)!

Anything else? Well, yes. I am loving Belmopan, I now have a week here, and I am already head over heels. Leaving Corozal was so hard though… 


I just want to say, I love so many people there. Saying goodbye to Elvis, Ingrid, Ryan, and Reyna, was the hardest for sure. I love you!! But the blessing is, I know it’s only a see you later! We will be reunited soon. Keep staying strong and awesome!!

So Belmopan is different for sure. There are some areas, which are super modern, weirdly reminding me of Las Vegas, like the layout. The roads are paved, the houses are nice, just different from what I have seen in Belize. Then there is our other part of our area, which is what I normally see, simple and cute homes. We also have what we call “the jungle” part of our area. My goodness. Seriously, a jungle. I fell into so many mud piles, got stuck so many times, millions of mosquitoes, it has been AWESOME. Quite the adventure! I have loved it.

My companion, Sister Rodriguez, is so sweet! She is learning English, so I am helping her, she doesn’t believe it, but her english is great! And she loves my Spanish, haha I don’t know about that. She keeps asking me, you learned so fast, how?! I guess it made me step back and just look at the miracles I’ve received from God with my Spanish. It has come so far. I can talk to people! I remember going into the CCM only knowing the word queso, and I had “yo quiero taco bell” memorized as well! I’m so grateful that on my mission I have been able to learn a language, it has helped push me a little more! I love Spanish! So yes, she is super cute, I love her. Here is a picture of us, from this morning! 


By the way in Belmopan, man. It is COLD. I love it I have not sweated at all here. Like, miracles. You don’t understand, and I wear cardigans! I’m talking 60 – 70 degrees some days. We also had a lot of rain, therefore the mud.

Okay, so I want to share an absolute incredible experience I had this week. I have been really pondering on why Belmopan, why not El Salvador, you know? Like why does the Lord need me here now?  So I come into the area and I ask like who are we teaching, working with, etc. And there was nothing much. They had one investigator that just was what we call an old investigator, just kind of stuck on things, not praying to know if it’s true, etc. He is known for extremely long lessons, thousands of questions, and just stuck. So I wanted to meet the guy. His name is Egner, he’s 20 years old and he is great! His one true desire is to serve the Lord. So we get in a lesson and the elder we brought with us talked for most of the time… Answering question, after question, after question. Eventually he asked a question I have never gotten on the mish, and I’ll be honest, I wasn’t completely sure how to answer it. But I had the strong impression to answer the question, just open my mouth. I said, “Elder, I can answer that.” I then began to speak, the words were directly placed in my mouth. It was incredible. Afterwards he paused, nodded his head and the lesson went on. Then we came back two days later with the Mendenhalls (senior couple. super great!). And we got into the lesson and Egner told them, “Actually I have been thinking about baptism, and Sister Patterson really helped me the other day with a huge doubt I had… but now I don’t have that doubt.” We invited him, and he accepted a baptismal date. Dude. The spirit was so strong. When we got back in the Mendenhall’s car, Elder M teared up and said, “I KNOW, there are changes for a reason. It’s not that Sister Rodriguez was not doing a good job. It’s just, I know there are people prepared for certain missionaries. Sister Patterson, YOU are meant to be here, at this time. At this place. And for that person.” Wow, it has been an incredible week so far. Belmopan is already spitting out miracles! I love it!

I wish you all a fabulous week! Can’t wait to write again! If you want to write me like handwritten letters, send them to the El Salvador address, most likely I’ll be there in six weeks, that and also Pres Hintze will be here for Thanksgiving, so if you send it there, he can bring it to me. But, ya whateves.

Love you all! Have a good week! Remember to pray and stay classy.


One thought on “Belmopan

  1. adair

    Hi Tori love your message this week.
    I’ve moved to hospice where I will stay Garry and Bella come everyday to see me and Both of them can spend the night if they want too.. The hocpise is at UBC on. The edge of the city so I’m in the forest and can see the sunset at night. when I go dinner I can watch it set.
    The food is great and it is a brand new facilty. And they take great care of me too. I’m off to dinner love you you are doing great work love Adair


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