New Soul

“I´m baaaaaaack. Wow. WHERE to start seems to always be the question. My goodness, I´ll start with the fact that I am now in a completely different country! Oh El Salvs! How I have missed you. I got off the plane and just had this insane love for it! The culture, the sights, the smells, everything was just bringing back good memories and got me so excited. I have had New Soul stuck in my head all week! ¨I´m a new soul, in this very strange world, hoping I could learn……¨ love that song. So only three sistas left Belize. One sis was finishing her mish, and the other finishes this change, it was fun spending some time as a trio. So ya. I was told that I would be training. And if I am training that means I am opening an area too right? Oh man, I was SO excited, I love a good challenge! So there were only two new sisters coming in. Oh man, when I saw Hermana Kava I just knew… my baby! And sure enough, yes, I now have a missionary baby. Oh man, talk about the greatest person alive. I love her! We are so similiar it´s kind of freaky. I obviously love Tonga and have been there… no big deal, half her fam is from there, and just there are a million things that we have in common. She LOVED BYU-I as did I, just we are one. I love her! She is 19, from Hawaii, and ahhh the best. We have just had so much fun.


So we get to changes, and they announce we will be comps, in all the excitement I didn´t even look at where we would be going… get this.


Hahahahaha, my first area! I am training Kava where I was trained! Oh man, flashbacks. I never in a million years would´ve guessed that. Shout out to Hermana Ontiveros! My momma… who is home now… weird.  So ya, Ayutuxt, I told Pres Hintze, ¨Hey that´s my first area!¨ He totally didn´t know! It´s revelation. Such a blessing! 

So I was only here for six weeks right? So I´m not perfect, but wow the Lord has blessed us SOOOOO much. I can´t even begin. I have this freaky good memory on people´s names, houses, everything. Our job right now is to win the hearts of the people and so far, successful. Sister Kava, how can you not love her? Everyone thinks she´s from Honduras, Panama, Uraguay, etc. Latina! But she´s not. And it´s hilarious! I am so surprised, everyone remembers me! And what is even more fun is that now I can speak to the people! Everyone has been like WOW you speak! So fun! I am SOOOO happy! I am loving the challenge. Our goal this month is three baptisms, I know… con Dios todo es posible, verdad? We have found some really positive people and I love who we are teaching. Shoutout to Momma Kava, your daugter is awesome, and learning spanish SO quick, I am so proud of her. And no worries I am taking good care, and helping her get through the millions of culture shocks she´s experiencing right now. Haha! Speaking of culture shocks…

I´m back in the tarantula house… yay. 

I have done work this week, I feel it´s my responsibility to do the cleaining because I mean, El Salvs houses can make you just want to barf a little sometimes. Our house was left a MESS. I´m talking nasty. In the backyard we had a pile… a mountain of months of trash, not in bags of anything, just all over the backyard. And just. Yikes. Mice, ants, sketch. Don´t tell Kava about the mice… hehe. Haha, took care of it. It´s been fun training seeing how much I have changed. I remember at the beginning I used to have cute stuff, just everything cute like she has… now. Juela! She and I have been dying laughing about our bed sitch. Her bed is so cute, cute sheets, pink mosquito net, etc. Me… well I don´t have bed sheets right now… oops. Left those behind. So I found a piece of white cloth and my dolphin towel layed out ontop of the mattress. And I am just bumming it. Haha! I have basically turned into a Belizean, hippie, non germaphobic, carefree person. Hashtag the mish. Hold up and right now… we haven´t showered… in a week. Hahaha, no hay aqua. This morning our pipes exploded, Kava took pics. Priceless. They won´t turn our water on until I get someone to fix it. Don’t worry, taking care of that today. We will shower… not with a bucket, very soon.

The Lord has blessed me so much, especially with the best kind of attitude, positivity. I have a lot on my plate right now, but I don´t feel it! I just feel happy. I know I´m in this to learn and I am willing and excited. And my whole mish I have wanted to train…. now I can and I want to be the best, because I had the best. And trainers make all the difference! Also, my spanish. Holy cow, I know I am only speaking through the spirit. I have been amazed with the amount I well, I mean, everything! Understanding, talking, remembering the words, I just couldn´t be happier. I LOVE MY MISSION!

Emailing time goes by way to fast, but ya. I´ll take pics this week, it´s just been way too crazy! Love you all. Sista Patt” Here is a link to some pictures of her apartment when she lived there a year ago.  Here and Here and Here

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