Happy Christmas!


To my Belizeans, Belize Navidad! My El Salvadoreños, FELIZ NAVIDAD! To my peeps back home, HAPPY CHRISTMAS! Can you believe it is already that time of the year? We are approaching 2015! Ahh, what a year that will be! I can´t wait to skype the fam! It´s been 7 months! (Mom, I´ll skype 2:00 my time!) It´s been really hot these past few days, so that always makes me forget Christmas is approaching. But I am excited, Kava and I have a little tree, some lights, we are set. And the fireworks have already begun… well gun shots, but we like to pretend. Haha, I remember my last El Salv Christmas, everyone goes crazy, their day is the 24th, and then the 25th is super chill. 
So I hit 15 months, I mean, whateves. I´m old. Hastag ahhhhh.
So let´s do a recap on the week. 
I bought bed sheets and a new blanket, it is the softest thing I´ve ever owned my goodness, I have been sleeping like a baby. Kava and I both. Yes, we are all about comp unity. Same blanket, same headbands, same everything. I love her! So last pday we ran to Walmart, well before that we did a bbq, we just bought some random meat, still don´t know what it was, and the elders bbqed it for us…. ya, I am pretty sure I was eating just characol. Haha, Kava didn´t want it, so I ate it. Hashtag trying to be a brave soul. Yikes, I don´t blame her. So back to WAL MART. Oh America! We spent two hours in that store. We finally got some things, like oh you know, food.
Tuesday, got the call that they needed my Belize social security card at the office. Ya, we totally got lost on the way… sorry. Our district leaders came, they are awesome. Always helping us, they are two locos from Guate! They are like our best friends. Haha, they helped us figure out how to get there. They seem to always call RIGHT when they need to. Like the other day, I took Kava out to a place called Caminos, we have an awesome less active who lives there. It´s one of our danger areas, but it´s totally fine in the afternoon. So we went, the gate was unlocked, and we go in, get to the top of the mountain basically and they aren´t home, alright. Walking back down, dogs are trying to eat us. Then we get back to the gate and the gate is locked… there was a little boy on the other side just laughing at us, thinking  it was hilarious. He totes locked us out! So I´ve got Kava trying to bust the lock, a dog on my left, there is no way to get out… and we had an important appointment in ten minutes… oh my. Well, first thing you´ve got to do is pray. So we prayed. I asked the little boy to open the gate after and he just laughed, his momma doesn´t like us mormonas, and so she pretened to ignore us. So I had the feeling to go back up, so we did towards the dogs, I was praying out loud, Kava said she has never prayed so hard in her life. haha! I was like ,¨Hevaenly Father, please don´t let these dogs hurt us, please help us out, I don´t know what to do.¨The next thing I know I look to the left and there is a little path that wasn´t completely wrapped in barb wire like all the others! So we went, got into this foresty area, and sure enough, we made it out. Once we stepped out back on the street, I saw three big dogs go in. It was a miracle. I´m so grateful for Hevanely Father He is always looking out for me and my comps. Always replace your fear with faith and everything will be okay.
We ate McDonalds, I cried. For three reasons, I ate a big mac, chicken nuggets, and might I mention one of the elders spilt a liter of grape soda on me. Alright. Haha, I thought it was funny. Nice and sticky. Well, I should also mention I spilt ketchup all over myself too. I can´t wait to go on dates after the mish. Hashtag I´m a keeper.
Played some soccer this week, I love futbol.
The meetings and devotionals and advice I have been given this week from different people has been incredible. I feel all my prayers being answered. I love it! I have felt the spirit so strong this week. Basically I was taught a lot on the spirit, chooosing TODAY to act, and just how awesome the mission is. 
Got the water fixed, holla. Hashtag we still don´t shower. Hashtag chiste!
Had a lady come up to me rub my arm, slash shoulder and yelled, ¨GRINGA GRINGA!¨ Okie dokie. 
We have had some awesome lessons this week. I need you to pray for the following Maximilliano, Tatiana, Elena, Nelson, and Porifio.
So Kava makes me realize how awkward I am right? Cause she is fresh out of the normal world, and I am an old mish! Makes me laugh. I have always been awkward, but wow I think that´s tripled. I feel like the awkward momma, normal teen daughter type deal. Or so she says. So sometimes to embarrass her I like to sing, ¨Chloe´s mom, has got it going on!¨ Hehe, she loved that. And yes her name is Chloe, shoutout to C-Loe Bennion. Hashtag miss you. Slash your last name is no longer Bennion, awks.
So the time is closing. Just want to say, love you all. I am fininshing strong, not wasting a single minute. I love this work, and it deserves every second of my time. I hope you all have an awesome Christmas, remember why we celebrate, and tell someone you love them.
Hermana Patt.”
We can’t wait either!!!
Read this blog post from Tori’s cousin Jessica about their almost contact from last week…..

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