Belmopan has Miracles Too!

“Oh my. I love just everything. I am so happy! I guess today I got so caught up in reading emails that I don’t have much time to write. But I do want to share some miracles. And by the way, can’t thank you enough for the emails this week. Love you all!

This week has been great we did some crazy surprise partays for our sis Sister Slater, she turned 20! Love her, we are bffs. She’s the best.

And on interchanges with Slate, we got lost in the jungle… When I say I got lost in the jungle, I’m talking Indiana Jones people. This isn’t your get lost hiking on a camping trip. I am talking lost for FOUR hours in the jungle… Ya. Our original plan was contact some homes for thirty minutes then eat lunch… My bad, I got curious about this one road, and before you knew it. LOST. Haha, we prayed two times, and the Lord helped us out. But while we were out in the bush, I just kept thinking, “Fear not, I am with thee.” And it reminded me no matter where we are in the world the Lord knows where we are. My mother might not have known where I was, but God did. And we were protected. #Blessings #AndAdventure.

So ever since I got to Belmopan I have had the weirdest impression to talk with our neighbors. Just strong feelings towards talking to them, everyday. And so I told Sister R and we headed over there one night. Earlier this week my comp and I fasted for new families, prepared for this gospel… let’s just say we found one of them. We introduced ourselves, we came in. And I looked at the dad, he looked familiar. I said, “Bruddah, do you have any relatives in Corozal?” “Ya.” “Are you a Gilharry?” “Ya man!” “Do you know a Francisco Gilharry?” “That’s my nephew!” Hahaha, dude! We baptized Francisco in Corozal… and now I live next door to his uncle! What a small world! It turns out they just moved to Belmopan about a month ago. Three awesome kids. The spirit was so strong, the friendship was made, and they sent us out the door with a bucket of icecream (he’s an icecream man). Ya. Miracles, little by little. Later his wife told us, “you are the nicest people I have ever met in Belmopan… maybe even Belize!”

We also had a miracle, last week two boys came to church that lived in our area, we went to find them this week and found them and their mom, two sisters, and next door neighbor. Three of the girls came to church this week and just LOVED it. We are starting to teach them, they are cute teen girls. And their mom is so sweet. So excited! They are looking for unity and love in their home. Can’t wait to get working!

Then another man came to church, brought by a member friend, and he is just awesome and looking for direction in life. He was just placed in our paths, love it.

You know, when I got here, I was told we had one investigator and no one was progressing. And now! Man. Sister R and I have been praying so much, fasting, and being super obedient. Exact obedience brings miracles in the mission. She is ten times more obedient then me though, haha. She helps me a lot. And hey look I am not super bad, I’m just talking about a five minute snooze button hit every other morning. She gets up at 5:30 sometimes just to make sure she gets extra study time. Ya man. She is awesome. And I have loved working with her! We are seeing the fruits of our labors. This week we have five progressing and four at church! Last week one at church, two progressing or something like that. Miracles man!

So about the story I shared last week, I had one of the most spiritual experiences on my mission. Like it hit the top ten most spiritual experiences list. We visited Egner, and out came the doubts again. We said, “Egner, have you prayed? Read?” Nope. So I said, “Man, you will never know if these things aren’t true if you don’t pray about it. Never. We can tell you what we know to be true, but that won’t get you far. You have to ask your Father, your Father in Heaven.” He agreed. Then I said, “Then Egner, get down on your knees right now.” I immediately got down on my knees. They looked at me, then Egner and Sister R got on their knees. And after a long pause and a deep breath Egner began to pour out his heart and soul… for fifteen minutes straight. The words used in his prayer were powerful and personal. The spirit was so strong. All of us sat outside in that jungle and just wept. It was beautiful. He said it was the first time in his life he ever actually communicated to God in that way. I stood up and just… Oh man, good thing it was dark, my makeup was everywhere. Keep praying for Egner, we know he can be baptized this month, he is ready. Just needs to keep praying and needs your prayers. “Doubt your doubts before you doubt your faith”.

I love this work, I love these people. God loves the people in Belize, let me tell you. Miracles everywhere I go! I am so grateful for the blessings I have received being a missionary here. Keep praying and leaning on the Lord. Love you all!!

Sister Patterson

PS. Oh and shoutout to my girl, Bailey Bennett heading out on her mission in March to Mongolia! So proud of you!”

Belize Nov 2014 009

Photo from Multizone Conference in Belize.

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