Angel Airmail

“This week has been a miraculous week, I have been tasting a little bit of heaven. Just sweet, sweet miracles have been witnessed. Angels round about us, let me tell you.

Where to begin is always the question.

Funnies first.

We have a theory for telling how long you have on the mish in this mission. In the first few months, if you find bugs in your mac and cheese, you throw it away. A few more months in, you pick them out, and the last couple months… you just eat them. Aka me this past week. Hahaha, I just don’t even care anymore. #TastesLikeChicken.

We had such a special multi zone with the Belize mish this Monday. Loved it. It was such a fancy dinner. I guess I was little more than embarrassed when I didn’t remember how to use a knife to scoop food on my fork slash how to use a fork. I was totally all hands. Yikes. As most all of the other missionaries there were too. #WelcomeToBelize. I always eat with my fingers! Can’t wait to go on dates after the mish. I’m a keeper…

We had a family fun day and all the elders from Dangriga came. I played futbol from 9 to 5. Loved it. Some of the elders trashed talked… there wasn’t much of that after we beat them like 10 to 4… he he.

A man stopped me in the street asking me to help him find a music store. I could tell he was from Europe or somewhere so I asked. “Where are you from brother?” “Europe, you should visit sometime… Just you. Like visit me.” “Uh.” Nothing like getting hit on by a forty year old French man to start off the day.

Okay, so Egner is doing good, I have so much faith in this kid that he can do it! I read Alma 31 this week, and I am praying in faith my brother Egner’s heart can be softened. I love that chapter and how Alma always prays with faith. He needs your prayers too!

One of the sister’s miracle stories in the other sister’s area that I have been able to be a part of goes as so, a while ago sister slater found a card in her purse with a name and a number on it. She has no idea how it got in there (#Angels), but she had the feeling to call. And that’s how they met Iznarda and her fam. Iznarda is a miracle all around. She’s just. I don’t know how to explain it. But I did interchanges this past week and we were encouraging Iznarda to get married, and just I mean, it was modern day Princess Esther. She was so scared as to what her husband would say. And we promised her, if she asked him, his heart would be softened, and he would understand. So right after, RIGHT after we said that her husband pulls up in the car. Comes over, and she goes, “Babe. I’ve been thinking… I want to get married.” He paused, got teary eyed, and said, “I have been waiting for this, of course.” His prayers were answered too. They are getting married THIS weekend. It’s hard for me to communicate that experience, but let me tell you it was a miracle in itself. We are helping the sisters with the wedding. It will be great! I love them!

Another miracle is our sweet, sweet Marvin. Marvin is a miracle. Wow. So we have been teaching him these past few weeks, we found him through a member a few weeks ago, and he is easily the most prepared person i have ever taught on my mish. Just is so certain about everything, not a single doubt, and just trusts in the Lord with everything. The spirit has touched his heart so much. He is getting baptized this Saturday. He is someone who now has this light about him, he glows. I love seeing that in the people I teach, that light in their eyes. He has the craziest stories too. At one point in his life he was shot SIXteen times. He showed us all his scars one day, it was crazy, and he lived. And he is so determined to find salvation through Jesus Christ and he has so much faith. I love him, he is so sweet! He is originally from Honduras. But came to Belize just a few months ago, I know Rod and i were meant to teach him. He is like our older brother. He is automatically seeing the blessings from obeying the commandments, and knows it’s true. Last night the elders asked him,”Entonces, como esta con las hermanas? Ellas estan ensenando bien?” Like how are the sisters, are they teaching you well? And he got teary eyed and began to express how patient, loving, and Christ like we are to him. And that we are his only true friends. It was so special. Ahhh, this work is too sweet! 

One night we were teaching Marvin in kind of a sketchy place at a park. It was raining so we went under this shelter thing.  And we were teaching, and right beside us were two drunk men. One was laying down on the ground right behind my comp and the other drunk man, was just behind that guy. We were having a really good lesson, but as always, Satan works on us, trying to distract the lesson. In this case, it was one of the drunk men. He began to yell super sketch things about God and just, it wasn’t good. Then he started foaming at the mouth. Then barfed everywhere… Marvin couldn’t see him, he was so focused on the lesson. My comp was talking to him, and i was watching this drunk man just feeling so sad for him… why do people put themselves through that, it’s just so sad. So in my head, I said a prayer. i asked my heavenly Father to make him go to sleep so we could teach peacefully. Like a minute after i finished my prayer, the man put his head down and slept. A prayer was answered. Don’ t drink, it makes Sister Patt very sad. But something that makes Patt happy, I want to share Marvin told us, he feels if he doesn’t go to church, it’s like he is dying. He loves it so much. And one Sunday we found out his ride had already left, but he ran and found a taxi, just to make sure he was there. #LoveThat.

Sunday miracle. We got a text Saturday night from a number we didn’t know he was asking for a “Snr. Peterson”. Haha, I texted back, “Sister Patterson?”,  “Oh yes! You are a Mormon missionary right?” So we got texting and we said we would pick him up for church the next day. I was trying so hard to remember who it was, but couldn’t. It was worse when we picked him up and I still had no clue, and I have gotten so good on the mish with memorizing names, addresses, and faces. Turns out we never did meet! His name is Carson. He wanted to check out the church and through one of our old investigators he got my name and number. He came… paid fast offerings by himself… sang… learned… LOVEd it. And told us, “Well you will definitely be seeing me more often.” I couldn’t believe it. This guy is SO prepared. He actually grew in the Mennonite faith, his mom never let him go to the “Mormon church” but he always wanted to go. So now he lives on his own and wanted to go! So I ask, “Hey do you know a Raquel Burgess? She’s up in Corozal right now.” Ya, they are like bffs. I have turned into my mom. My mom, if you are from Southern Alberta, I can promise you she knows your second cousin and is related to your aunt or something. She is always so good with connecting families like that. And that is me with Belize. All the time, I am matching fams from Orange Walk, Belmopan, and Corozal. It’s so cool!

 Another miracle. About a week ago, my dear sweet Aunt Adair passed away. I love my Aunt Adair, and on the mission we became very close, writing letters, emails, etc. And so it was obviously super difficult for me to hear about her passing. And I had heard about one of my best friend’s father’s passing too and I was just having a rough week. Death is tough. And I just felt that pain. But gained peace and comfort through prayer. Anyways, on Wednesday this past week I was told I had a postcard. When it was put in my hands, I felt like someone was hugging me. This insane peace and comfort overcame my heart and whole body, I turned it over to see who it was from… my Aunt Adair. Teary eyed I read the words, just encouraging me to have a good week and that she was thinking about me a lot that week and when she saw that postcard she had to buy it for me. I saw when it got to Belize, it was the day she passed away. Angel airmail. I will always treasure that. I know I will see her again, as well as my grandma, grandpa, and all my other loved ones that have passed. I know it.

I love my mish, I love miracles, and I love feeling so close to my father in Heaven.

Keep being good, love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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