It’s Time

“Well well, the call came. 

Back to El Salvs for me! Crazy! But can’t lie, I’m excited! Talk about adventure. I love my mission! Two countries, two beautiful, beautiful places. With beautiful people.

IMG_0067-2 DSCN2630 DSCN2732 DSC00608
Leaving Belize is definitely going to hit hard when I am on the plane tomorrow going back. But I can’t even begin with how grateful I am that I have had the time I have had in Belize, a year man! Time has flown and it’s a place, a culture, an experience, that I will always treasure and keep close in my heart. So close, I feel like I am Belizean! Sigh, had my last rice and beans this afternoon. Sad but happy. I just don’t even know how to write out my feelings! I feel like I am ending my mission and starting again… really I am, they are two completely different places. Love it. On an El Salvador note, JESSICA KOEGLER I AM FINDING YOU. Also loved that I started the year in El Salvs, now I’ll be ending it in El Salvs. 

So I went to the belize zoo this morning, best thing ever. I completed my goal. Saw a toucan.

Didn’t cry, held it in, but it was still love at first sight. Also love at first sight with many of the other animals too.

DSCN2715  DSCN2673
Heard the Justin Bieber Christmas soundtrack in a store, put my soul at ease.

Ya, good week. Full of some of my not so favorite things, goodbyes, packing, and well packing. But, it’s all going to be okay right? Ready to start new in EL Salvs. I hope I’m training! And if I am, hello to that sister, I’m excited to train you. Woo! 

Oh and this week we have been sharing the video, He is the gift. I’ll attach the link here: Love it, please watch! Soo grateful for my Savior Jesus Christ and the gift He is to each and everyone of us.

Love, love, love you all, thinking about you, and grateful for the support! 

El Salva here I come!


Sistaaa…. hermana patterson”

One thought on “It’s Time

  1. jokoegler

    Oh I really really really hope they can find each other!!! That’s hrn Koegler and hrn Patterson!!!! Wouldn’t that be an awesome missionary Christmas miracle? It happened for Michael!!!


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