Christmas Blessings

“Hello everyone! So I skyped my Mom, Dad, Cam, Jay, Grandma, and Grandpa. Oh and ya, no big deal I saw my cousin JESSICA KOEGLER in El Salvador… of all places. This week… I am SO BLESSED. I can´t get over it!


Well many miracles have occurred, and I can´t wait to share. 

Had a great little multi-zone Christmas shindig. It´s always fun to get together with all the missionaries, but I am not going to lie, I was a little Belize sick. They showed photos and videos from the Belize party, and can´t say I wasn´t a little teary eyed. My goodness. Cough cough my favs are in Belize. Well, scratch that I love lots of missionaries here too! But ya, I miss my friends. I feel like the newbie now you know? New faces, and I´m like hey, I have 15 months and you have 2, wooo. Anyways. Love Belize, love El Salvs. I can´t get enough of the David Archuleta song, I have no idea what it´s called, but they kept playing it… symphony or algo asi? I have no idea. But I love it. I have always noticed though these multi-zones are more stress for me then laid back fun, holy cow. I was asked to volunteer in front of everyone, in that moment I seemed to only remember the word queso. I danced a Hawaiian dance with Kava and our zone, and just like last year (flashback to the single ladies dance that was never once forgotten by anyone….) I was front row. Loving life, doing my thang. Hahaha, Oh brother. Making friends. 

That night, we got a taxi. The taxi broke down…. in the middle of nowhere, he was like sorry. And told us that the nearest taxis, were quite the walk away. Chili beans. We got home… at 7:30 that night. Hahaha, but I´d say it´s a miracle we made it back how we did. We were with two other sisters thank goodness. Every time they would hail a taxi I had to hide behind a bush, because whenever the taxi man saw me the price would be ridiculous. Should be about 8 bucks… the first taxi man said 20. The second, 15.Yeah right. We did eventually find someone who said the price was 8, then they gave me the signal and I came out of the bush and hopped in. Hahaha! Hashtag white girl in El Salvs probs.

Got the call Wednesday asking what airport I´ll be flying home too. Yep. Hashtag three months.

Skyped my awesome fam, best Christmas present ever. I have realized Christmas for me isn’t Christmas without the family. So I am happy that we got to skype. Family is what makes Christmas. My brothers have completely changed, I know they are both taller than me now. Well Cam always was, but Jay! Holy cow the kid´s like six foot seven! My mind was definitely all over the place with stories and things I wanted to say! Just love you all, can´t wait to go back to Belize with you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then I go to the church to play futbol and oh look… it´s JESSICA KOEGLER! I ran all the way when she got out of the car, I was freaking out, couldn’t control myself. Kava is the best, she took some incredible photos that we will treasure forever I know. Ahhh, Jess. So gorgeous, cute sister mish. We were speaking Spanish, just hugging. I love her so much. My girl cousins mean a lot to me, they are like my sisters, it just was cool to talk to the family, then actually get to hug one! Hashtag she is awesome. 

We got put in charge of making 40 plus pupusas one night and when I say we I mean just Kava and I and when I say Kava and I I mean the girls who got a five minute run through on how to. Hahaha, we did it for all of the young women. It was so much fun. Kava is pro, I well. Sometimes I would confuse the dough and queso, they look the same. So I was talking while cooking, not concentrating. And sometimes I would put queso with queso, so yay burnt cheese. Or dough with dough… tortillas! Haha! That´s how we learn right?

A drunk man that is love with me found us the other night. He loves my eyes, super creeps. Anyways, Kava is the best, watching out for me. He was trying to hug me and her and she was like oh no you don´t homeboy. It was hilarious. Got a love los borachos.

So I have time for one more story. Well the other night Kava and I had thirty minutes left, we were close by the house, just not much going on, the plans fell through. And so we were just stuck. I said, let´s pray. Kava had told me, ¨I have the feeling someone needs us right now.¨ So I prayed, in the middle of the El Salva street and asked God to put someone literally in our path who will be prepared to receive the gospel right now. And whoever is first in our path we will talk to them. We get walking, NO one is outside at that hour, other then our drunk men friends. We get walking, and all of a sudden a dog runs out and tries to eat me! Out comes a little boy and sitting in the dark, I didn’t notice at first, there was his father. We got talking, so kind. Great people. The son is eight, so cute! He loved us. The dad seemed insanely positive and we just all clicked! We set an appointment to come back, he wanted us to meet his wife and two other kids. We went back, they weren’t there, I just left a little note saying we stopped by. A few days passed. There we were Sunday at church, and guess who walks in… the dad! At first I didn’t recognize him! But there he was! He loved the church and is planning on bringing his family next week! Wow, I was crying, he didn’t understand why I´m sure. Hopefully he didn’t see, but it was a direct answer to our prayers. 

We are blessed, the Lord is truly using us as instruments in his hands. And holy shmokes, Kava will be speaking fluently by the end of this change. I am so proud of her. 

I love Aytuxtepeque, more than you know.

Sister Patt.”

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