Feeling GREATful!

“Well, I feel like I barely just wrote, which is true. Yet so much happened from Wednesday to now. 
This weekend we held a wedding and seven baptisms as a district. A lot of hard work really paid off. The sister’s investigators, Isnarda and Rudy got married. Then Isnarda and her two girls were baptized that night, as well as the elder’s investigators and Marvin!
The day was so great, no stress. Probably the less stressed baptism/wedding/everything I have ever been too. If you know me I am a wedding nut. I love weddings. Love, happiness, couples, all that jazz. And so the sisters put me in charge of decorations, helping out.
It was so much fun! Short and sweet. Such a beautiful family. I loved it. Isnarda that talented woman whipped up her own dress in two nights. Love her.
The girls were so happy, it was Madeline’s dream come true. T
DSCN2465 DSCN2446-2
he baptism service was so spiritual, so many people that night. Slater and I sang and it was really good, I have never sang in front of people like that, but it was so much fun. We did a Oh Come All Ye Faithful mashup. After the mish, we’ll sing it and post it or something. We plan on singing on the Vegas strip for fun one night after the mission. See if we get tips. Haha! Slater is awesome on guitar and on the uke.
Marvin was so happy, SO happy. To see someone who has truly applied the atonement in their life and has changed for the better… it’s incredible to see. Marvin also bought a bike this week so he can go to church. I sent tons of pictures home this week, so enjoy!
Might I add, I am freezing. Dying cold…. and do you know the temperature… 76 degrees. Oh my. I will be dying when I go home, it’s official I am Belizean. I was reading in my journal, now that I have over a year, I can read what I did that day last year, and last year I wrote about how Hermana Ontiveros was freezing and I was like, “This isn’t cold, it feels so good, you’re crazy.” She told me, “Just you wait, one year and you’ll understand.” Ate my slice of humble pie on Thanksgiving day when I pulled out my combat boots, scarf, cardigan, leggings, everything. Love you O!
DSCN2441-2 DSCN2435
I put up Christmas lights and made Christmas things, oh how I love this season we are jumping into.
Went to go help translate in Young Womens, and being in that class just reminded me how much I LOVED Young Womens and how grateful I am for the leaders I had. I love you all SO much, you know who you are. It just was a flashback of memories. Because of many of those leaders, I am here in Belize right now as a sister missionary. Love you all!
Just so grateful for my family, my mission, Belize, my companion, my house mates, my best friends, the people I have met on my mission and will cherish forever, my life, everything. SO blessed and so grateful. Just soaking in every last minute I have of this incredible journey I have ventured into.
Love you all,
Sister Patterson”

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